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Bacon. Eggs. Ham and Toast. Breakfast is no doubt my favourite meal but it is unfortunate for me that I am not a morning person and hence would gladly sleep till somewhere near noon at any occasion. Which means I rarely have enough time to have a proper breakfast before I go to work during the period I was employed, because I am one who would trade off breakfast just for another five minutes in bed. Which, is also why, I would love any place that serves all-day breakfast. Ya Kun, Toast Box, and even normal coffee-shops with the usual half-boiled eggs and kaya toast set meals included.

So having woke up at 5 am for two continuous days yet not have the chance to have mega breakfast (granted the production crew did provide great breakfast. We had McDonald's on the second day!) and furthermore was filming in a café filled with the aroma of poached eggs and bacons, I found myself staring at the big plates that pass by me every few minutes, craving for a proper all-day breakfast throughout the entire day. And this fervour brought me to The Loft Café when it was finally time for dinner.

Photos taken from their website as I did not have my camera with me at that time =(

Welcome to The Loft!

Bf and I were greeted the moment we reached the top of the steps and brought to a table for two by the window. We were quite surprised that the place was packed and tables had to be turned around almost immediately to accommodate new customers considering it was a weekday evening. It certainly shows how popular the place is and here's what we ordered!

Forest Mushroom Soup | $5.50

The soup can be ordered ala carte or to complete you main course at $5.50 although you will get a complimentary hot or iced tea for the second option. And I will definitely recommend ANYONE to top up $5.50 for the soup and drink because the iced tea was real good and the soup is absolutely heavenly despite the fact that I am not a fan of creamy stuff which of course includes cream of mushroom. But this one, is certainly an exception. I love it!

Pasta Carbonara | $13.80

As usual, my bf ordered his all-time favourite Carbonara. I hate to order Carbonara because again, I don't like creamy stuff (forest mushroom soup exempted) and most of the time, just tastes really bad since a delicious Carbonara is one of the most difficult dishes to prepare because of its notably heavy cream. As cliché as it might sound, this rule does not apply to the Carbonara at The Loft Café. I actually liked it!

And of course bf didn't have a hard time trying to convince me to try. There wasn't a time I tried someone's Carbonara without being disappointed in the end but I didn't require any persuasion this time because it smelled so good from a mile away! I really liked the idea that the bacon and mushrooms are in huge chunks so that they wouldn't lose their unique flavours in the massive blob of spaghetti. I swear I could taste how sweet the mushroom was when I took my bite and it truly accentuated the overall taste of the Carbonara. Also, I had to remind bf that he did not even so touch parmesan cheese shaker and empty it of its entire content like what he usually do because as quoted,

"It is already the best Carbonara I have tasted so far without having to add more parmesan cheese.." and I think one can surely trust that statement from the mouth of someone who has been ordering Carbonara every single time he finds it on a menu.

And now, it is time for my all-day breakfast!

The Loft Breakfast | $17.50
This one was SO GOOD, each section on the plate deserves their individual limelight.

First up, my favourite - the eggs! You can choose how you will prefer it to be done; mine was poached.

You also have the option of pancakes or toast for The Loft Breakfast. I would have chosen toast normally but took pancakes in the end since it is one of The Loft's specialties!

Tomato, Sausage and even more Mushrooms

Yes, I have to give credit to even the tomato as it tasted awesome. Who knew tomatoes can taste so good on its own? The sausage on the other hand, was okay as it paled in comparison to the mushrooms. I am serious. The mushrooms are liked the best mushrooms I have ever eaten. We decided we would order a bowl of mushroom and have them as mains if we could because they are so freaking yummy and juicy!

Ham and yes, BACON!

Bf and I may have fell out because of the bacon. Before I forget, I must give honourable mention to the waiter who was very nice and observant to provide us with plates when he saw us sharing the portion even though he was crazily busy serving the entire floor. Alright, so seeing that almost everything came in pairs or could be easily halved, we split the portion into two and I left the bacon to the last because I knew it was going to be the yummiest of all.

That leaves me craving for bf's bacon on his plate half the time and him eyeing on mine after he was done with his. It was so crispy yet not dried up till it is without "juice" (read: MacDonald's turkey bacon). We were so tempted to order place a special order for a plate of bacon as we were convinced to call for a second round but alas, we were too full by the end of the meal...

So this is all we had at The Loft Café and we were both crazily full. Just look at how big their portions are! Nevertheless, we promised each other that we will come back as soon as possible to try their signature Belgian Waffles and all the other mouth-watering mains that went past our tables, from the enticing Rosemary Chicken to Beer-Battered Fish & Chips and so on. One has to be very determined (or very rich) to not give in to all the appetising temptations! My bf was so thankful to me for bringing him here that he willingly took the bill although this was supposed to be my treat! As quoted again,

"I am convinced that every single cent I paid for this meal is worth it."

The Loft Pancakes & Waffles
268A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058817
Tel: 6221 2103

Just in case you need directions, here it is! According to Google Map, The Loft Café is about 6 minutes walk from Chinatown MRT Station.

This is what's truly called a Big Breakfast,

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