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I was watching an episode from Korean drama 来自星星的你 (My Love from the Star) a few days ago and there was one part where Cheon Song-yi, the female lead said something along the line of fate equipping her the opportunity to recognise who she is, who is true and who is not during tumultuous times when Yoo Se-mi, the supposed friend finally shown her true colours. I do met someone similar to the latter and now whenever I see or hear something about her (and they were never happy news, I don't know why), it was more of a reminder for me than anything else to never indulge in self-pity and self-righteousness, or put others down, friends or no, publicly or not to appear almighty. It was easy to tell why she always felt alone even in the midst of many. Isn't it... sad? Isn't that just like Yoo Se-mi?

I am not a saint, and by that I would never need to be all defensive and start generating countless excuses when someone hinted you less than kind soul. There are certainly times I think badly too, but I can tell that these situations didn't translate well eventually thus I strongly believe everything occurs for a reason. Both good and bad. So let's all be appreciative, understanding, charitable, positive and all the other good traits! Be happy for your friends too! You feel good when you are good, and then more good things will happen to you, you feel even better and the cycle continues. Wouldn't it be great? =DD

Okay, enough preaching on a FRIDAY! I need my hands to enjoy my honey cherry tomatoes and blueberries.

HM and me shared our blueberries and tomatoes respectively so we can each have two portions of different fruits! Blueberries for healthy eyes and tomatoes for healthy skin, and both of us will become 大美女 in no time lolol. Speaking of which, this reminded me that HM just asked me yesterday why I don't curl my hair anymore. I replied that I am too lazy, and do you know what she said?! In all seriousness, she told me "丑的人不可以懒惰的!(huh, ugly people cannot afford to be lazy)" and laughed when I asked "Did you just said that I am ugly?" =.= So that was the first time, at least how I remembered, someone remarked that I am ugly straight into my face lol.

HM is extremely funny, and I am always laughing while working alongside with her. It's the way she talks I think. And I wish I can command laughter as and when like she does. Yesterday, as well, Wendy posted a picture of Jun Ji-hyun (why did you think I mentioned the drama?) and we started discussing how the hairstyle allowed her to make her face look smaller. Very soon, we were saying Jun Ji-hyun has double chin and so do we, and HM concluded that double chin is a pre-requisite for anyone to survive in this department. Annie, the ex-colleague Wendy had replaced three years back had double chin too, and the seat I have vacated was never warmed by the same person for more than five months because, they are skinny AND! They didn't have double chins..

It was then we finally understood why Wendy left us. Because she do lost her double chin when she shed more then 10kg of body weight ='( Incredible, isn't it? You should check out how she did it here if you are dieting (and at the same time see one of the nicest things one said about me). And I can see no one objects when I said that HM craps a lot now. See what she did to the bread she left in office for breakfast the next day:

Other than the occassional short-circuit she experiences, HM is indeed very kind. She gave me this after lunch yesterday and told me to blog about it - not about how tasty the yoghurt though, but on her being kind and sharing this with me lolol.

However, trust me when I exclaim how nice this yoghurt is and how the black cherries make it even better. Wendy sure managed her influence on us before we even realised. We are starting to have fruits, and on the first day she wasn't around, we actually went down to the Four Seasons Gourmet Market to see if we can find the yoghurt she was having on her last day here. They didn't have it, but HM got this one on top instead and I have raisins in my drawer for snacks now. So healthy right? By the by, HM also purchased the mini cooker I advertised in one of my earlier posts! I think she has intentions to cook porridge with salted fish, salted egg, salted vegetable and salted everything everyday, and I can probably expect a mini kitchen at our tables. Whilst for me, I am going to reduce my protein intake in the hope of disintegrate some of my muscles lolol. Does it work this way?

I can't believe I have a 49.1% muscle mass when I don't even exercises T.T

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