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Alright, this is the last bit of my Bangkok trip! Looking back at these photos, I realise I actually spent most of my time on the last two days eating. I didn't really bought much from Siam Square or Asiatique except for a top and a pair of jeans from Forever 21 as well as a super nice floral pants which I kept for Chinese New Year, both at Siam Centre. If you are not familiar with Siam Square, here's the map! Don't forget the free gem car service somewhere near Platinum if you don't feel like taking the long walk =D

The gem service will drop you at Siam Paragon, which is where we had Krispy Kreme for breakfast! Not exactly a wise choice considering the variety of offerings at Siam Square e.g. Mong Nom Sod (MBK Level 2), but one can't be too choosy if you arrived way before the cafes are open for business. We shopped Siam Paragon briefly, nothing much for me in fact since I am definitely not rich enough to afford branded items *tear* and then we went on to the next shopping centre, Siam Centre, which is certainly my favourite! I really like the contemporary feel of the mall and the selections. Prices then to be slightly steep though.

After some shopping, we went opposite to have a light lunch at Som Tam Nua. There are constructions going on right in front of the restaurant's entrance currently, so it will be useful to refer to the map to find the place. It might be slight difficult and inconvenient to get there now, but I am sure it will be worth it because this is all for a brand new shopping mall at Siam on top of the current MBK, Siam Discovery, Siam Centre and Siam Paragon! Siam Square should be renamed Siam Paradise lolol

Rice | BT25
Bf insisted that I should "showcase" the rice because it is extremely fragnant -.-""

Thai Papaya Mix Salad | BT79
Nothing much actually, but then again, I have never been a fan of Papaya Salad.

I don't remember the name nor price of the last dish (chicken wings fried with lots of garlic) but it is awfully tasty! We had drink too - Iced Tea BT40, Cola BT30 and Lemon Tea BT40 but frankly, perhaps because we didn't order the right stuff (although there really isn't much on the menu), I don't really think Som Tam Nua is exceptional. A little over-rated. I would really prefer to dine at Ban Khun Mae, which is right opposite this restaurant anytime.

Somewhat dissatisfied with our lunch, we hopped over to Mango Tango (in front of Ban Khun Mae) for some desserts!

Mango Tango Extra | BT145

Mango Salsa | BT65

Mango Aloha | BT65

I thought we over-ordered since we are intending to hop over to Mr. Jones' Orphanage after this but I certainly wanted to taste all the different "forms" of mangoes available at Mango Tango. My favourite is still the mango with glutinous rice, followed by the ice-cream and sorbet. Pudding was a little milky for my liking although it was quite delectable nonetheless (disclaimer: I hate milk, which means I am most probably biased lol).

Next stop, Mr. Jones' Orphanage at Siam Centre

Red Velvet | BT110

Rocky Road | BT100

Lemon Meringue | BT135

Once again, maybe we were just plain unlucky. Despite the recommendations from other patrons, we didn't exactly enjoy our time at Mr. Jones' Orphanage. A table was leaving when we arrived at the entrance, and the waiter actually led us in to the same table that was just so recently been vacanted i.e. the table was not cleared yet, and the seats were warm, not forgetting the fact that bf had to go to the counter and get water on our own after several failed attempts at attracting the attention of the group of staff happily chatting.

On top of that, they should just discard their menus and allow patrons to choose what they want from the display instead. Bf had to choose another item THREE times before they finally decided to give him what he ordered -.-"" Not to mention the cakes weren't nice at all. The Red Velvet was normal, I have definitely tasted a far superior version at a lower price. The Rocky Road was rocky indeed because it was hard as stone, and the marshmallow was disgustingly sticky and chewy. The Lemon Meringue was plain bad. Nobody wanted to touch it anymore after the first bite.

Conclusion: save your choice for other cakes there or better still, save your time and money for cafes that are much more worthy of your attention.

Asiatique - The Riverfront

As we wanted to experience the boat ride, we took a sky train from BTS Siam Station to BTS Saphan Taksin Station and from there, boarded the free Asiatique service ferry from Central Pier to Asiatique. Do note that Asiatique is a nightspot, and the ferry service only operates between 4 pm to 11:30 pm (last departure at 11:15 pm). They have lots of shopping but we didn't spend much time since the goods are somewhat similar to what we have seen at other places and perhaps also more expensive. We had a awesome dinner at Indian restaurant within the foodcourt, and took a cab back to Pratunam soon after. Fare was about BT100.

Vegetarian Briyani

Vegetarian Samosa

Garlic Naan

Tandoori Chicken

Spinach Puree

We visited the Big C Supermarket located opposite Central World in the morning of our last day in Bangkok to get their tidbits and other specialties. Some of the items I would highly recommend would be their 大哥 brand peanuts (get the wasabi flavour!), instant noodles and of course, their dried durians. There were many other "weird" things you probably never seen before in local supermarts and most of them looks interesting and delicious, so much so that we spent more than SGD200 getting the various kinds of snacks!

After packing the food and depositing our luggages at the baggage counter, we had a final shopping spree at Platinum Mall and had a bit of rest at Red Mango before we head to the airport. Surprisingly, their waffle and brownie looked, smelled and tasted SUPER DUPER NICE! The place was empty initially and when the food got to our table, shoppers began to flood in! Will definitely have them again when I return.

Alright, this is all for my long-overdue posts on my Bangkok trip save the crappy dinner I had at the airport. If you ever think of having dinner at the airport, please reconsider. If you didn't have enough time to have a proper meal, please at least go to somewhere recognised like Subway. Twice I have had dinner there before my flight on the two occassions I went to Bangkok, twice it was trashy and twice as expensive they were priced *pui*

Anyway, here is a combination of all the things (except food) I got from this trip! I didn't actually come across many things that I really really really like and I highly suspect that most of these clothes will end up in the salvation army very soon. Seriously, I need to learn how to shop smart and not get things that does not even suit me or portray the kind of style I wish to pursue =( In fact, I have no idea what to do about the latter. I need a stylist!

Find out more about my BKK itinerary here,

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