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We headed to Platinum Fashion Mall which is just situated opposite the road and went up to its highest floor to have lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant after our morning spree at Pratunam Morning Market and depositing our hauls in the hotel because bf love Japanese food and would kill if anyone attempts to deprive him of such, especially one that is reasonably-priced and so conveniently splattered all around the city. If you ever find yourself craving for affordable Japanese food while you are in Bangkok, you no doubt be able to find your answer here at Fuji.

However, do note that the restaurant is very popular amongst locals and tourists so it is best to be there early or during off-peak hours if you wish to enjoy your meal in peace and rest after some heavy shopping. You most definitely will not want to find yourself wasting time in the queue which will always be the case during meal hours. Alternatively, you can try your luck at their other branches which include one in Siam Paragon and Siam Centre respectively. Click here for the full list of outlets in Thailand.

Unfortunately, the contemporary restaurant is designed in booths throughout the entire restaurant hence groups of anything more than four will be required to split up even if the place is empty. Also, the dining tables are somewhat small and especially because each dish comes with a whole lot of condiments and side dishes (I am not complaining!), you will find yourself trying to clear the plates faster than you would like to if you order too much at once.

I kind of regret having a pretty heavy breakfast at Saebx2 which rendered me unable to order and try the amount of food I would have liked. Hmph, I must visit Bangkok again pretty soon to rectify this! Nevertheless, these are what we ordered:

Eringi Garlic Itame | BT95

Somehow, bf and I always get addicted to mushrooms when we are overseas and this one did not fail us in the slightest bit. Accompanied with a heavy dose of garlic, this dish smelled heavenly when it arrived and prompted us three to pick a piece each on our own immediately without any ado even before I remembered to snap a photo of it. This explains why the right side of the plate looks quite empty! =x

Bacon Enoki Roll | BT110

Nothing beats uniting two of my favourite ingredients although I would have personally preferred the bacon to be crispier and "fattier". I am happy though, that they were not stingy with the amount of golden needle mushrooms rolled within the bacon at all! Each bite was so juicy and delicious. All hail bacon and golden needle mushrooms!

Tamago Yaki | BT75

As much as I love eggs, I never order anything tamago (exception to buffets) because they are simply layers of grilled eggs, which are ultimately just eggs. But I knew I was wrong when this dish descended before my eyes because they looked so delectable and tasted so sweet, light and nice! I am not sure what it was on top, something like 菜脯 (salted radish) but I love it so much in overall that I think this might be my favourite dish out of the entire meal!

Alaska Salmon Roll | BT220

Bf wanted to have salmon but was tight-fisted enough to think that it was not worthwhile to order Salmon Sashimi hence we ordered this so that he will be able to satisfy his salmon cravings and I can have something filling since I did not order a main dish for myself. This one is really tasty too! You can see how good the salmon looked.

Buta Shabu Set | BT180

Bf's Buta Shabu Set (with Udon inside) served with rice, side dishes and fruits at just BT180! I had a small portion and it wasn't bad at all! The soup was delicious!

Brown Rice Kinoko Zosui | BT100

This was one of the new items on Fuji's menu and mum decided to give it a try (note: mum does not eat meat). I thought it didn't really look appetising but it was surprisingly good. Love the blend of taste from the brown rice, mushrooms and egg that makes the soup sweet and enticing. Not to mention this main dish was only priced at BT100!

We also received a token for the new year from Fuji!

I don't remember what the exact amount was but the total bill was less than SGD40 inclusive of the drinks three of us ordered, which is considered very affordable for Japanese food of such quality and ability to induce hunger in me as I blog. I can clearly remember how delicious the items were, how the essence of the mushrooms seep through each bite, how satisfied I was after the meal etc. So be sure to give Fuji Japanese Restaurant a try if you haven't before when you visit Bangkok and get a first-hand experience of the sensuous meal! =D

Fuji Japanese Restaurant
6th Floor, Platinum Fashion Mall,
Petchaburi Rd, Patunum Ratchatawee, Bangkok 10400
Tel: (662)121-9607

Find out more about my BKK itinerary here,

*Update: Review on their Phuket outlet available here*

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