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Friends who really know me will be aware that I rarely go out on Saturdays because I am one who needs a great deal of sleep and thus weekends are sacred to me. And since I have weekly piano lessons on Sundays now, Saturday is my only day of rest for each week in which I don't comb my hair, I don't dress up, I don't make up etc. I just don't do anything that I practically live in abandonment lol. Thus if ever you need me out on Saturday, you have no way but to lure me. You have to entice me with a extremely tempting deal, something as irresistable as...


So ta-dah, here I was at Newton Roast's official launch on 24 May 2014, extremely excited to savour on some seriously mouth-watering roast meats! I was so so eager that I was one of the first to reach the venue (something very rare lol) and I really regreted my enthusiasm. The stall was emitting so divine an aroma, it was torturous to be sitting so close to the stall and not to be able to dig in immediately. I thought I exhibited a pretty strong sense of self-control here, trying very hard to appear as patient as possible with all the rumblings in my stomach. I can't tell you how much of a good girl I was =p But first, lets take a look at the photos I took before the event started because I needed some sort of a distraction to a very large extent.

So here's one of stall front! Very modern-looking right? #notyourusualhawkerstall

A tour around the kitchen

It was the first time I am at Newton Circus Food Center,
and I liked the environment immediately - not rowdy at all, and rather "tranquilizing"

And all the roast meats in display...

Okayy, once again I lamented my decision and went back quietly to take my seat at the further end. A picture might speak a thousand word but none can tell you how aromatic these meats are while I was standing in front of them right then nor how savoury and fragrantful they were during the food-tasting later. So I refused to budge from then on (thou shall no longer subject thy tummy to excruciating temptations) and continued to take pictures at my table. So you shall just see Chilli and Mustard for the rest of the post. Here you go:


And mustard

Fortunately Mr Casey, the man behind Newton Roast is a very kind man who prevented this post to be based on just two different sauces, and saved me from the demands of my growling stomach promptly with roast meats that are out of this world, meticulously prepared by renowned culinary chefs with over 15 years of experience in the finest restaurants. It is also obvious how particular Mr Casey was with quality and how he strives to ensure only the best meats for all his patrons. For instance, he chose the current combi oven, a Rational Germany widely reputed as the top rotisserie oven in the world, over all others as it is able to warrant roast meats of a consistent tip-top standard. Fine cuisines at hawker price. Sounds good yea?

So let's check out what this new local treasure has in store for all us foodies, starting with the beverages Mr Casey has generously catered!

Firstly, beer to go with the meat

Was messaging HM and Wendy at that time and they were shocked to know that I was drinking beer! How can I not when the roast meats and beer go so well together?

Here's another picture of the 酒鬼 I have willingly transformed into for Newton Roast.

Don't forget the cidar - voted the best out of the beverages amongst the attendees. Remember to try it for yourself when you're having Newton Roast!

Of course, red wine..

You should know that this really signified how good the meat was because no one ever came this close to making me want to drink more than a sip of alcohol before!

(I sincerely hope you have had your meal)

Presenting to you... NEWTON ROAST!

I wholeheartedly wish that I can have the whole plate =x

This plate also can...

I promise I will have no problem in finishing everything.

Roast pork, why you look so yummy?
You are the reason I can never be a vegetarian as much as I want to,

and Newton Roast, you just make it worse

Have you ever seen pork knuckles that look so good and crispy?

Oh no, my stomach has advanced from rumbling to thundering..

I am craving for these heavenly roast meat so much that my mind is starting to replay the moments when these plates were served to our tables now..

Does this looks good? You be the judge

Do you remember to never judge a book by its cover?
Because I am telling you, this taste ten times more divine than it looks

And it works the same for the roast pork belly!

Maybe roast pork belly is better because I LOVE ROAST PORK BELLY!
(HM will dispute because she prefers pork knuckles)

Seriously, the meat is super evenly roasted lah! *amazed*

And the skin is thick and crisp! ❤❤

You know how roast pork belly is always so salty that one would think the saltiness is part of its natural taste? That is if you have yet to try Newton Roast, where the meat is so well and flawlessly marinated. It was the first time I had a roast pork belly that tasted so fresh, tender, succulent, juicy, flavourful and yet not salty at all. Johor Kaki, with whom I shared the table with agreed too! Then again, you might think, "I like my roast pork belly salty. It is how it's supposed to be" which I did too. I even use to think the saltier the tastier. Yet once more, that was before I have had Newton Roast. Now I can indulge in as many pieces of roast meats I would like without feeling guilty about the amount of oil and salt I am intaking.

Me having my n-th piece of roast pork belly
(I solemnly suspect I was the culprit who cleared the entire plate)


Therefore, wait no longer and pamper yourself with a taste of Newton Roast! But before you head down and indulge in some scrumptious roast meats, you should know that Newton Roast is committed to letting you have your roast meats FRESH ONDEMAND without having you wait for the new batches that come out of their superior ovens every hour. Hence, pre-oder online at, select the timing you intend to collect them and get to feast on your favourite roasts FRESH. Grab your 6-pack pork belly or KO german knuckle quick and share you experience here with all of us who love roast meats as much as you do!

Newton Roast
#01-51 Newton Circus Food Centre
500 Clemenceau Avenue
Singapore 229495

Update as of 8 January 2015:
13, Teck Chye Terrace

(Junction of Boundary Road & Upper Serangoon Road)
Singapore 545722
Tel: 6280 6700

Pre-order at

With Jacinta and Dariel!

I can say all that I could but it really wouldn't do unless you guys allow Newton Roast the opportunity to show you and have a taste/sense of what's truly a fit-for-king roast meat. I am sure you will be convinced. Very convinced. And because I am seriously craving for some delicious roast meats right now even though I've just had a heavy lunch, I am going to stop right here and I genuinely hope that I will..

See you at Newton Roast!

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