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Let's start this post with a mega HOT picture:

That's right, Wendy, Hui Mee and I were at Chong Qing Grilled Fish (Liang Seah Street) last Thursday for our long-awaited 2nd Quarterly Board Meeting to have their Signature Grilled Fish for dinner because once again, both Wendy and Hui Mee were craving for some spicy mala dishes! Does this look hot enough to you?

Mild Spicy Fragrant Sea Bass | $38 (Large)

Personally I think our fish looked scary when it first arrived. It was so so RED even though we chose the mild spicy-fragnant sea bass (they were out of golden snapper) and Wendy assured us that she could even enjoy the gravy directly when she had the same thing previously. This time however it was so fiery that all of us were panting and gulping beer down through the dinner. None of us could not "drink" the gravy this time, which probably hinted a certain lack of consistency in the spiciness level of its dishes. Each of us also chose one side dish to be added in so we had black fungus (+$3.00), white raddish ($3.00) and king oyster mushroom ($4.80) on top of the beancurd and bean sprouts that were already in the pot. If I hadn't missed it out, I would love to have fried buns to dip in the thick gravy! yums~

If you are unfamiliar with the ordering system at Chong Qing, there were three kinds of fishes - sea bass, golden snapper and grass carp, and six different flavours - spicy numbling 川味麻辣, fermented black bean 甘香豆豉, spicy fragrant 一品香辣, pickled cabbage 酸菜香烤, chopped chilli 香辣剁椒 and pickled chilli 鲜味泡椒 that you can choose from. Out of these flavours you can also decide the level of spiciness you would like, i.e. mild, medium and extreme, and include some other side dishes such as rice cake, seaweed, enoki mushroom, lotus root, beancurd skin, winter melon etc at additional costs. I wonder how anyone can have extreme spiciness when the mala queens Wendy and HM could not withstand the lowest level. Share with me how it was like if you ever tried the medium or extreme ones!

Fried Golden Mushrooms | $5.80

I love the fried golden mushrooms! Taste exactly like those I have had everyday during my Taiwan trip last June. They were super cripsy and addictive. In fact, I think these taste even better probably because of the chilli powder and spring onion that gave it another edge. As I am blogging now, I am telling HM how I am definitely returning to Chong Qing even if its just for a single plate of fried golden mushrooms! *salivating*

Phoenix Claws with Pig's Ears | $6.80

Phoenix Claws and Pig's Ears. Come to think of it, Wendy was the one who introduced me to (read: made me try) both dishes. The first was our first lunch together where she ordered lots of dimsum from a foodcourt near Market Street, and the second was at our last meeting right here. I didn't touch the claws as I also thought they look scary, but the pig's ears weren't bad at all! Very fresh and chewy. I like it there as a "refuge" when I am overwhelmed with chillis.

Seaweed, Cucumber & Beancurd Skin | $4.80

One other dish that I suspect I may be the one who emptied more than half of its content, but mostly because the main dish on the table was too spicy and I needed something to cool myself down first before I attempt the fish again lol. Nevertheless, I like how refreshing (or effective?) these three ingredients were and I think I will order them again when I return. I love seaweed, I am okay with cucumber and I am starting to kind of like beancurd skin!

At the end of our meal, the staff also very politely asked if we would like to settle our bill as the queue outside the restaurant was pretty long. The whole meal cost about $90 (inclusive of 2 for $10 beer, service charge and GST) which I thought is a little bit on the pricey side of the scale since I really thought we didn't order much and we weren't full enough to not consider having desserts after the meal LOL. Besides, the place is pretty cramped, HM and I kept having to move in to our tables to avoid being scalded by the grilled fishes going in and out behind us. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the meal and I really think I would return. IF I can find the right kakis who wouldn't mind some mind-numbling spiciness that is!

Chong Qing Grilled Fish
1 Liang Seah Street
#01-05/06 Liang Seah Place
Singapore 189022
Tel: 6333 9148

As mentioned, we decided to have some desserts since we thought we still had some empty space in our tummies and so we went to Desserts First right opposite. We are democratic people hence once again, each of us chose an item off the menu for sharing. Very fair and square right? Here's what we had:

Durian Shaved Ice | $6.00

I am a durian lover so a durian dessert is like a MUST ORDER to me. However, we had difficulty differentiating Durian Snow Ice and Durian Shaved Ice, so we picked the latter since it was a highly recommended dish. I must say, I like the real durian, I also like the ice-cream at the side but I really don't like the ice that was tinted with milk. It was good initially, until the ice melted into the pool of milk and I hate it. Objective it may be, durian don't go with milk!

Waffle Nutella and Bananas | $8.50

I wish waffles are everywhere like in Korea because they always look so good and delicious! I love the toppings on this one too - love nutella, love bananas, love the ice-cream. It was awesome. I only wish the waffle was crispy and look less chao ta. It would be great too if the waffle arrived piping hot and the ice-cream could melt just very slightly and seep into the waffle (see picture, ice-cream won't melt one lol). Heavens~

Custard Buns 流沙包 | $3.90 for 3

First we were disappointed to find that the custard filling did not flow out like how it was portrayed on the menu, as it should be to deserve the title of a 流沙包. Correction, it did not flow out at all (see here for example). And worse, we felt cheated because it tasted and looked exactly like the instant custard buns you can find at NTUC's frozen food section. To think that we wasted our food space and were charged $1.30 for such a horrible sub-standard bun! *angry*

Dessert First
8 Liang Seah Street
#01-04 Liang Seah Place
Singapore 189029

What were we thinking? We even posed with those lousy buns -.-""

This woman is getting prettier and prettier!

Check out HM's bling nails! Super vain =x

And so, our 2nd Quarterly Board Meeting was concluded and that was all for now although the three of us suffered from some serious tummyache through the weekend. We weren't very sure of the cause but we are very sure it wasn't due to the spiciness since both Wendy and HM had the same thing before and did not suffer from any after-effects. So I would strongly suggest to avoid having both Chong Qing and Dessert First on the same day to avoid the same fate lol. And since I have to select one in this case,

I am going to recommend Chong Qing,

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