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When I used to be working at One George Street, there was a Vietnamese Restaurant which I liked very much in the vicinity. It was the first time I tried vietnamese cuisines then, and thinking about all the wonderful dishes I have had there before made me crave for awesome vietnamese spring rolls, noodles and such, so my bf and I headed over to the nearest (still open) Vietnamese Restaurant we could think of -- Pho Tam Anh Vietnamese Restaurant for late-but-proper dinner after my vocal lesson at Rhythm & Wave. By the way, Rhythm & Wave is ONE and there's gonna be a party coming up. Stay tuned for details!

The place is relatively new, so both of us hadn't the opportunity to try it before nor did we heard of any ratings or had any idea what are the recommended dishes here. Set-up is quite simple, although for some reason it felt a bit weird to dine in green. It doesn't feel right to walk in either, which is probably one of the reasons the restaurant is usually quiet whenever I walk past it. Something to do with colour therapy I presume lol.

As for the menu, it is rather simplified and I appreciate the fact that it has a representative picture for each and every item. However, I thought the selection for finger food very limited. I would love to, and would have ordered way more than just a simple plate fresh spring rolls if presented with a wider variety. The menu is available at their website here - you might want to take a brief look at it first if you are heading down to check the restaurant out.

Orders are made by filling up the order slips available at each table, then bringing it to the counter for payment. Works rather like the way of a foodcentre than a restaurant although the prices are not inclusive of GST, and as much as I find it hard to understand the mindset and reasoning behind this, they do charge a service fee of $0.01 lol. On the other hand, I find them quite sweet and thoughtful to include a column for "no beansprouts" in the order chit:

Bf hates beansprouts unless they are in 麻辣 form

By the way, they also have special breakfast sets consisting of a Saigon Baguette and a Viet Coffee at just $6.90, and also lunch sets of salad, beef/chicken noodles and viet iced tea at $9.90, which I thought are both pretty good deals taking into consideration the prices of each individual item. There are tea-time, all-day set meals (for 2) and various other promotions and rewards. Check them out at their website here if you are interested.

Let's see how they fare:

Fresh Spring Rolls | $4.90

I really liked fresh spring rolls but this one is a disappointment. Although the spring roll was neatly cut in to three, a gesture I rather appreciate, I find the skin too thick and the dish too tasteless as there wasn't any mint, coriander and other ingredients which I thought is essential to make fresh spring rolls fresh spring rolls. They are definitely way more than just a piece of lettuce and three pieces of halved prawns. The sauce was great although I would still prefer the usual dipping sauce (the one that came with my plate of broken rice.

BBQ Chicken Broken Rice | $7.90

My first thought was that my plate looks empty, and bf immediately asked if we should order more as he was worried that this plate of rice wouldn't be sufficient to fill my empty stomach -.-"" The rice is quite fragrant, the chicken was passable, the dipping sauce served as a great help for me to finish the rice since there wasn't much on the plate and the soup was very salty. We didn't touch it at all after our first spoon.

Medium-Rare Beef Noodles | $8.90

I don't normally eat beef. I only do so when someone ordered those that smelled really good and tempted me to take a bite, which is partially why I "allowed" bf to order this. Then there are times when the chef can't eliminate a certain smell to beef that I can't take hence I won't have them, and this is one of those cases. According to him, the noodles were too starchy and the meat is too tough. He looked "pained" while trying to finish everything. Nevertheless, I tried the soup and I thought it was nice. Maybe they can consider selling just the soup lol.

Iced White Coffee | $3.00

Plum & Kumquat Soda | $3.50

Overall, the food was passable and the service staff were very friendly. But we weren't exactly pleased with what we had. We spent $30.20 on the meal and we felt that the price and the quality did not match as the latter was likened to what you would expect in a foodcourt. In addition, their actions don't tally with their promotions. For instance, even though it is just one cent, they had said there is no service charge. On top of that, they placed a standee outside the restaurant to indicate free strawberry soda with purchase of any noodles. Granted both of us ordered drinks, they should still serve us the soda or at least highlight it to us nonetheless.

Pho Tam Anh Vietnamese Restaurant
133 New Bridge Road
#B1-33 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Tel: 6444 3579

There are definitely better ones out there,

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