Domino's: Year-End Appreciation Night 2013


Welcome to Domino's Year-end Appreciation Night 2013

I am so glad to be able to attend this annual event although it was only two weeks ago I headed home with a bloated tummy, a result due to non-stop ingestion of the delicious cheesy crust pizzas and all the other yummy sides you can find at Domino's during the previous food-tasting. Yet even within this short frame, I simply cannot await the Appreciation dinner patiently before I indulge in Domino's pizza again and had to place an order for delivery TWICE! The pizzas are so good I am craving for them while looking at the photos and even as I blog now! Just take a peep at my previous post here and you will see what I mean.

Talk about hypocrisy when I keep telling everyone I am on a diet and do not want to over-eat. Well, I really should be watching my weight but it just can't be helped. At least out of the two weeks I did managed to resist the temptation save for two occasions (trying to look on the bright side). I swear that if I didn't have any restrictions I will order Domino's Pizza every day. Well, I can have the fluffy breadstix, cinnastix or twisty bread for breakfast, flatbreads (5 kinds to choose from) for lunch and of course pizzas for dinner! Whoever says it is a bad thing to be churning bread everyday? Bread is like one of the best discoveries in this world for a glutton like me and it gets even better when accompanied with the free delivery service Domino's provides =DD

Anyway I digressed, I shouldn't be sharing my dietary plans although that was exactly what I had in mind while seated at a table with all the other amazing bloggers while waiting for the event to start. Yeah, that's all I ever have in my mind if you ever catch me "thinking" - Food or pure day-dreaming. Nothing at all complicated ever goes through my brain hahaha. That makes me a happy person, together with photo-taking opportunities. Just see how happy I was!

Friendly Carine who be-friended me at the previous food-tasting session. Carine is also one of the winners for Domino's Inter-blogger Contest 3! *photo credits to Carine*

Super duper cute and pretty Fif, another winner of the same contest. And her face is so small *jealous* *photo credits to Fif*

Kind-hearted Ling who volunteered to help me photos with her DSLR because my camera is just too cui.

And Hazel whom I met at another bloggers' event. I am so lucky to be welcomed by so many lovely and sociable bloggers!

You can see that somewhere along the way, my fringe went haywire from all the excitement I exude and my hair turned into an ugly helmet =( And also some time while we were mingling, having fun and taking photos with one another, FOOD arrived at our table! This makes me even more excited than I was initially because it's not just food, they are Domino's Pizzas and their mouth-watering sides! Not to mention I have an absolute reason to take selfies now so here you go! Lolol jk don't worry, these are pictures of FOOD... that is what I am here for, isn't it?

HAHAHA okay I lied, how else can I make you look at pictures of me with the fringe that has gone crazy? I don't know why fringe can look "folded" but it is okay, because the main point is the FOOD!! It's alright now, you can open your eyes and start scrolling down again to look at the photos of the delectable, heavenly, luscious, savoury pizzas and sides placed on our table... Test your memory and see if you can remember all their names!

While you are thinking...

A: Crazy Chicken Crunchies
Have you gotten the first one right? Let's go on!

A: Garlic Cheese Onion Rings
My family love this so much we will order two boxes each time!

Well, technically I fall under the category of "sides placed on our table"...

A: Golden Roasted Dummet
This is as delicious as ever! And here are the pizzas!

Munch, munch and munch

Still munching until.... TADAH!

This picture may be disgusting but you must forgive me, because I am loving my cheesy crust! See that piece of herb! Alright, we are done with the main dishes so here comes the moment for..

A: Chocolate Lava Cake!
I must do this for this delicious item...

*insert spoon into mouth*

YUMMY! ^.^

Sorry I had to take picture of another half-eaten dish...
You simply can't deny this overflowing chocolatey goodness a photo!

In any case, here are the evidence of me not being a self-centred bimbo who only takes pictures of herself. After all, I already deleted like 99 other selfies so that this post will not be bombarded with my face if it isn't already lolol. And although I am super engrossed with my eating, I did listen to the emcee and pay attention to Ms Linda's thank-you speech too! Otherwise, I wouldn't have known that everything at Domino's Pizza, including the chicken wings, onions and absolutely everything (except drinks lol) are prepared by baking. Oh my, I did not expect I can be more in love with Domino's Pizza than I was a second before I heard this. So healthy!!

And of course, prize presentation to all the winners of the inter-blogger contest 3 where each blogger was given a discount code that entitles their readers a 50% discount (50% no joke!) so the top 10 bloggers who indirectly sold the most pizzas over a specified timeframe will get to win $200 cash! And here are talented sales-bloggers (can't really see actually =x):

Our table's group photo and goodie bags! =D

As I was saying, this rounded up the inter-blogger contest 3 where the top blogger actually sold more than a thousand pizzas! I wonder if I will be able to garner that kind of support if I ever take part in this contest... In fact, 50% off probably means you can really afford to order Domino's Pizza every day without creating a hole in your pocket! So you guys must support me with the inaugural launch of Round 4 of Domino's Inter-blogger Contest by ordering Domino's Pizza every single day without fail okay? Promise? ^.^

Stay tuned for the special code!

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