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Psss I received a special Care Package from AO&N, a local distributor of organic and natural products that are recently launched in Singapore a few days ago, and I am going to take this opportunity to be super nice and share these amazing goodies with all you guys! I shall sponsor the postage fees so you'd be receiving these items in your mailbox absolutely free because without you guys visiting my blog and reading my posts, I wouldn't be here nor have the opportunity to review them in the first place. Here's a big THANK YOU for your support.

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But before we go on with the details of my first-ever giveaway (lets also thank AO&N for making this possible), allow me show you why I am so fascinated with what I am holding so tightly on to right now because you really need to understand what made me so excited to share them with you! Check this out:

This, is Bio+Green Crystals for Fruit & Veggie

These crystals are packed in water-soluble, biodegradable sachets, so you can just drop them into a spray bottle, fill it with warm water (about 1 litre) and you will get your cleaning detergent. Simple as that. 1 litre of warm water definitely means that one sachets can be used for multiple occasions since I only used less than 10% of what I had at the end of my experiment. I am super fond of Bio+Green Crystals because it is extremely eco-friendly to provide the organic cleaning detergent in the form of crystals and allow the spray bottle to be purchased separately so less resources will be wasted on the unnecessary and our carbon footprint can be greatly reduced.

These are grapes, one of my favourite fruits!

And these, are all the dirt, pesticide, chemical and wax residues stuck on MY grapes

I am so stupid, I use to think that they are just condensation like what is on your cup if you had ice in it or when you took it out of the freezer. So this time round, I left these grapes out in room temperature for a while and as you can see from the picture, the water droplets are the condensations that took place and thus the greyish compounds that are always on your grapes and are so extremely difficult to wash off, are not. This is what sparked me to conduct a science experiment with the Bio+Green Crystals for Fruit & Veggie I received from AO&N on the same day. I was extremely thrilled because I haven't done one since JC days lol.

So I prepared had two bowls, each with 10 grapes and prepared the same amount of water and Bio+Green Crystals solution to be added into the two bowls separately. And here's what happened when I poured the liquid in. The grapes that were in the bowl with Bio+Green Crystals solution was cleaned immediately. I have never seen a grape so clean and sparkly lol. On the other hand, the ones soaked in water still looked the same with greyish compounds right on top.

Bio+Green Crystals for Fruit & Veggie

Tap Water

See the difference?

And then I decided give the bowl with water a chance, thus I left the two bowls untouched for the next 10 minutes. Maybe the water needed some time to clean off all the dirt, pesticide, chemical and wax residues. Unfortunately, they looked just the same as they were before the wait and even after I dried them with a tissue.

Clean grapes from bowl with Bio+Green Crystals Solution

Unclean grapes from bowl with Tap Water

I was impressed by the effectiveness of Bio+Green Crystals but at the same time, overwhelmed with the fact that I have been cleaning fruits covered in toxins my whole life. One thing I know for certain, I need Bio+Green Crystals if I want to continue eating grapes or any other fruits and vegetables that are not protected by a layer of inedible skin for that matter. Tell me, how are you going to eat your grapes in future knowing that they are unclean and that you are eating dirt, pesticide, chemical and wax residues stuck on them? How can you be eating those blueberries when you know now that your answer to preventing the toxic intakes is as simple as Bio+Green Crystals? If not for yourself, what about your loved ones, especially the young and the elderly who are more susceptible to the harmful effects of these toxins?


On a happier note, these, were also included in my Care Package!

I was looking through AO&N's brochure that I have gotten from their booth at the recent Motherhood Exhibition, and this was one of the items that caught my attention. I have always needed help in boosting my energy because I always sleep late at night and wakes up early in the morning to get to work, and this made me so tired that I never fail to be the person with the lowest amount of energy amongst my friends. This is also a reason why I will have trouble with mental focus. Then again, I need help with detox as well since you can see from above that I have been eating toxins for my entire life thus far lolol. Okay, I am not the healthiest eater and I am hoping the Detox tea can help me in shedding some excess weight =p

You can't imagine how happy I was when I know I'd be receiving Choice Organic Teas!

Even better, these are exactly the ones I need =D

Don't they just make you want to try them too?

Very weird I know, but I have a "thing" for neatly arranged tea packs lol

Although you only see one here, I have took many pictures of these tea packs when I am supposed to be working because they all look so pretty to me. I love everything from the colours, to the font, the label, the material of the packaging etc

Or perhaps it's the ingredients. How healthy they look.

And also the fact that some are caffeine-free!

Very classy right! Choose Choice organic teas

Because they are super effective and exquisite


Now that I have had my pleasantly rich cup of wellness tea, it is time for me to elaborate on the giveaway! You know how sometimes you try on one item, then you are so sure the entire range of products will be good as well and then you are right? This is what I experienced with the items from AO&N Care Package. It is no wonder why their booth was packed. It was a huge success for AO&N despite this being their first launch. I have tried the two items above and I am very sure that the rest will be equally spectacular, hence I have decided to save them for you!

