Firm Trip to Macau Part II


Hello, I'm back with the second part of my Macau trip!
(refer to first part here)

Actually, I find calling this holiday a "Macau Trip" kind of weird. Do you think so? Well, I almost didn't spend any time in the said country, which is just like a place I set off from and return to each day. Like a home. So if you're here to find out what you can do in Macau, I am really very sorry to disappoint because this is actually my second time in Macau so I am skipping all the tourist attractions and thus my two posts will just be "go Zhu Hai, then go Hong Kong" which is precisely what HM, Yvonne and I did!

Our initial plan was to return to Zhu Hai again since the weather at Macau wasn't exactly ideal *think back on the turbulence on our first day and the heavy rain on our second* and we'd heard stories going about people stranded due to the sea condition. But Zhu Hai doesn't really excite us anymore on our third day (disclaimer: it's just us as there were a few of our colleagues who went Zhu Hai for both days!) so we took a bit of time in getting ready in our separate rooms before heading out for breakfast at about 9 plus. It was then we saw the bright sun that almost made us forgot how dark it had been for the past two days and thought how nice it would be to venture out that day. Hong Kong, was practically calling for us. And so at a time that is considered late by many - about 11 am, we took the free shuttle bus (see how convenient!) from our hotel to the ferry terminal. Hong Kong, we are coming!

But first, check out my version of BIG BREAKFAST!

I cannot say how proud I was when I discovered the hotcakes! There was a counter that was slightly obsured and as a busybody I admit I am, I went over and asked to the chef what he serves since I realised I never saw anyone get anything there before. That was a major daring move for the introvert I am. I never initiate conversations and I was glad I did that at that time because I was rewarded with a "CREPE STATION"! He told me about the pancakes, the waffles, ... and the french toasts which he highly recommends and I told him I will have them tomorrow (and I did) because the pancakes clouded my mind and the maple syrup shone amongst all the others e.g. chocolate, honey available. All I wanted to assemble my own version of big breakfast with a SUNNY side-up =D

After much delay, considerations, doubts and further considerations, we headed out to the ferry terminal and bought to-and-fro tickets to Kowloon Ferry Terminal. Do note that you can choose which terminal you wish to alight at even though they only flashes the ferry timings for the Ferry Terminal at Central. We also bought return trip just in case everyone in HK decides to go over to Macau and we can't get hold of return ticket lolol *super kiasu mentality*. Try to get the later timing if you are as kiasu/kiasi as us but can't predict the time you will be done. You can ask to board the earlier ferry if you are ahead of schedule.

On our way to HK! Looks like I'm going Mount Fuji or somewhere right lol

We had lunch...

I really wanted the Ribena HM ordered
But I wanted to say "only small kids drink Ribena" so I had to ordered something else

We learnt our lesson in Zhu Hai and ordered less this time round although I truly wish it was the opposite in which we over-ordered here and had less, a lot less previously because the food here is so superbly delicious! And it was just a random HK cafe, not even one that is populated or renowned. The noodles are tangy, the meat is mouth-watering, the vegetables tasty and the soup is unique to each dish (seriously, I don't doubt some restaurants share the soup for all the different types of noodles). I love both noodles and I love how even the colour of the meats were - you can practically see each layer! More, its skin crispy and flavourful, and the meat tender to the extreme. Two thumbs Heck, both hands up =D

And now its dessert time!

Mango overloaded but extremely satisfied

I thought I'd never face the same scenario anywhere outside of BKK.

I am not one who have travelled to many countries although I very much wish to and I also realised I have never been to Hong Kong. It was as as much a surprise it is to HM and Yvonne as it is to me, and hence Yvonne decided to bring me to Avenue of Stars (somewhat like Hollywood's Walk of Fame) after all our shopping around Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui so that I can be proud to say that I have truly been to Hong Kong lol although it had just been a mere one-day trip. Not to worry because I shall make it a point to rectify this "shortcoming" soon. This year, if it's possible so do help me by educating me on the must-go places I must go!

The three of us were very tired with all the walking and shopping so we just shared a pack of cuttlefish from a kiosk nearby, sat on the bench facing these statues and watch the other visitors 排戏 for the longest time until I managed to capture a satisfactory shot clear of anyone.

The final morning was quite a rush as we took the earliest flight at 10.30 am so that we could have time to unpack and rest before heading back to work the next time. Maybe it's because I haven't travelled enough places to know these things, but I was surprised to see Macau Immigration Officers putting our luggages through scanning before we can check them in. Finally a place that agrees with me that luggages should be checked. I have always wondered why no one ever bothered with what I have in my luggage before putting it in the plane.

This reminded me of something very funny. The officers wanted to open up Yvonne's luggage so she asked them what was wrong and they replied, "充电宝,充电宝" (power bank). Yvonne then convinced them she knows exactly where she puts her stuff so they allowed her to put one hand in to retrieve the prohibited item without exposing the contents of the entire luggage. I thought this "skill" super amazing but what was funny is that we weren't familiar what a portable charger is in Chinese so she reckoned (I would have too since "充电" meant charging) and took out her electrical charger instead, and the officers uttered "这是插头……". Why portable chargers weren't allowed on board an airplane, I never knew (although for some reason, mine wasn't tracked).

Okay, not funny. I am really really bad at relating stories, a skill I strongly need to learn because HM and Yvonne are always so funny. I think our colleagues think us three siao charbos (crazy women). We keep doing stupid things and they never fail to make me laugh till I choke on my food/drink, have stomach cramp, mouth cramp and all other cramps. It would be a pity if I can't share some of the jokes! And one last thing before I end my post, if you happen to depart from Macau Airport, there is this foodcourt-lookalike restaurant which I forgot its name where you must try their Bird's Nest Egg Tarts! Super light and tasty *yums*

One last last thing, a photo of me in Macau!

Till I visit you again,

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