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This is yet one belated post, nevertheless I still wanna show off the slice of chocolate cake Hui Mee got me early in the morning for my birthday! It was extremely delicious and I was super touched to see it on my table first thing in the morning. How such sweet gesture brightens one's entire day! And to think that she actually gotten one of my favourites - chocolate cake. Layered and non-creamy somemore ❤❤

We decided to go out for lunch that particular day as we realised that we haven't went for a meal with just the two of us before, and it had been a really really long time since either of us stepped out of office during lunchtime. Furthermore, my birthday was around the corner and HM was about to set off to BKK (and we joking exclaimed that this might be her last lunch with me since BKK was facing protests and demonstration at that time. Lucky thing, she made it back safely. Phew~). By the way, Yvonne was enjoying herself in Melbourne and Gold Coast then hence didn't join us! I wanna go Australia tooooo...

As usual, we were our indecisive self and we weren't sure where to go initially. We only decided to go Bibigo when we made it down to the first floor of our tower and noticed that there wasn't a visible queue. Quite a rare sight, as Bibigo is one of the most popular and convenient lunch choices amongst the "residents" of MBFC. As such, we were ushered in by smiley waiters and waitresses very promptly and here's what we ordered:-

Yuzu Ade | $4

I usually don't order drinks but I am glad I did because both our dishes that arrived slightly later were both so crazily spicy, we would have burnt our tongue without this ice-cold refreshing drink, a mix of Yuzu and Sprite. I like the mint and blended ice, but would have preferred the drink more if it was less gassy and had a stronger taste of Yuzu.

Spicy Soft Tofu Stew (Pork) | $14

I was craving for some spicy stew that day and true enough, this dish was real red, hot and spicy. The stew was real thick, and even HM commented that this dish is comparable to the mala dish that we had previously at Chong Qing. Nevertheless, it was real good and not to mention, thrilling. The tofu, which I usually dislike for its lack of flavour, was tasty and the pork belly was thinly sliced and probably thus, fully captured the essence of the stew. Recommended.

Spicy Chicken Soup | $14

This was HM's dish and it is also what she says she always order here at Bibigo so I guess there is a certain guarantee to how tasty this dish must be to be able to attain such loyalty on her part. The dish surely looked less oily as compared to mine. I tried a bit and although I am no food expert, I thought the spiciness is mild but lingering, unlike mine which I would describe as strong but superficial. Will certainly try this one instead next time!

And on to the last, and my personal favourite dish of the day...

Green Wrap | $9 for 5 pieces

This one is quite a gem we accidentally uncovered. I just die-die wanted to order a side dish to share and HM did want something as filling as the seafood pancake so I chose this one thinking that it is the chargrilled bulgogi wrapped in cabbage that we always see in Korean dramas. True enough, there were meat and cabbage but it was FULL of rice too. A perfect example of why you should always read the menu carefully before placing your order.

We thought we might get sick from all the rice (since both our main dishes had rice too), but we were super wrong. The rice in the wrap is SO SO DELICIOUS! The cabbage was fresh and crunchy, the rice sweet and flavourful, accompanied with tender and luscious meat, this dish is truly perfect. I don't mind having all five to myself as a main dish because it is that good. One of the best Korean dishes I have ever had, in Singapore and even in Korea. Don't forget the sauce! I am not exactly sure what it is made of but it is similarly appetising, and completely divine with the green wrap so you gotta try it for yourself if you have the chance! =D

Bibigo Marina Bay Financial Centre
12 Marina Boulevard
#01-02 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018982
Tel: 6604 7718

Overall, I use to think Bibigo an overrated so-so place that is just riding on the Korean wave until this visit (which is my third), in which I was proven wrong and thoroughly overwhelmed by how flavourful and delish the dishes truly are. We spent $48 in total after a 10% discount for DBS cardholders (inclusive 10% service charge and 7% GST), and I would surely recommend anyone to pay one of the many Bibigos around the island a visit to try out the healthy flavours and the green wrap which I am absolutely in love with. I can't imagine how life would be like now if HM had given in to my initial suggestion of seafood pancake lol.

Please jio me to Bibigo so I can have my green wrap,

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