National Breakfast Day is Back!


Feeling the effect of Monday blues already? Fret not, because McDonald's is here to save the day like how our superheroes always do, by giving away 121,000 Egg McMuffin in its second year of the National Breakfast Day - that's one for me, one for you, and yet another 120,998 yummy Egg McMuffins to go around the entire Singapore, so remember to wake up with a bright smile tomorrow, 17 March and drop by one of the 122 McDonald's on this sunny island for a little treat on your way to school or work!

잠깐만 Wait a moment! I have more exciting news to share before you turn in now so as to wake up early on the morrow. Well, you should also know that our superhero is extending National Breakfast Day into the community, having partnered with Tampines North Grassroots Organisation to provide 1000 free Egg McMuffins for the needy families within Tampines North Constituency too. Aw.. how nice!

And if you are one who only wakes up when the clock strikes twelve or for some reason, you are unable to land yourself a free Egg McMuffin like in my case since there is no McDonald's at Kembangan nor Marina Bay last I checked, which was yesterday, and I should think one is unlikely to pop up within a day, today nor tomorrow *tear* Anyway, as I was saying, if you are actually as ill-fated as me, you shall have naught to worry about because our said superhero here has gotten you covered as well with the first-and-ever ALL DAY BREAKFAST!

THIS is exciting! I have definitely wished McDonald's to serve breakfasts all day for more than once in my life of coming 24 years. More than a thousand times, to be more accurate. And most assuredly, I will willingly travel to the McDonald's nearest to MBFC for lunch just to meet the Egg McMuffin of my dreams tomorrow. But then again.. what about Hotcakes? And McGriddles? *Sigh* this ought to be the most common dilemma in this world. And if you aren't even excited or confused by now, surely you need some refresher and probably some introduction to the newer items on the internationally-popular breakfast menu:

(pictures taken from

First, free Egg McMuffins in the morning. Then comes, all-day breakfast up till 6 pm. 17 March got to be the one and only time I am actually looking forward to a Monday thus far. There is certainly no better way to start a day right than waking up to breakfast! No, scratch that, there is certainly no better way to start a day right than to wake up to free McDonalds'.


Oh no, I am not mad. From 18 March onwards, you do be able to wake up to surprises from McDonald's, which include free cup of coffee, free apple pie etc and also music downloads, fun images and videos just by downloading McDonald's Surprise Alarm App, a free alarm application available on both iOS and Android! Here's yet another reason for all of us to wake up for breakfast isn't it? How great it is to start each day with a surprise, better yet, a prize each and every day? We bloggers who attended the exclusive sneak preview last Friday (thank you OMY and McDonald's for inviting me!) had a peek at some of the surprises McDonald's have had installed and I must say, with 100% absolute certainty, I am downloading this app on my phone (and probably iPad too =x) at 12 am sharp tonight.

Just check out how snazzy #mcdonaldssurprisealarm looks!

I thought the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands are real cute! But all in all, remember to download the McDonald's Surprise Alarm App from Apple App Store and Google Play, drop by a McDonald's to collect the free Egg McMuffin you so very deserve for waking up early as well as be unique and McDonald's breakfast for lunch or dinner on 17 March, as well as wake up everyday to the random daily surprises from McDonald's from 18 March onwards!

Absolutely loving it,

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