Firm Trip to Macau Part I


Yay, here I have covered my second trip in this year. 3 more before I can strike off another one of my 2014 resolutions which is to go on 5 holiday trips this year! It doesn't have to be far far places so I hope I will be able to do that and I am super thankful towards my company for fulfilling one for me. I only re-joined the firm in February this year and they didn't have to include me for this biennial company-sponsored trip but they did! I am super grateful =D

This is actually my second time to Macau. The first was 4 years ago, on a firm trip with the same firm. The initial plan was BKK (as was four years ago) but plan changed due to the political situation there (as was four years ago). The first time I went, some of us took Cathay to Hong Kong and from there, ferry to Macau which I thought was quite troublesome since we are not staying in HK so this time round, I chose to take Tigerair which flies directly to Macau! Imagine the time saved, IF we hadn't met a bad weather.

My expensive breakfast at Terminal 3 - $7.50 beehoon and $2.50 hot milo -.-

HM, Yvonne and I chose the flight that departs at 10.25 am so that we'd arrive at 2.25 pm and have enough time to shop around but unfortunately, as mentioned above, the place wasn't able to land due to low visibility and after hovering for awhile, we were brought to HK instead and were stuck in the plane for quite some time before it took off again. In the end, we reached our hotel at about 7 pm, even later than the later flight at 1 pm which some of our colleagues took.

HM and I, a "sick" shoot after the rollercoaster ride

And another one before we started preying for food
I think HM looks exceptionally cute in this photo!

"Sick" shoot again when Yvonne came to talk to us

The people on board were all colleagues
So everyone just mingled around while waiting for the plane to take off again

And all of us stayed in Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16!

Our super luxurious hotel rooms!

With L'occitane toiletries

And free macarons on the day we arrived!

We rested awhile before heading out to the square, which is just a short walk from the hotel. Yvonne led the way as she still remembered each and every route as if the previous Macau trip was just yesterday. This was the only time we spent in Macau since we already went for the city tour and visited the Venetian, Macau Tower and other landmarks four years back.

Ruins of St. Paul's
The last time I came when in the day, and I thought it looked amazing at night.

One thing I love about Macau is that it is extremely convenient to move around the city. One can almost go anywhere through free shuttle buses, and that's what we are going to do on our second day! We're going to Zhu Hai, and this time its my turn to lead because I was the only one who went there previously. Yvonne and HM went to HK instead on the previous trip. So all you need to do is...

Take the shuttle bus right in front of the hotel to Macau Immigration
You'll be at the mega shopping mall the moment you step out out of Zhu Hai Immigration

But before you do that,

You should have breakfast at an International buffet

And have a second round to make sure you have had enough

Then take a selfie at the hotel lobby

And another one from a different angle, where HM wanted to pose with the L'occitane displays but we ended up picking up stones from the lobby floor lolol

Oh by the way, check out the view from my room!

And what we had for lunch at one of the restaurants at the basement. We ordered so much that the whole meal cost RMB340 (SGD68) and we couldn't finish everything. I think subconsciously we were just desperate to get rid of the SGD150 worth of RMB each of us got lol and the waiting staff must have thought we starved for days. Unfortunately, most dishes aren't worth mentioning, except for the chicken kebab which was really tender and delicious!

Gyoza, which we wanted to eat with vinegar and ginger.
But they only had red vinegar =(

Healthy healthy vegetables!

I think HM ate most of this when we couldn't take in anymore food

The legendary chicken kebab *thumbs up*

Frog Legs which I only had a little because I find them too boney
Once again, HM ate most of it because its a MALA dish.

The side dishes would have been enough for us
but we went ahead and ordered mains too..

And desserts too.. lolol

Seeing how there were three spoons, I think the desserts were meant to be shared..
And we actually went crazy and ordered one portion each.

Overall, we didn't really do much as Zhu Hai is very much about shopping unless you ventured out. It is like a more spacious version of BKK Platinum where there are clothes going at just 3 for RMB100 (SGD20) or even just RMB29 (SGD6) but the three of us tried to be discerning shoppers so we bought the things we really like very much instead of somewhat forcing ourselves to buy more and spending on things we might like. We only shopped very briefly as we did not have much time to spare (HM and I had to return to the hotel for rehearsal =x). Although I only gotten three tops in the end, which I think is the least amongst anyone who went Zhu Hai, I am satisfied with my buys and I don't feel that I missed out anything.

In case you are wondering what rehearsal HM and I had to go for, we had our Gala Dinner on that Sunday and the both of us were asked to represent our team in the group performance, so here are some pictures (of me lolol) taken at our firm's D&D!

Each of us received a mockingjay pin prior to the trip
Super happy as I had always wanted to get one from PopcornPop!

The programme! I didn't win anything from the lucky draw though *teardrop*

A selfie with our manager while everyone gets seated

Our department photo! All so pretty hahaha

HM and I on stage, together with the other Support Department representatives

Posted this picture because I thought I looked like I am wearing pampers lol

And a group photo of the Support staff
Unfortunately this was at the end of the dinner and most people had left =(

I am not surely whether it's the company, that I have matured or that I am more involved this time round as a participant in the group performance, but this D&D rocks! All the performances brought up by the other teams were brilliant, and the food were awesome too (meaning there were lobsters, abalone etc lololol jk). The desserts were amazing though! Yvonne, HM and I practically spent our dessert time at the buffet line because we were too lazy to return to our tables and then come back again for another helping.

It was really fun to dress up and to see others dress up according to our various themes and I must say, I miss the times HM and I had to gobble our lunch within 5 minutes in order to go for one of our lunch time practices, and how we learned to dance Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, SNSD's Gee and PSY's Gangnam Style from nothing within a month's time. Even though we did not win, we were the only team (other than the winning one) that got to perform the second time and the friendships we formed surpass every single moment of hardwork and time spent discussing, mixing the music, practising, dolling up and so on. I love my team and I would never trade this experience for anything!

Part II where we decided to head to HK at the eleventh hour here,

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