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For some reason, I seem to eating more and way better than I usually do. Within this one month, there was Itacho, Hokkaido Ramen Kaiko, Absolute Thai, Thai Express, Ding Tai Fung, Seasonal Tastes and many many more to come. Maybe some should not be considered a "luxury" to many, but for one who is supposed to be on a diet and to save some money to make up for the huge dent one has caused when one was unemployed for three months, it is. For that alone, she deserves no more than to cook her own meals and have hawker food for a year at minimum, and should not be seen at Yum Cha Changi Business Park.

But situation calls. It was my cousin's birthday hence I went down all the way from MBFC, past where I live, to Changi Business Park (where she is working) to treat her to her favourite dim sum! I am so glad that Yum Cha now has a new outlet at Changi Business Park where it can actually be quite quiet after 6 pm. There are a number of Japanese and Indian cuisines around too. No queue, no crowd, and the staff are fully able to give you all the attention you need. Great spot for meet-ups and gathering after work.

Anyway, we are both a dim sum person, and we were craving for dim sum for the longest time. LOTS of dim sum! Thus no, we refused to look at the other side of the menu, where there are standard proper dishes such as Char Siew noodles, Wanton noodles, Century Egg Congee and such. Why waste our limited stomach space on noodles and congee when it should be stuffed with delectable dim sum? (p.s. I kind of regret this idea few minutes later when another table was presented with a super fragrant plate of noodles T.T)

Dim sum only. No unauthorised access.

Here's what we ordered!

Speaking of which, I really like the fact that orders were made via iPads. Not that Yum Cha was a rowdy place and the waiting staff aren't able to catch your orders with accuracy, but it is nice to shortlist all the possible items you might want, then review your orders at the "shopping cart" and eliminate as necessary according to your appetite and wallet size lol before confirmation. You certainly can't do that with a staff without being cursed. Also, there are countless times where the dishes I ordered turn out totally different from what I expected. But this possibility is wiped out totally with photos for every dish on the menu.

Anyway, I forgot to take picture of the BBQ Pork Bun ($2.80 for 2). Sawrry! It was one of the first dishes to be served and I was too excited (and hungry) since BBQ Pork Bun is one of the reasons why I can never be a vegetarian as much as I want to be one. And the one we had at Yum Cha was no disappointment at all. The bun was soft and "fluffy" and was bursting at the seams with all the delicious BBQ Pork within. Super nice!

Prawn Dumpling | $4.60 for 3

Prawn Dumplings never is a "must-order" for me like how it was for my cousin. My cravings are limited to its fried counterpart. I only had one out of the three prawn dumplings, but seriously I was impressed. Similar to how the BBQ pork bun FULL of BBQ pork, the dumpling had no less than three majorly fresh, plump and succulent prawns within. You have absolutely zero chance of missing the prawns even if you only give the dumpling a small small bite!

Custard Bun | $4.50 for 3

No prize for guessing where the third custard bun went! Just look at how soft and fluffy the bun is as the custard was thick, saturated and unwatery! I'm sorry I did not place a custard bun on a nice clean plate and give it a poke with my chopsticks so you can see the custard overflows. I can't. I won't be able to sleep for days for leaving a drip of such golden lava goodness on my plate. You must know that was how good the custard bun tasted. Well, at least you can be sure you won't encounter solid custard in a custard bun at Yum Cha. That is like my greatest fear out of anything that can go wrong with a dim sum.

Fresh Prawn Rice Flour Roll | $4.50 for 3

I think fresh prawn rice flour rolls are probably the same as prawn dumplings, the prawns just as fresh and plump, but I would still prefer this one because it is dumped in lots of soy sauce and oil lol. I would always drizzle the gravy on my rice flour roll and then leave it for a moment to "absorb" the essence before having it. What's even better with Yum Cha's rice flour rolls as compared to others are the vegetables! *plus ten points*

Fried Carrot Cake | $3.80 for 3

I love Yum Cha's fried carrot cakes! They are really flavourful. I wish I am able to explain why, but unfortunately I am no expert. It was simply awesome, way exceeded my expectations of a plain carrot cake and left me craving for more. Not the usual sticky, taste ones you will probably find at other substandard dimsum places. I say, I would definitely return even just for the carrot cakes alone because that is truly how good they are!

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice | $4.20

Here's yet another plate of surprise. The experience I had with this dish was as if I was unwrapping a present, the lotus leaf for the ribbons and glutinous rice for the pretty gift wrapper, and a colourful combination of various ingredients presented itself before my eyes. Speaking from personal experience, I may have been deprived but I have never seen egg yolk, char siew (BBQ pork), crabmeat, fresh prawn within a glutinous rice before. It was usually just chicken, from what I can remember. Have you?

BBQ Combination (3 meat) | $22.80

There is a choice of BBQ Pork, Roast Pork, Sesame Oil Chicken and Roast Duck, and we chose the last three since we already ordered BBQ Pork Bun. The roast pork was one of the best I have tasted, the meat soft and tender (no need to worry about subjecting your jaws to heavy exercise), and the skin was very crunchy. However, the other two was quite a disappointment. We left half of them untouched. The meat was way too chewy (not the good way) and there were just too much bones, unlike the ones I just had here. I would recommend one to skip the two, and just order the Roast Pork and perhaps the BBQ pork too if you wish a 2-meat platter.

The total bill with towel, GST and service charges was $56.25, and we were both so full that we would burst if we take in another piece of meat. Tea was free, and if not for pricey but not-so-filling BBQ combination which accounted for 50% of the bill, I would really think that Yum Cha is a place for everyone. The prices are certainly on the lower side of the scale, comparable to other dim sum places that are much less comfortable, and is definitely reasonable for the food and service quality we received.

Yum Cha Changi Business Park
6 Changi Business Park Ave 1
#01-33 UE Bizhub East
Singapore 486017
Tel : 6789 1717

Opening Hours:
10.30am – 3pm, 6pm - 9pm

If you prefer proper meals with noodles and congee, you should also consider having the set menu special that is exclusive to this new outlet:

As it happens, should you be working in the vicinity, do find out with the staff whether there is any discount for particular organisation's personnel. We only found out that Citibank staff are entitled 10% discount right after we have paid for our meal. Although I did not and will never go so far as to expect them to do a refund and bill me again with the discount reflected, it would be nice if the staff who attended to us can be empathetic, and did not become hostile and ignore us completely when we pointed out that one of us is in fact a Citibank staff.

Great dim sum nonetheless,

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