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When I was in Primary One, our mum started taking charge of tutoring us through tests and papers and to motivate us, we were given a stamp each time we score 90 and two stamps if we attain full marks. Every 100 stamps collected within a school term will allow one of our wishes to be granted. When I look back, I thought it was quite stupid that my GRAND WISH was to own the $29.90 set of Barbie and her seven outfits. And it is only now that I realise, both my sisters didn't seemed to be interested in the deal at all.

So the story was, it was the last day of the term and I decided to bring forward a test to be conducted next week (where we memorise 20 chinese idioms and its meaning) because I was only two stamps away and I didn't want to start from zero again when I was so near to fulfilling my wish. But sadly, I got the word "占" wrong because I made a mistake when copying the text from the guidebook and memorised it as "古". I guess 古有 made sense at Primary One lol

不劳而获: 自己不劳动而占有别人劳动的成果

I was devastated. I had coveted the barbie set for a long time so much so that whenever mum let us loose at the toys section of the then-Seiyu at Bugis Junction, I can always be found seating cross-legged on the floor and staring longingly at the beautiful box in my hands, and I wasn't ready to have my dream crushed. I appealed, said it wasn't fair because I would have got it right if I studied the right thing in the first place, I was denied and I just kept crying and crying, and a few days later the said barbie was waiting for me at home. Somehow, I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy because we were not well-to-do and I felt that I stole the $29.90 from my mum who only eats plain bread and potato porridge. Even if I had I felt like a spoilt brat and even till now, this will still bring tears to my eyes, knowing how selfish I was at that time. And it made such an impact that I still remember the idiom and its definition's exact wordings.

I can't say that I became a totally different person from that moment onwards, or that I have never raised my voice and was never rude to my mum since then. I have moments when I lose control too. But I'd like her to know that the spoilt brat who used to give her so much to worry about had matured and is forever grateful for all the lessons she did or did not teach, all the sacrifices she made and all the things she does for the family. And with Mother's Day around the corner, I want to remind her that she is appreciated. Which is why, I wasted no time in grabbing my mum's favourites..

Raisins Buns | $3 for 6

Surprisingly I liked it despite how plain it seemed - see how BIG each raisin is!
I can totally foresee myself forfeiting lavish meals and pigging out on bread.

Durian Chiffon Roll | $5.80

Durian OVERFLOW *yums*

Pandan Swiss Roll | $4.80

I love how light and fluffy they are!

Coffee Swiss Roll | $4.80

If only you got to smell how fragrant these sweets are..
I am sure food colourings can never give you such satisfying aroma

All from Swee Heng 1989 Classic's first premium store at West Mall!

Fresh from oven, everything here looks so deliciously good!

If it was just for myself, I would have gotten all the different savoury buns but this was for my mum who had always been a simple eater and loved Swiss Rolls. I am really glad Swee Heng 1989 Classic had all her favourite flavours and man, they tasted really good - light, pure and unelaborated, in a way that you know you won't ever get sick of it even if you ate the whole roll and not overly-sweet like those you might find elsewhere. And I know that for sure because...

I had what would make up at least half of the Swiss Rolls and I still wanted more!
But I shall curb my craving because I had something more.


So pretty~ if you look closely, the bottom layer is made of Kueh Lapis
Another reason why my mum would love this cake to bits!

Hmmm I am eyeing on this one..

And cliché as it might be, one must not forget the flowers!

Because flowers make a girl's heart bloom

So, you would like to prepare something special for this special lady (be it your grandmothers, mother, mother-in-law, wife, besties) who had always been there for you this Mother's Day but don't know where and how to start?


Simply share with us what you have to say to the special lady of your life here at Swee Heng 1989 Classic's Facebook "Freshly Baked Love To Your Mum" Contest before 6 May 2014 and you could be one of the three lucky winners who walks away with a gift set consisting of a 10-inch cake, a bouquet of Carnation flowers and $50 worth of Swee Heng 1989 Classic vouchers!

THAT, I would very much like seeing how tempting each and every bun and cake were while I was at Swee Heng 1989 Classic. I could never get enough of the items I have tried, and also even those I would very much like to but have not done so, which includes the highly-raved Taiwanese Steamed Cakes, Chocolate Mousse, Crunchy Steam Brownie just to name a few!

I must say I am excited to see what everyone has to share (I do love a touching story) and lastly, I would like to thank Swee Heng 1989 Classic for allowing my mum to be even more special then she already is.

It's a little cliché but still, Happy Mother's Day!

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