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Some times when you look back in your life, you see patterns. Reoccurrences that may be good, may be bad. And that is where you would see yourself or the things you did as the root of some problems you faced repeatedly, and that is where you know whether to continue something or to stop doing something that leads to the "pattern". I do like to think that I am reflecting when I catch myself daydreaming in office, at home, on the way to work and back home etc. I like to think about why something happened and trace back on the series of events that led to what I was thinking about like a detective. And I do that on myself, and on others too. This is probably why everyone tells me "you think too much" when I start telling one what will happen if he/she does something, and what one decision may eventually leads to.

And this time round when I did, I was thinking about my blog and I realised that not only I made new friends, each bloggers' event tend to become milestones where I saw my shortcomings and then improved to become a more professional blogger, and also a better person. The first was one of Nuffnang's, where I realised a phone is just not good enough and I should bring my camera along even if it is still not good enough since most carried proper DSLR or at least a digital one not as casual as mine. The second, Domino's Cheese-Lovers Alert, I learnt to be less shy and put in more initiative in camwhoring with food (although I have toned down by now), and I became slightly more at ease with myself and others, and less conscious about what others may think of me at Ayam Brand's event. Domino's Year-End Dinner marked the restart of my blog as I was prompted to let go of unhappiness and be the person I am.

Then came McDonald's Breakfast for Dinner, where people are suddenly interested in what I blogged about. I was stuck. Then they asked me for my url, which I gave willingly but not without asking myself, what does my url reflects? I had a small chat with Wendy where she also mentioned the importance of having one's name in one's url and there, after undergoing some necessary changes and migrations, I re-emerged yveyanxi, the lifetyle and music blogger, as reflected in the new header you see above.

Lifestyle bloggers write about practically anything under the sun and while there are fashion bloggers, food bloggers, I am not so sure about a music blogger who is not exactly updated with the current trends and hits. Nevertheless, as the music blogger I wish to be, which is to share as well as to encourage involvement and appreciation, I shall first aim to catch more chords and make them readily available here seeing that I have set the goal of having 500 songs in my chords library by the end of the year. Also, on top of my regular pop vocal classes, I will be further pursuing classical piano and theory, hence my blog will be the nice platform where I share about the interesting things that I learn along the way. Don't yawn, some of these fun facts can be really stimulating! It is always good to learn something new isn't it?

As a start, here are the chords of the 10 songs I have just added to the entire list available under the "music" tab. I shall be updating the list more frequently so remember to email me at if you have any particular song request! =D

Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
Download chords here

插班生 - 逞强
Download chords here

胡 夏 - 那些年
Download chords here

黄丽玲 - PS 我爱你
Download chords here

林宥嘉 - 勉强幸福
Download chords here

孙燕姿 - 世说心语
Download chords here

王 菲 - 致青春
Download chords here

徐佳莹 - 你敢不敢
Download chords here

杨丞琳 - 少年维特的烦恼
Download chords here

周杰伦 - 明明就
Download chords here

Hmm.. perhaps I should teach keyboard via my blog so these chords would at least mean something? I should I should, and at the same time maybe some fundamental music theory too. How cool it will be if we can all play our favourite songs! And with that, I shall strive to become an outstanding (by my own definition lol) lifestyle and music blogger =DD

Bring out the music in you,

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