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First post of the year and guess what? Two points out of my entire list of 2014 goals have been cleared just on the second day into the new year! Told you I am one efficient fellow didn't I? =x Anyways, I have managed to get myself an oven and a sewing machine for my crafts-making! So if you were to scroll down and take a look at the previous post, you will find that an item has been struck out and I am sure this "standard" will continue throughout the rest of the year. 2014 is going to be super awesome. I can feel it already!

Lalala and when I say business, I meant business! On the last minute of 2013, I asked my mum whether she can buy me an oven and a sewing machine. I tried to explain that dad broke our oven hence the things I can cook now is limited and that I really wish to bake more things than my usual no-bake cheesecake and brownies. Then I also shared that younger sister will like to bake cookies and elder sister had written down somewhere that she will like to get a sewing machine too for her design works. But my mum said no. I was so disappointed that my first request of the year was denied T.T

But you know, 世上只有妈妈好 (mum is the best). It is either she can't bear to see me upset for the rest of the year or that she was simply just afraid my bf may get beaten up by the angsty me while he spends the night here at my house lolol, my mum had left some money at my bedside in the morning before she headed out so I was slightly richer on the first day of the year! Thanks mum! The amount was a little short of what I will require to get the $199 sewing machine and $66 oven but I knew it wasn't going to be an issue at all...

Courts offer free delivery for online orders above $200 and a $30 discount for orders above $300 so I knew that I should get another item that cost about $30 since my sewing machine and oven already amounted $265. It is like getting the additional item for free so ta-dah, I hopped over to my elder sister's room today and told her about my pending order as well as the $30 offer, so she requested to buy an induction cooker and volunteered to subsidise $50. Together, we also got my younger sister to sponsor one-third of the oven too so everything works out fine in the end =DDD

And now, I just got to happily strike out the two goals in my list, wait for Courts to deliver my items to my doorstep and that is business - gathering all resources and develop partnerships to achieve a common goal! I am going to get the materials tomorrow so stay tuned to check out the crafts I am going to attempt making. See ya!

Thanks mum, elder sis, younger sis and Courts,

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