Domino's: Cheese-Lov​ers Alert


The information you are about to see must not be overlooked especially if you are the said cheese-lovers i.e. you are guilty of coating your pizza, pasta or whatnot with parmesan cheese because anything with cheese is simply awesome, and of course if you would or had ever shamelessly unbolt the metal lid of the cheese shaker and almost empty its content onto your pizza (hey that's me! me!). You are going to be in for a huge treat, and that is solely because Domino's Pizza so empathetically understands that it isn't our fault pizzas taste heavenly with an additional complementary of cheese (which explains our undying love), and is thus introducing the new Cheesy Crust for each of us to indulge in our absolute craving! Wait till you check out the tantalising photos below. How shall we start with this one?

Just look at how the crust is fluffy and luxuriously filled with melting hot mozzarella, coated with garlic and herbs! I am salivating already ~~

While I try to tame my hunger pangs, lets take a look first at the sides Domino's Pizza had offered us bloggers that day while we wait anxiously for the highlight of the day to arrive on our tables. I must say, don't underestimate these sides because they are fully qualified to be delicacies on their own and had me in mixed feelings - awe for they were stunningly taste and regretful for not having tried them before I was invited to this food-tasting and missed out on all these goodies for all these while! I was so happy keeping my mouth busy with these delicious munchies and hands with taking photos, I ended up eating so much that I realised I was full before the pizzas were served. MY PIZZA HOW?!

And I have so many pictures, that collages will have to do T.T

Fluffy Breadstix!
Quick, dip it in the flavourful salsa sauce right now!

Chicken Crunchies!

You can choose to have them in original or marinated with Tom Yam although I would personally prefer the latter for the spicy and flavourful kick! Hmm I must learn to make this for my very own! Shall I sneak into the kitchen?


Even more so when they're sweet and spicy~ It is sooooo juicy and succulent, I can't bother much about the last strand of image I have if any. How can anyone eat like a proper lady in front of these hot and exquisite drumlets?

Last but not least, not at all,

The highly-acclaimed Chocolate Lava Cake!

Well, you know many times I got cheated when the lava cake I ordered comes out like a sponge cake and does not have lusciously melted soft chocolate center I expect? You can be 100% sure this is a true blue chocolate lava cake for you will be mesmerised by the overflowing chocolatey goodness the moment you land your spoon on its top! Just look at the photo... oh no, I am really hungry now. I need a moment...

Alright I am back, and I hope you are not overwhelmed by the fantastic sides for I am, despite the fact that I just stuffed myself senseless with pizzas and sides not too long ago, and had another round of pizzas for dinner yesterday! I am turning myself into a pizza addict, but I guess I am going to be saved this time round because bf is going to bring Domino's Pizza back for dinner tonight as well! Hooray, and do you know what is it that I have specifically asked him to get? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, let's put our hands together to welcome not Spiderman but... *drumroll*


This is what I mean by Cheesy Crust goodness! Yums~

Crunchy outside!

Tasty parmesan, parsley and breadcrumbs generously sprinkled on the crust. Believe me they are so good, bf was even caught scrapping all the breadcrumbs left in the box when we finished our pizza!

And Cheesy inside!

Look at the inside of the crust.. and no, that is not my finger, that is how big Domino's ingredients are! Just check out the size of their prawns on my pizza...

Mega love the big and juicy prawns

Seriously, three big prawns in a single slice of pizza! =DDDD

Or should I also say, mega large pizzas? I shouldn't have to worry about being too full for pizzas because there is ALWAYS space when you see something you know is going to be delicious!

See some of the pizzas present that day, ALL WITH CHEESY CRUST!

Oops, this is not Cheesy Crust, but it shows how generous Domino's Pizza to send such wide variety of pizzas to our tables and kept asking us if we want more pizza, sides, deserts, drinks and everything! And this one, is just as mouth-watering too despite the fact that I was already very full!

FYI, Domino's Pizza offers 28 flavours for you to choose from! This is great news. I interpret this as I can try a new flavour each day everyday for four whole weeks!


How is it so far, have I got you craving for Domino's Pizza? Trying your utmost best to resist the temptation to pick up your phone and call for a delivery? You really shouldn't do that to yourself since life is after all too short to be on diet =p Be warned though, this ultimate experience in taste will send you wanting for more. I am a perfect example. Which cheese-lover in the world can resist such an overflowing cheesy temptation? Nevertheless, hold your horses! Before you pick up the phone and dial 6222-6333 or visit to place your orders, let me share with you the promotions and package deals Domino's Pizza has conjured up to guarantee its customers great value and quality at affordable prices =DD

The Cheesy Crust is available on any toppings at only a small surcharge of $4.00 and $6.00 for Regular and Large pizzas respectively but the incredible thing is, you can enjoy this new crust with your all-time favourite toppings through the 2-Pizza Deal at a unbelievable value of just $22 for two Regular pizzas and $33 for two Large pizzas! Don't forget the fantastic add-on deals of just $3.80 for Garlic Cheese Onion Rings, $4.80 each for Twisty Bread, Breadstix, Cinnastix or Chocolate Lava Cake, and $7.80 each for Chicken Wings, Golden Roasted Drummets and Crazy Chicken Crunchies! Refer to picture below for more value deals and of course, I will never forget, free delivery with any purchase above $15. Wait no more and order now! =DDD

Omy, I'm addicted to pizza,

P.S. thank you OMY and DOMINO'S PIZZA for having me at this special event!

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