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WOOHOO, it was Nuffnang Lovin' Christmas Countdown Part 2: Christmas Party Snacks with Ayam Brand last Saturday, and where else better could we be at other than Food Playground for some hands-on cooking fun? Let's find out more about Food Playground and Ayam Brand before the party begins!

Food Playground is set up by a group of food-loving people and friendly home-grown cooking talents who loves to cook for their family and friends and believe that cooking should be absolutely fun. At Food Playground you will be able to cook up authentic Singaporean dishes like Laksa, Chicken Rice and Satay while connecting with people and having fun experimenting and experiencing. Check out their website to find out more about the courses and schedule!

Do you know that despite having a Malay name, Ayam Brand is actually founded by a French businessman, Alfred Clouet and that Ayam Brand had already been around for 120 years?! I thought that is interesting! The story is like this: 120 years ago, Alfred Clouet created the brand consisting of a rooster in a rounded belt that had his name on it. He started importing sardines with the rooster brand and members of the trade and consumers started giving the name "Cap Ayam" to these canned sardines for easy reference hence the name Ayam Brand, which is now available in 30 countries including Australia, Canada, USA and Europe!

So on the morning of Saturday, 15 bloggers gathered at Food Playground to learn to create the perfect Christmas party snacks! And here is my toque:

Nice? I thought it's not bad since I am not particularly good at design but...

When everyone arrived, we proceeded to the kitchen excitedly with our eyes and ears wide open while Lena and Noei impart their recipe in creating the superb Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls and Chilli Tuna Curry Puffs respectively, and bloggers Ms Tam Chiak and Valerie Lim teaches us how to ace the Christmas Barley Salad. Excited much~~

Look at the curry puff fillings made with a can of chilli tuna, onion and potatos I could practically eat up the entire bowl as is!

Noei prepares the dough while Lena shows us how to roll and tuck the rice paper..
Tadah! The dough is ready so lets see how Noei magically turns the dough into a classy curry puff!

Let's see who can do the same...

Just joking, you'd see the works of my clumsy hands below..

I raised my hands because we were competing in our groups of four to get to choose the platter to present our Christmas snacks later! The other three groups were so fast, we (group two) were lacking at zero points in the blink of an eye. Fortunately we have read the fun facts of Ayam Brand while waiting for others to arrive hence managed to buck up in the middle and answered three questions! Hooray the power of teamwork~~ and hahahaha I shall share with you the questions we got right to commemorate our successful climb from being the last to become the second to choose our platter:

Q: Ayam Brand was founded in the year of...
A: 1899

Q: Ayam Brand's first trading firm is established near Lau Pa Sat?
A: True!

Q: Ayam Brand Products can also be purchased online at...

See Maureen, Kaman, Amantha and me so happy lolol
Alright we are ready, time to get cooking!

I was assigned to knead the dough while Maureen chop the chilli and lemongrass, Kaman prepare grate/shred the cucumbers and carrots, and Amantha juice the limes. I thought I was lucky to be given that role because I can't bring myself to chop (since I am afraid of knives) nor grate (frankly, I don't know how to grate because I think the grater looks scary lol). I am quite useless actually, so much so that I can't even knead the dough properly. It is so "flaky" that Maureen volunteered to take over. I am glad to hand over so that she can savage my mess but remember her task was to chop the chilli and lemongrass? VERY FINELY some more?

Thank goddess, Amantha asked whether I want her to exchange with her instead. Was I that obvious? I am lucky I have been juicing lemons for the past few days because I just started the habit of drinking a glass of lemonade a day. So this is me happily juicing the limes, hoping that I can squeeze out six tablespoons of lime juices hahaha...

Helping to peel of mint and basil from their stems. Glad I have great team members because I can't for the life of me recognise vegetables

See how nicely Kaman arranged the vegetables!!

"Lady Luck, please stay with me for a little longer..."

I can't be sure, but I think these are my hands lol

Amantha's ingenious idea to make up for my ugly puffs

Subconsciously keeping a distance away from the stove

The time to determine the winning team has arrived
Lets take a look at each group's masterpiece:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

* * * * *

* * * *

* * *

* *



Thanks to Maureen's pretty roses made with Pandan leaves, Amantha's ingenious Xmas curry puffs and Kaman's cutesy eyes on spring rolls! Yea.. I am of no contribution. Kaman confirmed it too T.T

"You're AXED!"

Hampers for the winning team!!

And super heavy goodie bags for all of us =DD

Look to the left

And look to the right

A photo with Kaman who just celebrated her birthday,

And a photo with everyone who made this possible!

You can get recipes for spring rolls, curry puffs and many more others here

I really need food now,,

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