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Wendy and I met up after work a few Fridays ago (kind of belated I know, sorry!) as she was INVITED by the owner of The Lawn to an exclusive food tasting session, and she was so nice to have thought of asking me to join her! I am super touched lah, and I wonder whether I will ever be good enough to be exclusively invited to anything.. So if you are reading this post and you happen to be an owner or manager of a restaurant, cafe, school, salon, blogshop or simply any kind of business or interest group or association, please invite me to your event/ product launch/ review etc so I can bring Wendy along next time can? LOLOL I am just joking but I wouldn't mind if it really happens =p Alright, subtlety doesn't seem to be a strength of mine so never mind that and lets now start this post proper.

For a little introduction, I should state that I had never visited a salad joint before despite the hype and outlets sprouting everywhere I go. It is not that I am not one who advocates health food or eating green. In truth, I had never felt "cleaner" these days by preparing and bringing my own breakfast and lunch to work, and for about 80% of the times, these meals are absolutely fit for a vegan. What I do not believe in however, is having to foot hefty bills in order to eat clean. It is as if you need to be rich in order to eat healthy, and besides the salads that taste awesome might not even be the ones that are healthy in the first place.

And HM had somehow decided to prove my point on that particular day of the food-tasting when she coincidentally gotten lunch from a salad joint. It was green that is for sure, but it was also expensive (the recent price hike was not at all helpful), it didn't even taste great or look good as the vegetables were unbelievably drenched with thick dressings which definitely begs the question of whether it can still be considered healthy. I was skeptical. Nevertheless, I went ahead in accompanying Wendy to The Lawn, who was in my mind, yet another salad joint. I thought I can just help to take pictures of the place, of her, or just pose as a reason for her to be able to try out more variety to be able to better review but.. I was changed.

First, I was amazed by how someone can arrange and write
everything so nicely on a blackboard..

Next, I am amused by how persuasive one can be.
That definitely made me want to try their grill and see if they're right.

Then, I am impressed with their wide range of offerings.
No two salads can be the same for sure.

The Lawn is by far the only specialty grill and salad cafe in Singapore, as much as it is probably the only place where you get to "invent" your very own salad from the wide variety of premium grills, adventurous toppings and one-of-a-kind dressings. Just thinking about it makes me excited about the endless possibilities I can come up with, all fitted to my liking and uniquely me! Let's see, for my next visit and I AM for certain going to frequent them again, I am going to get the Mesclun Salad ($9.90) paired with char-grilled mixed mushrooms (+$3), alfafa sprouts, egg, granola, raisins and parmesan (5 free toppings) and sesame ginger! No wait, but I love the olive rice just too much, perhaps I should get the Olive Rice ($8.90) topped with grilled black pepper duck brest (+$4), honey ball and side salad instead.. hmm what a dilemma..

Well, if you are one who prefers to skip the entire part on trying to decide how you want your salad to turn out, I should think that The Lawn got you covered as well and this process can't be simplified any further with just three chef's picks on the menu:

Sweet & Chic | $12.90
Grilled chicken with maple infusion set salad of
baby potatoes, cous cous, pasta, egg, sweet corn and honeyball dressing.

Hunky Dory | $13.90
Butter seared dory with parsley rub set salad of
alfafa, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, tofu, nibbed almonds and wafu dressing.

Cruches with Munches | $13.90
Char-grilled prawns with garlic set salad of
capsicums, granola, pineapples, cucumber, cashews and me so spicy dressing.

Now that we're done with the ordering, lets take a look at the cafe's interior while we wait for our food to be served!

I love the woody and classy feel of the place.

I do try.. but sometimes not everyone deserves to be liked lol.

I like the both of them very much though!

Love the grass and stool.
It was as if I am at my own backyard (if I ever own a backyard).

I know my photos always turn out very dark
but I still think my photography skills improved =x

Me with Ms. Broccoli

And Mr. Carrot
P.S. I think I look like I'm balding. Scratch that, I probably am T.T

Nevermind, because food's here!! =D

Olive Rice + Char-Grilled Prawns with Garlic + Side Salad | $12.90

First and foremost, I MAJOR LOVE THE OLIVE RICE!

