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Aren't you just super excited to get your hands on a few easy yet amazing food recipes by Anna's Cooking Art? Carrying on from my previous post, you will find recipes of Korean Pear Salad, Chicken Herbal Soup, Black Sesame Seed Rice and Iced Honey Peppermint Lemon Cooler, all specially created by Anna Phua and made more delectable than ever with the help of StarWater right here. Check out the earlier post here to discover how StarWater brings out the natural taste and aroma of the various ingredients!

Before we start, let's first recap how acidic the food and beverages we take in every day are! A small amount of the experimented drinks is poured into its respective cups. PH indicator is then added in, and like what we all learnt in our science lessons, resulting colour nearing the red side of the scale indicates acidity and the opposite meant alkalinity. Here's the results:

Ta-dah! Can you believe how acidic the soft drinks are? Even the mineral water, which I thought should be superior to our tap water is acidic! I really thought mineral water contain minerals and the minerals in mineral water are supposed to be alkaline... Now I think I would drink tap water instead of paying for a bottle of acidic water lolol. I can't imagine how acidic our body is when even water our most basic need, is acidic.

And now it is Chef Anna Phua's turn to make her appearance! Let's get the ball rolling with an appetiser, Korean Pear Salad.

How to Make Korean Pear Salad

1 Korean Pear
2 pcs Red Dates
50g Mixed Salad
1 tbsp Goji Berries
2 tbsp Yuzu Salad Dressing
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 tbsp Korean Yuzu Honey

The steps are extremely simple, just soak the dry ingredients with ionised water to clean away the dirt, pesticides and other toxins, drain the goji berries, slice the pear and red dates into strips, then plate up for salad dressing on top and that is it! It is near effortless, isn't it? You can refer to above picture (bottom right corner) for the yuzu salad dressing and yuzu honey reference.

This is the portion I got to sample and it really was exquisite! Even though I am not usually a pear person, I love how it adds a crunch to the entire dish. It certainly seems like a great alternative for someone who wish to eat clean but hates vegetables. It tastes way better in any case! FYI, I went to the supermarket that particular weekend and bought ALL the ingredients required. Eating clean had never been so pleasant, easy and exciting!

Next up, the Chicken Herbal Soup.. *hungry already*

How to Make Chicken Herbal Soup

1 pkt Herbal Mix
10g American Ginseng
12 pcs Red Dates
8 pcs Mushrooms
6 pcs Sliced Ginger
600g Chicken
2500ml Alkaline Ionised Water

Suggested Seasoning:
Mushroom Powder
Sea Salt
Rice Wine
Sesame Oil

I can vouch that this one is similarly straightforward since I have ever boiled Herbal Soup with my electric steamer in office before! Simply wash the ingredients, fry the ginger and mushroom in sesame oil, add them to the soup and boil for an hour. Pre-packed herbal mixes are readily available at tonic shops and supermarkets so grab the one you prefer and get cooking!

Does it look mouth-watering to you? It was so heavenly and unforgettable that I can almost smell it now already lol. I had the same but without the seasonings, mushroom and ginger, just the herbal mix (which already had ginseng and red dates) and chicken and it tasted really great too. That is one fine and healthy option for lazy people like me =D

And it is time for some rice!

Have you ever seen rice so "plump"? They look like pomelo pulps to me hahaha..

How to Make Black Sesame Seed Rice

Ingredients (for 2):
200g Organic Brown Rice
300ml Alkaline Ionised Water
Toasted Salted Black Sesame Seeds

This should be easier enough, but what makes it different from the usual rice we have and plump up from the originally thin grains to the "pudgy" ones you see here, is that the rice were washed and soaked overnight. According to the chef, this allows the grain to "sprout" and that makes it crunchy and delightful. Cook that rice and top it with salted black sesame seeds for a different taste!

Looks like popcorn seeds? Is it my imagination or do they really look like they are sprouting. Pssh, another reason why Chef Anna Phua allows the grain the sprouts is because they are more nutritious! I bought organic brown rice and raw sesame seeds on my visit to the supermarket last weekend too. Gonna try and see if I can achieve the same effect (with raw sesame lol)! It is so tasty I don't mind having them on its own everday.

Thirsty? Have an Iced Honey Peppermint Lemon Cooler!

How to Make Iced Honey Peppermint Lemon Cooler

1 Lemon
3 stalks Peppermint Leaves
3 tbsp Raw Honey
600ml Alkaline Ionised Water
Ice Cubes

Just to add, Chef Anna Phua shared that it is essential to wash the lemon under running water, soak in alkaline ionised water for 10 minutes and repeat the process thrice to thoroughly clean out the pesticides, which is really important since we are adding the lemons into our drink. We don't want to be eating pesticides do we?

They all look refreshing! I chose the one with chia seeds as I didn't have chia seeds before then even though I have long heard about its reputed health and beauty benefits. It doesn't really have any taste, but I like the jelly that surrounds it when it interacts with water as well as the idea of having small solids in my drink. Well, nothing indicates my liking for it more than the fact that I ordered a 500g chia seeds pack from Qoo10 first thing next morning.

Just sharing, I planned to have a proper dinner after this cooking session, but on that day, I felt full despite only having sample portions in plastic and paper cups. Is it one of the effects of alkaline ionised water? Or was it because of the fleshy pear and brown rice? I was quite amazed actually, because this probably meant that I finally could slim now if I figure out the cause and continue to eat like that! That is one other main reason beside the scrumptiousness why I have stocked my kitchen cupboard with these foods!

Cooking and eating clean is easier we all think,

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