So Long, 2013


Weee, it's finally the last day of 2013!

It has been one of the craziest and toughest years ever filled with ups and downs, but still I am thankful because I have gained and learnt so much. I went to Bangkok, Taiwan and Genting with my boyfriend. I started hanging out and keeping in contact with good old friends after so long. My boyfriend proposed and we applied for a HDB flat. My mum bought me a new laptop and camera which allowed me to start and then restart blogging a few months later. I am thankful for the readers I have and also the opportunities to do things I never thought I will do, like stepping out of my comfort zone and quitting my job, setting up my boy's small music school, going for castings and take part in media productions, bringing in accessories for sale which went quite well actually hence I really hope that 2014 will be an awesome year where the tables turn and I will be the one doing my small business!

In 2013 I learnt to live my life my own way. Not as if what I want to do is selfish or will hurt anyone, but I learnt to do what I want to do without thinking too much or fearing of what others may think otherwise. After all, I learnt that unkind people will always judge no matter what so why bother to restrict yourself? I also learnt to un-hate, stop complaining, let go of resentments and stay away from bad people (read gossipers, back-stabbers, drama queens, 三八s, infidels etc) to ultimately live a cleaner, happier and more positive life. I think I have not only grow a year older but also matured quite a bit in 2013. Did you?

So that was in my account my review of 2013. What about yours?

Did you spot Katniss Everdeen?

I hope 2013 had been a good year for you. But even if it hasn't, you are lucky because it is almost over and in the blink of an eye, everything is going to change and gets better! Few hours from now, it is going to be a blank page where you, as the sole author, will be writing a 365-page book so start thinking how you are going to make a difference to your life! For me, my life had just started to unfold in 2013. Although my future is still a little unclear, I am excited nonetheless and I shall not let my little adventure end anytime soon. Here is my list of what I hope to accomplish in the brand new year:


The end. That's my list because I realised I should be able to accomplish all these below so long as I aim to be more hardworking lolol. I can choose to be very efficient but it is quite unfortunate that I am a very lazy person. Come to think of it, that is probably what makes me efficient. I will make sure I do something in the shortest time and least effort possible so I can sleep and slack for the rest of my day, just like what Anton Martin Sorenson said about giving the laziest man the hardest job, so he'll find the easiest way of getting it done. Anyways, if I ever succeed in transforming into a hardworking person in the next three hours, I will be no doubt be able to complete these tasks in 2014 =DD


- Have 500 formatted chords in my chords library
- Improve my singing and do 10 public performances
- Attain perfect and relative pitch, and learn to harmonise
- Restart piano lessons and go for ABRSM Grade 8 theory certification

Career & Skills

- Start teaching piano and keyboard
- Learn to make crafts and accessories
- Restart Korean language lessons
- Expand Rhythm & Wave
- Start something of my own

Other Improvements & Weird Wishes

- Attend 10 bloggers events and attain 50 000 page views
- Have 10 videos on my own youtube channel
- Read 60 books, and watch 60 movies and 20 series
- Write a story/script and send it to a production company
- Go on 5 holiday trips
- Save up a neat sum
- Get an oven and a sewing machine (2 Jan)
- Become a featured extra on TV (10 Feb)

This should be all for now despite the fact that this is already a long list, which is definitely what I will need to keep myself charging ahead. If not now, then when? I am turning 24! In any case, I will come back frequently to update on my progress as well as to add in more stuff as and when I think of anything I will want to do for the new year. Meanwhile, may 2014 be a year filled with satisfaction and happiness for you, my dear readers!

So long, and see you next year,

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