Photoshoot in the Park


Photoshoot in the Park actually sounds rather as if it is a sequel to one of my earlier posts, Picnic in the Garden where we besties unite, and is probably also a testament to how uncreative and dull I am when it comes to titling my posts. Anyway, the good news is QY has officially graduated and hence here we are, fulfilling our promises to take our graduations shots together when the last of us bid farewell to a life of education. We had been planning this for quite some time before the actual day, trying to decide the location and theme, loaning of graduation gowns, searching for a date that suits all of us, the photographer and the persons whom the gowns we wore belong to etc etc, and it was downright pity that YT (who is a teacher by the way!) could not make it at the last minute due to work reasons =(

Fortunately our expert photographer Javier, who is XY's friend (didn't expect XY to have such great connections right lolol) was very nice to offer to take photos another time when all four of us are free again. Hence this session became more of a "practice" to learn to take graceful fake candids. I have seen a few pictures actually and will probably post some when they are all ready, and I know for certain that we need to work on that. Seriously, we are so bad that no one would bother to lie to us and say we looked great. Thankfully, Javier is a very very patient man, because nothing short of being that would allow him to have withstood our lack of cooperation. And probably our extreme troublesomeness.

Anyways, the three of us - QY, XY and I, met at our respective MRT stations and travelled up to Simei where Javier was waiting (once again) patiently in his car to bring us to a residential part of Tampines for XY to loan her graduation grown, and then to Punggol East Park, where we will be having our first photoshoot ever. I think he waited for a really long time because XY had messaged him to say that we will need "15 minutes more" from the time we agreed to meet, but he had mistaken it to be that we will reach in 15 minutes =x And if I were in his shoes, I can assure you it hadn't been comfortable to be confined to three girls for the entire day. Especially three so talkative and dramatic lol. Nothing could probably be worse, well except for the presence of four of us instead. His lucky stars must have been shining that day.

The first part of the day was relatively uneventful, save the very nice macarons from XY's kind lender as well as the nonsensical and very frequent banters that broke out after QY and I warmed up to our new friend, until we who were lagging behind to take photos saw this:

This spells trouble. And we began ransacking our bags, trying to find something that will save the day. This, is a perfect explaination to why a woman usually carries so many things with her although we didn't managed to find anything substantial except for a hairband lol.

It does seem to work initially, but as much as XY wanted to continue walking down the park although her shoe didn't share the same sentiments. Shoes to be exact, because the other one had decided to give in and fell apart without notice.

And hence, we are back in the car. And it's time for selfies while XY picked a pair of shoes at her aunt's place which is in the vicinity.

And then we are back again!

It's autumn over there!

Such tranquility. Feels like a foreign land.

And here's where we took our first set of photos! This made me wanna start singing,

Our second scene in which XY caught the disease,

And that's our photographer, Javier!

This reminds me to include a disclaimer here and state that all photos uploaded here in this post are taken unprofessionally by my Samsung MV900F lol

This is where we took our graduation shot. Looks like Holland or some very pretty place where the flowers are in full bloom right? Any song to go along?

Alas, we were exhausted after all the walking, more so than of taking photographs. I reckoned we had likely walked more than 20,000 steps considering my experience walking from Paya Lebar MRT to Kembangan MRT lol. Besides, the sun was going down and we are all hungry and thirsty so here's a tip if you are thinking of a hike at Punggol East Park: brings lots of food and water, or at least get the whipped potato from Popeyes (at the carpark) before you commence your journey to the farther north-east of Singapore.

And here are more pictures taken while we made our way back...
(*music starts*)

"It's a long long journey,

Till I know where I'm supposed to be.

It's a long long journey,

And I don't know if I can believe.

When shadows fall and block my eyes,

I am lost and know that I must hide.

It's a long long journey,

Till I find my way home to you."

Still looks very bleak T.T

But we are fortunate to have one another throughout this journey.

This picture shall serve as a reminder for us to make sure we're equipped before we embark on any photoshoot that will lead us to the journey to become Singapore's Next Top Model, since I thought we look extremely pale and as if we're going swoon anytime. Now we know it is not easy to be brides or models.

Perhaps we should take this project overseas!

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