I have always carried a torch for all kinds of olive rice (and I never expect to see it at The Lawn *plus points*) and I adore this particular one much much more. I could smell it from afar and I was probably drooling while waiting for the dish to be served if one had taken a picture of me right then. It is actually quite unique, very different from its counterparts that I have had before. Aromatic and delicious, I definitely don't mind having this flavourful dish everyday even if it is just on its own. Not to forget the prawns that were succulent and well-marinated, and went extremely well with the refreshing salad. Love the inclusion of cucumbers and corn that adds a crunchy edge to the entire dish too!

Hunky Dory | $13.90

I didn't really have much of this dish because I so favoured the olive rice. And I prefered the char-grilled prawns to the butter-seared dory too probably because I am not one for the strong smell and taste of butter. Neither do I like cheddar cheese (too milky for my liking) and tofu (too tasteless for my liking) actually but I really like the salad on its own, and more so since with the alfafa sprouts, parmesan and nibbed almonds. I don't know how to explain my pickiness or oxymoron-ess when it comes to food. It is as if I like coleslaw but hates cabbage (not true, just an example). Wendy on the other hand, is really fond of Hunky Dory hence I am very certain, in all fairness, most of you will too =)

The Lawn was very kind to have also whipped up a few side dishes for us to sample on - Chicken Breast with Maple Infusion, Chicken Breast with Fresh Herbs and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken. I find the meat a little dry and tough, not what I would usually like, but then again it is chicken breast after all. Despite my initial frown upon the lack of tenderness, I found myself subconsciously picking up one of these huge chunks in continuity while chit-chatting with Wendy. It was THAT addictive. I really like the maple one. I like fresh herbs to, wait I think I like all three. I just couldn't stop eating (even though I have already had more than half of what was on the table) and I don't even feel guilty after eating so much because hey, it's not oily at all and chicken breast is like the #1 rule of thumb for all who's watching their weight and figure closely!

Ben's Beef Rub

Char-Grilled Mixed Mushrooms

The beef came together on the same plate as the mushrooms and by that I meant to say that the beef was unfortunately overshadowed. I did have the beef (just one piece) first, but my entire attention moved on to the mushroom and it stayed that way throughout the entire dinner. I find the beef too tough (I don't really like to chew too much) and Wendy explained that it is because the beef was well done. So unless you have always liked well-done steak, you probably wouldn't enjoy this one over much. It is okay though, because there's the mushroom, which I think is what I like best about The Lawn because it was simply just too delightful!

Come to think of it, I rather doubt Wendy had much of the mushrooms. I was terribly selfish and literally swept the serving plate clean. She did told me to finish it up (very gracious of her!) but I rather suspect no one would not when they saw how my eyes positively sparkled whenever they landed on the mushrooms. Seriously, the plate was cleaned off every single tiny bit of mushroom and its accompanying garlic, the staff could probably thought the plate was unused lol.

Of course, not to forget the various home-made dressings!

I really wanted to write something about my favourite dressing when I realised I can't decide which is my favourite because each one of them is so unique and great in its own ways! The Lawn had surely put in effort into considering all the different flavours we Asians like e.g. ginger, sesame or wasabi, and developed each one of them into an extremely special and adventurous dressing. I do have never thought of combining wasabi and honey. And they came up with so many unparalleled dressings that one can probably make it a life mission to try every single one of them on different grills and sides.

And with that, we concluded our exceptional dinner at The Lawn at Shenton!

The Lawn At Shenton
8 Shenton Way
#B1-11, AXA Tower
Singapore 068811
Tel: 6534 8749

Monday - Friday, 10:30am - 9pm
(last order at 8.15 pm)

This food-tasting had without doubt made me revisit my earlier notion and so here's a formal apology to all salads in the world for thinking you to be pricey, bland and boring. By the by, The Lawn provides delivery service too so if ever you and your colleagues are thinking of having something healthy yet yummy, sick of deciding what to have for lunch or probably had to work overnight for a special project together (touchwood!), remember that there's always The Lawn. And if you're feeling hungry while reading this post, don't wait anymore and quickly place your orders here! One should make it a point never miss any opportunity to eat clean yet scrumptiously, and that would bring us to The Lawn.

Do like The Lawn at Facebook too for regular updates and reviews by other well-known bloggers i.e. not me!

"Come meat your greens",

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