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Yes, besties and I had a picnic yesterday! We were supposed to meet at 9.30 am at Botanic Gardens MRT so at 2 am, I messaged in our group chat to ask whoever who see that message to give me a morning call at about 7.30 am, but end up I was awaken by my mum's alarm clock at 7 am. Nevertheless, both YT and XY called me! Hao ren jiu shi hao ren, so sweet of them! Well, I can't say much about QY who was still asleep until about 8 something probably because she didn't have to get up that early to prepare the food.. unfair hahaha

Anyway, it was drizzling and gloomy when we woke up (though I was still in bed because the weather is so nice for sleeping =p), and this turned up when XY checked the weather forecast:

While we were contemplating whether to risk our lives to picnic in the midst of a thunderstorm and I was half-expecting it to be cancelled, YT replied and said she had already started preparing the food. That sentence was kind of magical because it turned us all enthusiastic once again and we quickly jumped out of bed to get dressed and start cooking! Well, I can't say for the rest actually but that really had a magical effect on me, and Thor was probably touched by our determination hence decided not to rain on us because it was bright and sunny, yet cooling throughout the day. It was a perfect day for picnic! Super glad we did not give up on our plan just because of the light drizzle in the morning or we would have regretted it forever.

This sort of taught/reminded us something about never giving up, doesn't it? #lifelessons

All the food we prepared. We thought it might be insufficient but it ended up lasting us through both breakfast and lunch!

Egg maya and spicy tuna sandwiches, as well as graham crackers for the additional fillings plus brownies and fish-balls done by yours truly. First attempt at doing all these!

Tomatoes, grapes, watermelon and vegetables from QY

Three of us were quite perplexed when we saw the vegetables because QY was supposed to be bringing salad which is supposed to be a "ready-to-eat dish made of diverse ingredients". It was funny because we started to suspect that the vegetable QY brought is cabbage instead of lettuce, on top of the lack of "diverse ingredients" so YT went on to google for an image of lettuce while QY had her attempt at convincing us those are lettuces..

YT: Is this lettuce? *points at the image on her phone*
YT: Is this the one we are eating?
XY & YX: NO! (while QY screams YES behind us)

Another thing, did you also noticed that her grapes are neither green nor red? They looked like tablets!

Pasta and hashbrown by XY's mom lol

And crabmeat sushi plus bacon with golden needle mushroom by YT. The latter is the all-time hot favourite amongst the four of us!

So there we have it, a picnic mat full of delicious goodies!

We were famished when we met up at the MRT station save for QY, the only one who had time to have a bit of breakfast before heading out (not to mention the fact that she was late! =p) so we quickly settled down at a comfortable spot by Eco Lake and feasted! And because the theme of the picnic was "floral", YT brought a mega sweet headband for us to camwhore with when our hunger pangs are satisfactorily gone. I was the first to try it out =DD

Before. The lace on my dress is FLORAL!

Is this how you wear it?

Err, I think so...

Ok, I am satisfied!

Photo-taking time!

I think QY looks like a specific actress if you zoom in hard. Take some time to think and let's see if we thought of the same person at the end of the post!

I don't think QY noticed, but I placed her in front of the two cranes so she looked like a bunny! This was meant for her FB profile picture =x

As for XY, she didn't had to put on the floral headband because she insisted she had adhered to the theme fully. Let's see...

Floral top and bottom. Passed!

We also brought monopoly deal and taboo along too and we concluded that whoever groups with QY will lose because our proficiency level for the two games are as below:

Monopoly deal: XY (best player), YX, YT, QY
Taboo: YT (best player), XY, YX, QY

I am like the second worst but it is okay since there is QY after me lololol. So if you are the type who enjoys winning all the time, always play a game with and against QY. Seriously we tried changing groupings amongst the four of us for all possible permutations when we played taboo and yet YT the best taboo player still lost when she grouped with QY. We reckoned QY is only suited for traditional card games like old maid, snap, donkey and happy family.

Apart from games, we also discussed our future themes which will be focused on dishes more than on apparels because throughout our meals, XY kept thinking what other food we can bring for our next picnic and even suggested curry, which I replied that we must then bring roti prata or might as well each be given a bowl of rice and lay the dishes we can find on our dining tables before us, which XY then continued and said we can even have a steamboat party in the park -.-""" So like I said, if the next theme is Indian cuisines, each of us will have to go pick up something to bring along e.g. naan, roti prata, curry and so on. Likewise if is Japanese, we can bring sushi, sashimi, chawanmushi and many more! This sounds more exciting isn't it? =DDD

It was afternoon after we had our lunch, which is a second round of the same things, so we started packing up and took more photos of the scenery while we make our way back to the MRT station.

The swan knowing that we want to take its photo, came to bid goodbye!

Bye Botanic Gardens! We will come back again soon!

Till our next meet-up!

OH YEAH, me thinks QY looks like 十三姨!

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