Farewell, Wendy


Today's the day Wendy is leaving HM and me ='(

You know, part of the reason why I came back to where I am working now is because I missed working alongside with Wendy, who was more of a close friend than colleague. Ours was a very small team back then, with just the both of us (now three with the addition of HM to cope with the increasing portfolio and workload) and our manager and director, and by working this closely, I would think that we formed a bond that I have never expected to see in a workplace. We stayed in for lunches together, we went out after work for Wendy's food reviews, we talk about our plans, singing, anything under the sun, we encouraged each other, we also made mistakes in our work, but we never sabotaged or pushed blame and instead worked together to fix everything right without making mountains out of molehills.

Work was peaceful (apart from the surrounding noises) and working with Wendy was fun and happy. It was simple. However, I was too young to realise what I was giving up when I handed in the resignation letter, shortly after I completed my studies. I wouldn't say I regret, because I will not be where I am now for all the decisions I have made in my life, be it right or wrong although I wished I hadn't missed out on everything this small department had went through throughout the two years. And being the stubborn me had actually refused the few offers I received to return over this period, just because I refused to admit that I took a wrong step. To be frank, this is not the only instance I chose to preserve my ego over correction.

I do know I am the one at loss ultimately, but even for the period I was unemployed, going back was never an option to me and it was so all the way until Wendy had the intention to leave. You see, the seat that I have vacated was never kept warm by the same person for more than five months, and I felt apologetic for the stress I have placed on the department while looking for a suitable replacement. And if they don't have a replacement, HM will be alone, unable to take any leave because it would be inconceivable for the department to be without staff, and I don't want that to happen to HM, especially if its for an extended period, because I understood how crazy it was when Wendy goes on leave when there were just the two of us.

So right now at least for the next three hours or so, there is the three of us working perfectly well together. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. And I love how I am blending in thus far. Everyone around me treats me so well that it does not feel like a workplace at all. My director and manager appealed to have me join the firm trip in May even though I have missed the sign-up deadline (I am going to Macau!), HM craps a lot and she makes me tear from laughing, Yvonne (who sits behind us) even offered for me to bunk in the hotel room she is going to share with HM if I can't find a suitable room-mate for the firm trip, Nolene (who also sits behind us) turns on the radio just loud enough for me to hear from where I sit and always ask me if I needed lunch etc etc. I think I digressed.

And of course Wendy, who had kept in touch with me, who is probably always the first to read my blog the moment I post something new, who gives advice freely on whatever I seek, who never hesitate to share, not to mention cooked me salmon, found me a mini-cooker, gave me blackberries and bananas, and whatnot. As much as I wish she would stay, I can understand why she needed to leave, and I shall respect her decision. I am glad that we had been great friends and the fact that we don't see each other every working day anymore would never be a barrier or put an end to this camaraderie. After all, she is probably the only few whom I valued more than my pride.

So farewell, Wendy. Although you should expect to see me very frequently down the road! I know you might have a different goal in mind, but it shall be mine to hog you continously whenever there are events we can attend together, and also till the day you are back to performing on stage! Talent like yours should not go to waste =DD

Remember our date,

P.S. I'm not giving a farewell gift because it's not goodbye! =p

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