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It was unfortunate that the riots in Bangkok did not cease even after more than two months and there was even a "Shutdown Bangkok" exercise five days before our flight which made us wonder if we really want to put ourselves in the midst of the chaos. XY and her mum dropped out eventually and went to Taiwan instead, whilst I decided to go ahead with our plans, and bf and mum had agreed to follow my decision although I think it was with much unwillingness.

I did not know what possessed me at that point of time but I thought I wanted to experience and see for myself what are riots exactly. Maybe another part of me was just stingy enough to rather expose myself to danger than to forfeit the air tickets, but then again, that is what they say the problem with our generation isn't it? Unable to withstand hardships. Nevertheless, I am glad bf and mum did not choose to "abandon" me and I am even more glad I made the right decision!

Here's my itinerary:
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Day 1: Night Market
Day 2: Or Tor Kor Market, Chatuchak Market, Union Mall, Ban Khun Mae
Day 3: Morning Market, Saebx2, Platinum, Fuji Restaurant, Terminal 21, MK Restaurant
Day 4: Central World, Siam Square, Som Tam Nua, Asiatique
Day 5: Big C, Platinum

I thought what I have accomplished over the few days was rather disappointing as compared to what I have planned. After all, we kind of gave in to too much shopping and resting in our comfortable hotel lol, and did not have enough time and energy to visit some of the locations I planned in my initial itinerary like Sukhumvit 38 Alley and Thanon Mahannop. It was also difficult to find places where my mum who does not eat meat, can have proper meals. Next time, I am going to sleep for three days three nights before I fly anywhere.

By the way, I stayed in Amari Watergate Hotel this time round, and was given a non-smoking Grand Executive Room on the 20th floor at a cost of about $116 per night. I really like how elegant the place is and was impressed by how polite and helpful the staff are. For instance, a staff who came out of the lift saw us crossing the lobby and pressed the lift for us, and on the day of our check-out, one of the staff literally RAN over to assist me when he saw me pulling the heavy luggage. They also allowed us to enter their luggage storage area (with their supervision of course) so that we can pack what we just bought into our luggage before heading to the airport rather than to subject us to packing in the lobby which can be quite embarrassing.

I also like the fact that the hotel is within walking distance from the Airport Rail Link. We had only to alight at Ratchaparok Station and walk down the main road to reach out hotel, thus eliminating the need to hail a cab and subject ourselves to traffic jams since we arrived in the evening, or danger if we had to walk between alleys when we return in the night. The hotel is also situated within Pratunam Market, making it very convenient for us to shop the morning wholesale market, and is directly opposite Platinum Mall, with an overhead bridge in front that leads to the second floor.

We were lucky Amari was relatively unaffected by the riots going on which is not quite the same for Novotel Platinum, the hotel opposite and beside Platinum Mall, that is unfortunately also the starting point of the road blocks. Imagine our horrer when we checked in and proceeded opposite with plans to have dinner at the street stalls beside Central World - we were greeted with tents right at the entrance of Novotel. We thought that is where the rioters reside temporarily hence did not dare to proceed and had McDonalds instead ='( but we realised the next day the tents are in fact for sale. The road beside Novotel, had in fact turned into a market:

The road block continued all the way along Central World to BTS Siam Station and stopped in front of MBK where there were true campers and a stage with speakers and performers:

I sincerely hope that the riots at Bangkok will cease soon... although I like the fact that roads were closed and stalls were erected. I can shop on the roads without a worry of getting hit by a vehicle. One of the stalls even sells nice clothes at just BT50, which is SGD2 each! =O

Bangkok ❤,

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