Hi everyone!

It is remarkable how quickly time flies! Another year has past and my birthday is back again O.O While it is meaningful to look back over the years and reflect on the decisions that led me to where I am now as well as the important life lessons I have learnt and the difficult times I have somehow managed to conquer along the way, it certainly looks like I am ageing extremely fast and shall have to start sprinting before I get too old to live my life!

I am typically not one to throw a wild celebration for my birthday. In fact, I think I have never thrown one ever before actually, just stayed at home if the day fell on a weekend, or go to office as usual if it was a working day. Super low-key, especially since it is within the June holidays in school. This time round, it is different because I have you guys now and it is important to be surrounded by the people you love and loves you back, so I just want to say thank-you for all the support and inspiration over the past six months and for celebrating my birthday with me virtually. You are one big source of motivation behind the things I have pulled off and also the many more I aspire to accomplish in the near future.

This is why I wish to share with you guys the most important lesson I was bestowed this year, from June to June. It is really quite amazing when you think back. It is as if everything has been planned, I had a setback and I was down, everything was just so wrong. I had regrets, I thought I could not live with my chin up ever again, cried and cried every night until the people who are really important came in and allowed me to know that I was just being silly all these time. I had wanted to fit in so badly, and the more I try to be the better person than I am so that people will like me, the more they made use of me, thought I was up to no good, pulled me down to go higher, made up stories and spread tales. And I was dumb enough to think my life was ruined. I hid and I thought I could not go on anymore.

So here comes the most important lesson you need to know to snap you out of your worse nightmare and get you charging forward once again, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Each of us is unique, we are made up of different pasts, strengths, aspirations etc, so don't pressure yourself to fit in. Some people may treat it as their life goal to be a bully and condemn as many people as possible, and that's not your goal so don't have to join them and change who you are. Always remember that you are unique and incredible, and it is not worth it to sacrifice your lofty dreams, your time and effort, your personality for anyone else just to fit in because as much as you think they mean the world to you, they are actually nobody at all when you look back. Their name won't even sound. So be good to yourself.

"Friends" who constantly make you feel bad about yourself need to go. They may make leaving the gang difficult for you but it is even more so pandering to the people who make you feel inferior and that believing yourself impossible. Even if you are only left with one single friend at the end, it is the quality that counts and you'd be happier in the long run. It is okay if some people will not choose to stand alongside with you, they make filtering much more easier. Not everyone is going to be a good friend, so accept that and let go of those who are useless in terms of being a part of your life, of your happiness.

After all, life is about growing up and these people are similar to cockroaches who fail to evolve even after a million years. You'll be surprised when you look back ten years later, they will still be the same - play politics, act as if they are superior but behave and think like children (in terms of IQ). And here's something I chanced upon on Michelle Phan's website and thought it motivating. Sounds bad, but life feels better when you know that you are not facing a battle against villains alone and why they are doing this:

"There are a lot of nay-sayers out there. People who are unhappy with their own lives and feel it’s necessary to tear others down. Do not listen to them. You are beautiful, smart and can achieve anything as long as you don’t take their negativity to heart. It sounds hard, but when you avoid those who are trying to ruin your self-esteem, you’ll be much happier and have a healthier, and probably much more realistic, view of yourself. Surround yourself by optimists and others who are different just like you and you’ll see just how much your self-esteem can change."

Get a fresh start on my birthday. If you’ve been considering a new haircut or some daring hair colour that is trending right now, now is the time to do it! I'd like an opportunity to have half pink half blond hair =x Go on a road trip alone, try living and working in a foreign country, clean up your facebook friends list, consider a new wardrobe style, refresh your music playlist, pack and rearrange the furnitures in your room etc. You'd be surprise how a small change can energise you and possibly lead to something major, something fun and good.

With that, I end my post with a few hits which I thought kind of emphasise on some of my points and also a number of classic oldies (toast to a bff who listens to classics!) to commemorate the birth of the same old brand new you. Do check out the other songs I have in my music library, such as Taylor Swift's Mean (sorry, I'm still so not over her brillant concert yet). They are accessible through the music tab at the top of the page =D

Alex Clare - Too Close
Download chords here

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
Download chords here

Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love
Download chords here

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Against The Wind
Download chords here

Bruno Mars - Count On Me
Download chords here

Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do For You
Download chords here

Extreme - More Than Words
Download chords here

FireHouse - Love Of A Lifetime
Download chords here

Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Download chords here

The Beatles - Blackbird
Download chords here

The Beatles - Let It Be
Download chords here

The Carpenters - (They Long To Be) Close To You
Download chords here

If you have a story or a song to share, like one which portrays how you have stood through times or the turbulence you are braving through right now, do let me know through the comment box below or via email at Remember, dreams don't work unless you do so believe in yourself, strive harder, never give up and party!

Don't forget to wear your smile,

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