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I ❤ Sushi. When I used to be working in Esplanade, Yvonne and I would rush over to Sushi Express at 12 nn sharp every single time we meet for lunch, which is extremely frequent, to beat the lunch crowd gathering outside the restaurant. So often we'd do that that everyone in the office knew where we were heading to each time they see the both of us together. So much so that they will joke and say that we should sign up for the non-existent membership. We love sushi. We love stuffing ourselves crazy with very affordable sushi even more, until moments we swear we were sick of them and would avoid having them anytime soon, yet ended up in their queue again at 12.15 pm when we pondered what to have for lunch the very next day.

Come to think of it, now that I am no longer working there and hence no more restricted to that particular sushi joint, I would definitely choose to pay slightly more (since it is not as frequent anymore) for a much wider selection and also for quality or probably bigger portions. And that brings me to Itacho Sushi, one of my favourite places for ala carte sushi, on my last day of unemployment. It is quite sad actually, now that I am only free on weekends and didn't have as much time to be with and help out bf with his admin and marketing work as before, who is uncommonly busy now with Groupon promotion sign-ups, but I shall not complain!

Anyway, here are the items we ordered! We once tried to be adventurous since there are SO MANY kinds of sushi to order but we did not have a pleasant experience with the wasabi octopus or something like that we ordered so we decided to stick to the safe side of the road this time round:

Chawanmushi with Scallop | $4.90

Chawanmushi with Crab | $4.50

I must say, I am not a fan of chawanmushi since most that I have eaten are quite plain. It is after all, just steamed eggs. Itacho's is quite different though, with the tasty gravy and LOTS of other ingredients like mushroom, prawns, crabmeat etc. We usually share the chawanmushi with crab and still prefered the one with crab after trying out the scallop one. The big scallops are no doubt delicious, but somehow it does not seem to blend with the steamed egg and the other ingredients within very well.

Salmon Salad Lobster Roll | $2.90 for 2

I usually wouldn't give this dish much thought, but somehow this time round, both of us thought we really tasted the freshness of a salmon. I am not sure if I made sense, I quite think I don't but it definitely was refreshing the moment our teeth sink in the meat, as if the salmon had just been brought to our table directly from the sea. Still, it might just be the taste of tapwater lol

Eel Spring Roll | $3.80 for 3

I first ordered this because I just want something eel on our table and this is probably the cheapest eel dish I can find on the menu. Now, I order it everytime because I like the skin, I like the vegetable, I like the eel and crabmeat, and I love the dressing as well as how all these are brought together like a vietnamese fresh spring roll. The dressing rocks by the way!

Salmon Sushi | $1.30
Fatty Salmon Sushi | $1.70

Salmon is just, salmon. Bf says fatty salmon tastes better but I don't see the difference except for the one in price, and I don't think he knows why too lol. They are all the same to me. I can't tell a fresher salmon from the other anyway. What matters most to me is the size of that piece of fish on my table (I am being honest here lol), and Itacho passed with flying colours. They are just absolutely tasty and I love them to bits. So why bother to be so bothered?

Grilled Pork Sushi | $1.40

Roasted Salmon Sushi | $1.30
Roasted Duck Breast Sushi | $1.50
Salmon with Soy Sauce Sushi | $0.40 (Special Promo)

Conclusion: Roast Duck Breast taste like Bacon. Very nice bacon.

Salmon Hand Roll | $3.00
Bf is a boring man who must have everything salmon.

Grilled Pork Hand Roll | $2.80

I love how crispy the seaweed was. Eating the hand roll was easy and definitely a delight! Not to mention that their grilled pork is just as heavenly! Not tough and difficult to chew at all =D

Lobster Salad Warship | $2.40 for 2

We also ordered two Tamago Sushi at $1 each but forgot to take pictures =x and the total bill came up to $59.05 (charges for wet tissue and refillable green tea are waived upon exceeding $10 per pax). We thought was really worth it since we ate like kings and was so full that we even had to give the Caramel Milk Pudding (must try!) a miss. I am glad we chose Itacho Sushi over another Japanese Buffet place we had in mind since both of us didn't have the appetite to eat THAT much during lunch time and thus to pay $50 per pax for the buffet would not be justifiable.

Itacho Sushi Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard, #B3-20
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 8911

Nonetheless, I shall return the favour and treat bf to his favourite, Ikoi Japanese Restaurant when I receive a full-month salary this month-end, so if you are a sushi lover like us,

Hang around for more mouth-watering sushi coming up!

*Update: Review on the Itacho Sushi Bugis Junction is available here*

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