My Hiatus from Life


I have officially started working for a week after my three and a half month break.

You know, during that period many have asked me, "isn't it boring to take such a long break?", "what do you do during this period?" or many other similar questions that probably hinted my inability to secure employment. Well, the answer to the first question is definitely a big N-O. No, it is never boring to take a break from the rat race when I can afford to. No, it is never boring to do what you want to do and start living. No, it is not boring in any possible way to realise a dream which would have eventually became a regret, a "what-if" if one did not give it what it deserved - time. No, I am not a lazy bum or brainless chit one who just want to skip work without considering the consequences. I have dreams. And I don't want to render it "impossible" without even trying. So no, this is not meaningless. At all.

For all I can say about this break, I can't pretend I managed to accomplish a lifetime worth of ambitions and wants though. I attended a Cajon workshop, as well as managed to borrow and read a whole lot of books I have always wanted to from the National Library. On the side note, I must say that our public libraries are superbly updated; there was this book published in December last year and I found it in the library! I am amazed lol. I have helped out with the publicity and promotional activities at Rhythm & Wave and continued with vocal lessons. Another side note, bf said my singing have (finally!) started to improve just a few months under the supervision of my current vocal instructor. I am happy I have found the right guidance and is beginning to see results after so many years at sea. My classmate and I are even picking up basic harmony for duets! =D

Also, I managed to clinch the role of the main lead in Channel 5 docu-drama, For Better or Worse. I wouldn't say I fared well for that position or perceive myself good enough to be considered an actress (neither am I in possession of a single bit of fame) as I do think I am quite a boring and emotionless person beyond belief (although I must say I kind of mastered crying scenes lol). Nonetheless I am elated to have moved on so quickly from no-line extra in November to a main talent in December, and eventally a supporting lead and a main lead in early February. Looking back on the effort I have put in and things I had to learn and bear, this was really no mean feat and certainly proved that nothing is impossible with the hard work and the right attitude!

There are still many things pending on my to-do list but unfortunately, one needs funds to keep going and like I have said before, I am a jack of all trades, master of none i.e. not good enough in anything to be doing anything freelance. Sadly I have left piano hanging for too long that I would not dare to teach anyone even though my grade 8 qualifications will certainly allow me that. I will definitely need more money to be able to fund my activities and ambitions, such as to pay for advanced piano lessons, which is why I decided to accept the long-standing offer from my former manager, and hence I am back.

And I definitely have 乌鸦嘴 because I am now working at the place I have once said I could not imagine working at... Not the firm but the location of course ='(

Never mind that, I should take this opportunity to eat healthy (and lose some weight) with the Paleo diet Wendy so recommends. Watch out for the top model you gonna see here a few months down the road! LOLOL In any case, I am highly motivated and with the break and incoming funds, positively energised to complete all the goals I have set for this year so 加油加油! Gonna learn to maximise my time and accommodate all my blogging, reading, studying, practising, and all other sort of super fulfilling and self-improving activities!

What about you?

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