I Just Wanna Be A Rockstar


Hello! I am feeling superbly pumped about this post because there is something great I really wanna share with everyone here. Something I am very very much in love with.

You know how sometimes you overheard a song from the radio or the music player blasting into the ears of someone standing nearby or the CD that is running somewhere you were at, and you knew at that instant that you're in love and just had to find out who is behind that particular tune? That would prompt you to bring your soundhound out to get an answer. Rather like "love at first sight" just that you are using your hearing instead of depending on your eyes.

I am not talking about the times you are aware of the person who was behind the recording mic, like if you are listening to his/her album for the first time as that renders you biased (you are using your sight again). It is not even a matter of the sense of familiarity, a sort of reminder that says "oh, I actually forgot the existence of this song and now that I recall, I think I rather like it". I am not talking about the song brought to you while you are watching a drama, movie or music video either because you probably only felt something due to the help of visuals and storylines.

What I am saying is, perhaps you don't remember how you were introduced to a song you call the song of your life, how you got to like each song you have in your playlist right now, the times when a song was ever looped again and again because of how much you loved it, or the fundamental fact that this has ever happened before. But it did. That particular moment took place in me a few days ago, and I hope it is just as insightful to you as it is to me =)

"There's a girl in the backyard banging on her drum
Sitting in a junk pile laughing at the sun
Singing, 'Ah ha ha, I just wanna be a rockstar.'"

A Great Big World - Rockstar
Download chords here

And also here are the recent additions to my personal library of music chords. Do check out the other songs in the list as well through the music tab at the top of the page, and remember to email me at yveyanxi@gmail.com if you have this special song you had fallen in love with in mind and would like to see the chords to it =D

A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover
Download chords here

Adele - Chasing Pavements
Download chords here

Ed Sheeran - A Team
Download chords here

陈奕迅 - 岁月如歌
Download chords here

陈奕迅 - 兄妹
Download chords here

林宥嘉 - 自然醒
Download chords here

Create memories through music,

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