I shall be quick in providing information on this giveaway I have drawn up on my own account because I am intending to head to their website www.allthingsorganic.com.sg to make my own purchase after I complete this post and I can't wait!


Send me an email at yveyanxi@gmail.com with your name, address and the product of your choice. Win them just by naming me the four key products AO&N has just launched in Singapore. Simple. And while you're at it, follow me on instagram @yveyanxi as well can? =x

And here is the list of items you can choose from:


1 x All Purpose Cleaner worth $11.45
1 x Toy Cleaner worth $14.77
1 x Fruits & Veggie Wash worth $11.45
1 x Bathroom Cleaner worth $11.45

Bio+ Green Crystals is a revolutionary cleaning product that uses crystal compounds in water-soluble pouches containing pre-measured amounts of chemicals. It is made up of bio based plant and mineral derived surfactants and unwanted chemical strands that can be harmful to us are separated through the purification and crystallisation process. This implies that Bio+ Green Crystals are all natural, non-toxic and zero waste, and thus safe for people, environmentally-friendly and of course, highly endorsed by doctors.

Find out more about Bio+ Green Crystals at:


1 x BioShield U! worth $23.30
1 x BioShield Kiddy worth $23.30
1 x BioShield HandSan worth $12.80
1 x BioShield Healthy Feet worth $21.00

While you are using your sunblock and various lotions, do you know that these products may contain ingredients that are detrimental to not only the environment, but also your safty and health? Our skin is the largest organ of our body and as it is constantly exposed to germs and harmful pollutants around us, it is essential for us to protect our skin from the harsh environment with the RIGHT product. This brings us to BioShield, a natural and organic protectant spray which is tested by dermatologists and trialed clinically. Results have proven that BioShield effectively kills 99.9% of most common germs, and enhance the skin's immune functions so as to restore skin barrier function and ensure a healthy hydration mechanism.

Find out more about BioShield at:


1 x Mental Focus worth $10.30
1 x Energy Boost worth $10.30
1 x Simply Detox worth $10.30
1 x Rest Assured worth $10.30

Choice Organic Teas has been crafting healthy, organic teas since 1989 with the world's finest ingredients and Bastyr University's expertise in herbal sciences to offer a unique, natural and organic approach to everyday health and well-bring. For instance, Energy Boost is created with Green tea, a great energiser with a myriad of other benefits such as immune support, cardiovascular and oral health, as well as healthy metabolism and skin. Paired with eleuthero root, known to support immunity and stamina, you know you're in for an instant boost! What easier way to fight fatigue than a drink?

Find out more about Choice Organic Tea at:


1 x Travel Pack worth $24.90
1 x Sun Lotion worth $21.30
1 x Goat Milk Soap Bar worth $8.30
1 x Mineral Powder worth $11.60

Little Innoscents are eco-friendly baby skincare products made of 100% natural, pure and organic ingredients. They are completely free from toxic chemicals, Parabens and all other little hidden nasties that may lead to rashes, respiratory distress, long-term health consequences and even irreversible damage during early infant development. By choosing organic baby products, parents are taking a very important step in the elimination of many toxic chemicals from their baby's environment. Therefore, focus on the overall health of the child, boost their immune system, prevent the recurrence of illness, strengthen the digestive system and effectively treat and manage skin conditions, all with Little Innoscents.

Find out more about Little Innoscents at:


Alright, these are the four key brands that AO&N carries to promote healthy living and build a sustainable living environment for everyone - Bio+Green Crystals, BioShield, Choice Organic Tea and Little Innoscents. There are many more uber interesting products on their website too! You can check them out here. Seeing how "polluted" we all are right now, I am certainly motivated to start spending on the RIGHT products. Here's hoping AO&N intends to bring in more of such eco-friendly products so that I can start living CLEAN now. Scratch that, I wish someone would invent and then AO&N will distribute something that can detox all the chemicals that I have accumulated in me for the past 24 years and them. I highly suspect all these chemicals are the reason why my skin is bad and I look older than I am *teardrop*

So help me by stalking AO&N's website here and let me know immediately if you encounter such amazing product ok? And if you are like me and would like to put a stop to all the problems these toxins are causing us, think organic - think Bio+Green Crystals when you think cleaning detergent, think BioShield when you think protectant spray, think Choice Organic Teas when you think herbal dietary supplement and think Little Innoscents because you want the best for your little loved ones. Quick, leave a comment if you have any comments haha, email me if you would like to sample the products above (while it lasts!) or get them plus a whole lot of other awesome natural and organic products ranging from food and beverages to home care directly from www.allthingsorganic.com.sg.

After all, you can...


For your info, AO&N has recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the Singapore Children’s Society to contribute part of their sales proceeds, from the Little Innoscents and Bio+Green Crystals product line, to support the Singapore Children’s Society in their worthy cause. A portion of every Choice Organic Teas purchase also supports the Bastry University Student Scholarship Fine. Do our part for the society, shall we?

Let's go clean, organic and natural together,

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