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So bf had been telling me for the longest time how I would love the restaurant he had been performing every weekend for the past month, how much I should go visit this place etc but ironically he didn't want me to go support him until yesterday and hence in this post, I am going to introduce to you a PERFECT place for both great meals and enjoyable chill-out sessions regardless of whether you are actually hanging out with your family, friends or bf/gf. The ambience is just so apt for whatever occasions I can think of!

On a side note, if you are a girl who have been waiting for your guy to pop the question for the longest time, Full House Signature is definitely THE place you should suggest to go on your anniversary, birthday or any other occasions! And if you are the guy who had been thinking hard on how to propose to your potential lifelong partner because you know that girls especially despise being asked the question via the HDB method, Full House Signature is your answer! Just check out this special corner at the restaurant:

Tadah~~ It is extraordinary for a restaurant to incorporate such a section in their overall layout and that is exactly what makes them so special - ability to think out of the box and offer a brand new dining experience for its patrons! There is even a dressing room and vanity desk so you can really get to try out the gowns, which are also available for purchase without the intimidation of a bridal shop. Wouldn't it be fun to play wedding with your girl friends? P.S. I am just joking about the proposal part, so there is no need for you to freak out if your bf/gf decides to bring you to Full House Signature!

Other than the special little corner, check out the live band performance every Friday and Saturday from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Isn't it romantic to have a live band singing "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" while you are dining with your partner? I actually quite like the idea of using song dedications to bring across messages to the person you are dining with so let your imagination run wild and feel free to endlessly dedicate songs! You can even love, praise, encourage or scold that person through songs but of course, you will need to bring him/her/them/it to Full House Signature first! Don't miss the bands!

That's the Friday band: Donnie, Brenda and Kim =D

Come on down every weekend, have a meal in the midst of great music!
And how can I forget to introduce you to your host and hostess...

You have acquainted. Thomas Dad takes care of the wedding section.

Whilst Tracy Mum models the wedding gowns at the stage area.

Their daughter, Tiffany greets guests at the counter.

Their son, Tony plays violin at the "Victorian" section. He was busy hence I didn't manage to take a close-up picture of him =(

Another photo "Victorian" section of the restaurant where there are merchandises for sale too!

I thought this area was very well-decorated and I can totally imagine myself being an English lady having tea in my beautiful parlour with Tony playing the violin for me =p

While this is the other section facing the stage, with a more vintage edge.

Love the way the restaurant is done up with various ornaments, with a cosy touch to it.

This feels so dreamy and luxurious! Like in Bali, Maldives or something. 100% romantic.

And more photos on the blissful family of four and this super comfy place they run:

Family plushies. How cute!

Even their menu is so cute. You can seriously tell the amount of effort they have put in to make everything impeccable:

Cheese Sticks | $11

Sorry, I was too eager to try the cheese sticks because they look super delicious and they were indeed! The cheese practically oozes out when you bite it and it taste heavenly.. so I only remembered to take a photo when I am down to the last one =x

Cod Fish in Lemon Cream Sauce | $39

This is super mouth-watering. The fish was so well-cooked, it was soft and totally melts in my mouth! Coupled with the unique lemon cream sauce, this dish really lives up to its price tag. We literally cleaned the plates for them.

Scallop Aglio Spaghetti | $22

I have nothing to say. This is one of the signature dish and was highly recommended by bf, who had already tried quite a number of items on the menu. Just look at the size and how juicy the scallops are, and you'd know why without mentioning I am a slave for aglio olio. In fact, I love the spaghetti more than its scallops because it was so fragrant and garlic-full!

I didn't get to order more dishes because I was quite full, which was really a pity. I'd say Full House Signature is going to be one of my motivations to find a job real quick so that I can visit more often because the dishes look so palatable and I definitely want to get about trying them myself! Hope I'd run into you when I am pigging out at Full House Signature, which is located right at the foot of the bridge that leads to The Central at Clarke Quay). You can also check out the Facebook page and Groupon offer (limited period only) here and here respectively =DD

Full House Signature
3A,Clarke Quay, River Valley Road, #02-04
Singapore 179020
Tel: 6338 0885

I am so gonna try the desserts next time,

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