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Did you happen to catch the premiere of Code of Law Season 2 yesterday night on Channel 5? I didn't, but I just watched it via XINMSN Catch-Up TV videos here!

This is the first time I caught an episode of this drama and I find the story not bad actually although it kind of make me want to go catch up on other drama series like CSI or The Mentalist instead despite its focus on, as the title suggests, the law rather than investigations. Well, I have always been a fan of twists and playing detective, and the latter's storylines are usually much more complicated thus somehow more developed, interesting and clever. Still, I do think that local productions have stepped up quite a bit. And if you are wondering why am I talking about this, it is purely just to get to the point that I was involved in Code of Law Season 2 as a small-time extra (no matter how insignificant I might be) without appearing to be too pompous =x

I know it is a bit narcissistic and may seem very self-centred of me to be print-screening these shots from the drama but this is for sure, certainly, definitely, 100 per cent not my intention to show off. I am just extremely excited to appear on TV for the first time! Not forgetting it was also my first involvement in a production just a few days after I left my previous employment. They were filming overnight in an office and for the four nights which they require extras, I was "available enough" to take up three sessions so chances my face will appear on the television (or your laptop) again when the leading roles, Jacob Fernandez and Sabrina Wong are in office somewhere throughout the series. For the record, one really puts on 10 kg on screen (at least in my hopes that this is the true reason) and my face is truly big lolol

Hahaha I think my "diao" face is quite funny -.-

Small but nonetheless, still there hahaha

It was in all seriousness quite weird to see oneself on screen but phew, I feel so contented right now because all these meant new experiences doing things I dreamt about but never thought I would have the opportunity to do and this is one item off the list. I certainly wish to take part in more of such productions yes, even just as an extra although one, who is less than 24 years of age (means me excluded), can of course pray to work it up and advance from there!

So even if it is definitely not for me, I hope you will catch Code of Law Season 2 every Monday night at 8 pm on Channel 5! Oh, because we extras were just shooting all the office scenes, we didn't really know which scene was for which part of the drama so it was really nice to have a friend messaging me to tell me that I have appeared in the first episode. Do let me know if you ever saw me on TV and also what you think so I can improve too! Next up for now will be movie Filial Party, sitcom Spouse for House and a government commercial =DD

Excited much~~

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