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Oh yeah, it's Chinatown Point again. Told ya I can be a Mall Reviewer yo!

And this time round, we are having sushi because bf is craving for sushi AGAIN, and I decided to give in to him since we hadn't had sushi for the longest time as compared to when I was working in Esplanade and we had sushi at Sushi Express near weekly. Besides, I was really hungry and sushi seems to be the think you can order a lot without looking like a glutton =p Another thing I really like about sushi will be the variety! Talk about having a little bit of this, a little bit of that instead of being stuck to one single main dish - don't you just love that?

I should think that there isn't any other sushi joint in the nearby vicinity of Chinatown so it shall be this one, Genki Sushi! My only memory of Genki Sushi was back in my secondary school days where Cineleisure is the only place cool youths hang out. Wanna catch a movie? Go Cineleisure. Long John Silver or anything else for you? Let's go Cineleisure after school. It was as if Cineleisure was the only place with a theatre and a fast food restaurant and I guess I go there to pretend that I am a cool kids since I never fitted in that category lol.

Anyway, I digressed. I was trying to say that I hadn't visited or even noticed a Genki Sushi since my first visit with one of my secondary school best friends, Soh Yee ten years ago (omg, I sound so old) and in my memory, it was a buffet lunch, there were conveyor belts like any other sushi buffet places but most certainly had nothing like this:

Tablet to place your orders

Bullet trains that delivers your orders to you directly

And chute to collet the plates!

It is no doubt extremely convenient and quite fun to place your orders, call for service or bill with just a tablet in hand. Do note that you can only order 5 items at one go, as indicated with the 5 slots on the illustrated train at the bottom left corner of the screen. Good and bad, for your orders can be prepared while you make other considerations and you can be privileged to place your orders one by one if you want another serving or just something extra (an actual waiter will be real pissed!). However, it disallows you the ability to control and compare which you prefer more, amend your earlier decisions and you may just over-order accidentally.

As for the train, I do wonder what happens if someone in front of me along the belt hijacks my orders. On the other hand, is it possible when the trains are moving at a really high speed? Maybe I should try it on someone's train next time. Let's just hope the train that I decided to hijack won't be yours =x Anyways, remember to press the button to let the train go after you unloaded it, firstly because it causes a road block and thus you are preventing orders from getting to the other diners and also yourself. Secondly, it rings REAL loudly and everyone will look to you. So unless you are trying to gather attention to promote something or yourself, press that button. Believe me, I tried and it is quite embarrassing lol.

Anyway, here's what we ordered:

Chawanmushi with Crab Meat | $3.80

It looks kind of yellowish here, very different from the usual pale steamed egg you find at other Japanese restaurant but that is how I like it! I prefer stronger tastes with gravy more than enough for the entire dish. This one did not disappoint.

Lobster Salad | $2.80

As you can see, real big chunks of lobster that would not even fit in shape of the warship. I love this one way more than the "very mashed-up" form as I can bite into the flesh of the lobster and taste its sweetness, unlike the latter which can be salty at times plus you can't even tell for sure that there is really lobster within.

Salmon | $2.30

Grilled Salmon | $2.30

Salmon Belly | $2.30

The salmons are okay, though I thought I would pay 30 cents more for two pieces of grilled salmon at Itacho instead. Genki's is the type which is a little bit more dry and can be broken off in to smaller parts whereas Itacho's one is able to "melt" in your mouth.

Grilled River Eel | $2.80

Haru Maki Soft Shell Crab | $4.20

The haru maki is very nice, with lots of different ingredients wrapped tightly together with my very crispy and tasty soft shell crab! Flavourful and very satisfying.

Salmon Skin Handroll | $2.30

Salmon Handroll | $2.30

I really don't understand why anyone (including bf) would order Salmon Handroll. They usually come made up of a big piece of seaweed, a slice of salmon and rice - totally not worth it. I would rather order Salmon Sushi instead and save the handroll for something special, which you can't get in other forms e.g. my salmon skin handroll! Mine got cucumber somemore. Better right?

Genki Sushi Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
#02-33 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Tel: 6702 0900

The entire meal cost $31.30 in total, inclusive of an Ocha at $1.50, 10% service charge (got service meh?) and 7% GST. The salmon dishes are so-so, but I would actually return for all others such as salmon skin handroll, soft shell crab haru maki and even the chawanmushi, lobster salad and river eel as some of these are either unavailable or taste better than those at other sushi places. Apart from the sushi, it is quite fun to dine in such an environment. All these mechanisms kind of makes you feel like you are dining in Japan although I thought it quite a waste of resources to mount a tablet on the wall to fulfill the function of an analogue clock.

Sometimes somethings can't be replaced with technology,

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