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As mentioned in my previous post on our eventful-but-not-so-productive photoshoot session, we actually spent (or rather, wasted) more time doing anything but taking proper photos. Turned out we only took very few passable photos despite the long hours we were there. Before the sun was down, perhaps only after an hour of actual work, the obedience our photographer had miraculously instilled in us wore out and we were declaring fatique, exhaustion, starvation, dehydration and all sorts of other dramas. It was time for dinner, we proclaimed.

And so, here we are after a short ride in Javier's car from Punggol to Bedok!
(maybe it was short because I was asleep though)

If you have visited Nakhon at its Hougang or Bedok North branch before, you will know that a queue never fails to materialise at about 5 pm. And if you happen to only arrive after that, do be prepared to wait for half an hour before it is finally your turn to be seated in full view of a few predatory eyes that spare no effort in making sure you leave upon the second you place the last grain of rice in your mouth or drank the final drop of beverage you had in your cup.

Alright, I exaggerated but it is never considerate to dine at your own sweet pace when you know for a fact that there are others out there in the queue with a growling stomach right? Especially when the growling stomach belongs to you. Luckily we had activities to occupy our attention distract us from the hunger:

TA-DAH.. Cam-whoring!

P.S. there is nothing wrong with QY's eyes.
She simply just can't get used to looking at the lens instead of the flip-screen on top -.-""

One thing I should mention to Nakhon Kitchen's credit is the fact that they allow you to peruse their menu while waiting in the queue and by taking your orders only when you are nearer to the "finishing line", I thought they are allowing us to give up if we choose to wait no longer instead of being bound to the order you have committed but had not yet the luxury to sit down and dine. Also, this allows the kitchen to prepare your food early-but-not-too-much, so your items will arrive at your table sizzling hot at the moment you attach your behind to a seat.

Here they are, no more waiting!

Stir-fried Kang Kong Thai Style | $6

The stir-fried Kang Kong was delicious. Period. I love the gravy too and the gentle squirt of gravy that accompanied each bite of the vegetable. I literally emptied the plate of the last bits and pieces of vegetables and garlic, and yet was still not contented. Granted, I am a Kang Kong lover and the portion was not as big as I would have expect, I really thought and would trust myself to finish it on my own with ease should we have ordered another plate at that time.

Green Curry (Chicken) | $8

Javier and I both thought that the standard of the green curry seemed to have dropped. It was somehow quite different from how we remembered it to be and XY, first-timer at Nakhon, found the dish disappointing as compared to the others on the table. The green curry was also a little bit salty so one might want to take it with lots of plain rice. But we like the ingredients within and took the effort to fish them out of the curry we did not finish one by one =)

Clear Tom Yam Soup (Seafood) | $6

This is for sure XY's favourite dish for she had practically hogged the entire bowl to herself and repeatitively exclaimed how delicious the soup was. Warning though, it is absolutely peppery, fiery and adventurous so take caution in savouring it for both XY and I choked on multiple occassions when we took it down too fast! Funny thing, we realised that the ingredients in the bowl seemed to have been calculated - 2 mushrooms, 2 fish slices, 2 prawns and 2 cherry tomatoes. Well, at least you can be assured that all is fair and you won't be short-changed.

Pineapple Fried Rice | $6

To be honest, I can't remember why I used to like this dish so much anymore. Perhaps I had expected too much, I was let down as it was no longer as fragrant and flavourful as it once was. What presented before our eyes was just a normal plate of rice that is yellow in colour, and yet you probably couldn't tell that it is Pineapple Fried Rice if not for the single chunk of pineapple. If you looked closely, you will also notice that one of the prawns only had its tail with us on our untouched platter. Small thing but still, not very presentable.

Black Olive Fried Rice with Minced Chicken | $6

The olive rice on the other hand, far exceeded expectations even though we find it a bit salty too. It smelled so good we did not wait a moment to dig our spoons in immediately and were so crazily in love with it that we did not even realise we had forgotten the lime. We mucked the entire plate clean in record timing and I would have ordered another plate if we hadn't had trouble with the pineapple rice. P.S. I didn't recall seeing any chicken though..

Thai Tea | $4

I love Thai Tea! And this one was authentic and tasted very similar to those I have had in BKK. Unfortunately for XY, she thought the tea she ordered was going to be the normal iced tea she will get in other food places and she found it rather weird, not at all nice. So if you hadn't had Thai Tea before and is not feeling particularly adventurous, you might want to take a sip off your friend's first before committing to one on your own.

It was a real pity that we had each downed a can of soft drink from the coffee shop while waiting, hence were quite bloated by the time we ordered. Next time, I am going to starve beforehand so I can get to order my pandan leaves chicken, homemade Thai fish/prawn cakes, oatmeal prawn, stir-fried minced chicken with hot basil leaves, deep-fried chicken with garlic, mango sticky rice served with coconut milk (for sure!) and many many more salivating dishes!

Nakhon Kitchen Bedok North
136 Bedok North Avenue 3 #01-166
Singapore 460136
Tel: 6245 5548

Lunch: 12pm - 3 pm
Dinner: 5.30pm - 10pm

Overall, although slightly deterred by the waiting time and the quality that might have been compromised due to the crowd, the authenticity of the dishes and its relative low-pricing certainly boost Nakhon Kitchen's competitiveness in the highly saturated Thai food market and adds value to the plate in the eyes of a patron. I would not say that the food did not satisfy at all and I truly do not mind partaking my meal hastily, but regretfully I am unwilling to spend half an hour in the queue for a matter especially when there are so many other just as great options in the immediate vicinity.

I would still recommend a visit if you haven't tried it before,

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