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Let's start this uber exciting post with one simple question:

Are you a creative person?

I know I am not or at least I think I am not but what if, let's just say we have all under-estimated ourselves or have not had the opportunities to experience the different art forms apart from drawing, painting and the other usual stuff we had in our art classes in school. Perhaps genres and activities we are all very familiar with but did not realise that they are in fact a kind of art, something that can be as common to us as make-up, fashion design, accessories-making, hair-styling or even... latte art? Because I have strong feeling you and I may be just a little bit more imaginative or if we like, ARTY than we think we are!

So let's check out what this post is about before I get overly excited!

Ever since McCafe started its operations in Singapore in 2003, our world of coffee is no longer limited to the kopi(s) we get in coffee shops or the instant 3-in-1s my mum starts her day with. I can still remember my younger days where I walk past a coffee joint and would relate the patrons partaking their cup of mocha, latte and cappuccino to "rich people". With more than 50 McCafe outlets conveniently located island wide to deliver quality coffee at great value price, I frankly felt that espresso coffee had since became something that is affordable, all-inclusive and also easily accessible to everyone. Even with such amazing accomplishment, McCafe continues to surprise me with the constant improvement and exploration of ways to serve each and every one of its customer better.

As for this time round, I can say for certain that McCafe is not just bringing satisfaction to the table but also excitement! Think, what can be more intriguing than a creativity outlet, a freedom to create your own personalised latte art? And I am not just talking about dictating a specific design to be replicated by a barista on what is supposed to be YOUR cup of coffee. Let's imagine the people who goes around cafe-hopping, taking beautiful pictures of the different latte arts that random baristas created for them and sharing them on social media. Are they cool? I think they are but now, McCafe is giving each of us the opportunity to post similarly beautiful pictures of latte art created by ourselves for ourselves based on our own personal uniqueness, and no matter how it turned out, you know your work is one one-and-only. This is definitely beyond cool.

How about some 3D ones too while we're at it?

So rediscover coffee and create some kick-ass latte art at McCafe's very own Coffee Appreciation Workshops for youths aged 16 to 35 years old. Each workshop only accepts six to ten participants to ensure a conducive environment for the attendees who will be involved in the learning of the history of coffee and types of coffee around the world, the handling of a coffee machine and milk frothing, and of course first-hand experience at Cappuccino preparation, latte art and plate art! Who knows, you just might be the next Latte Art Champion in the making? Simply drop an email to from 18 August to 1 September 2014 to register for the first two workshops scheduled on 6 and 13 September. Easy.

For those who can't wait till September to unleash your prowess and express yourself, I am here to tell you I can totally feel you. And fortunately for us, McCafe understood too! Which is why McCafe had prepared lots of sweet treats for all us coffee-lovers to tide us through the 4-month wait, including flavoured syrups - Roasted Almond, Chocolate or Caramel that allow us customers to add a dose of our own flavour by mixing and matching them with our drinks, and of course the scrumptious cakes and pastries!

Before we look at the pictures I should add that the 4-month wait might be a great time for people like me to work on my creativity so that I can possibly produce something more inspirational than a treble clef when given a minute to think of what I want to draw. I thought I was okay, but I knew I fared rather badly when I saw what some others drawn ='( Working the flavoured syrups on your drink might be good practice for your hands too.

I think all three flavours - Oreo, Strawberry and Mango looked superb

I would for certain have all three have I not had lunch!

So I got the Oreo Cheesecake - the perfect treat for the Oreo fan I am

Carine got the Strawberry Cheesecake with REAL strawberry fruit bits!

And we share the Mango Pudding Muffin!

It's chocolate for me, without doubt

And that's my supposedly extraordinary design


Me working on it...

And ta-dah!! Paiseh the laurel went the wrong direction...
But its still not bad right? A pat on the back for me =D

Here's what you can probably do too

Photo-taking with our SPECIAL coffee

So you think you can do a huge load better than everyone here? Head down to McCafe to give us your best shot at creativity and share your work of art with us at #100dayslatteart. Remember to follow McCafe on Instagram @mccafesg too! Last but not least, thank you OMY and McDonald's for having me at this special and major fun event!

Smell that fragrant coffee aroma yet?

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