I Can Hear The Bells..


As I have made mention a few posts ago, I am joining my vocal instructor in her gigs and the first one up is a wedding in August. A noobie I am, is definitely competing against time to learn, practise and perfect the number of songs I am tasked to perform so I shan't waste any time to embark on the fundamental yet utmost essential step of all - songs selection.

And thus I sought the help of Google and a few friends in my brainstorming session and I'd say the various songs that comes to our mind when we say the word "wedding" are pretty standard. The most cliché English songs I thought one can ever think of undoubtedly being Bruno Mars - Marry You, followed by similarly popular ones like Jason Mraz - Lucky. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the songs, the singers or the idea of using these two great songs for a wedding. In fact I love both Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz as much as you do but I sincerely thought the two songs just so good, so suitable, so highly known that they kind of become too common. If you have a wedding impending and the two I have mentioned happened to be all you thought you can think of, you can really do so much better with this incredibly useful and extensive list of wedding songs I have found online. You'd suddenly remember how you and your partner used to love these songs.

Now the Chinese songs. I can't emphasize enough how much I would disagree when someone naturally feeds me with Christine Fan - 最重要的决定 (the most important decision) without thinking like that is the only correct answer in the entire history of Chinese songs. My take: like how flaws make someone perfect for you, it is precisely how "right" this song is in every way that makes it so unoriginally, so ordinary and so wrong. No one agrees with me though unfortunately since I see this song taking its place in every single list in my Google search result. Not to mention, I am equally surprised to see that these lists are usually limited to an average of five songs, out of which some are really old or unheard of. I almost bow down to fate until the faithful moment my bf knowingly told me "that's why I prefer English songs" and I decided to find the songs one by one on my own. And this is going to be the first list without 最重要的决定.

蔡淳佳、欧得洋 - 小夫妻
Download chords here

范玮琪 - 黑白配
Download chords here

方大同 - 为你写的歌
Download chords here

梁静茹 - 小手拉大手
Download chords here

吕建忠 - 非你莫属
Download chords here

吕建忠 - 给我你的爱
Download chords here

吕建忠 - 专属天使
Download chords here

苏打绿 - 小情歌
Download chords here

陶 喆 - 就是爱你
Download chords here

王力宏 - Forever Love
Download chords here

Who knew Tank 吕建忠 is one hidden 情歌王子?

Of course there are more like Kenji Wu - 为你写诗 and Gary Chaw - 爱爱, just that I have only managed to catch the chords of these few within these couple of days =x Nevertheless, I am happy (or hoping) all the other great powerful wedding-suited love songs are making its way to your mind now. Let's dare to be different and not forget these great works! Do share with me all the songs you can name and I will add them to my chord library, accessible via the music tab at the top of the page, so that you can sing-and-play them too. How romantic it would be if you can serenade to your other half at your own wedding, or perform these songs as a dedication to a best friend who is getting married!

Lastly, a song I really like and wish more people would know since I caught Hairspray in the cinemas (seven years ago?!). It would be real fun, creative, different and exciting to have a song like that at a wedding..

"I can hear the bells, my head is spinning
I can hear the bells, something's beginning
Everybody says that a girl who looks like me
Can't win his love well just wait and see cause

I can hear the bells, just hear them chiming
I can hear the bells, my temperature's climbing
I can't contain my joy cause I've finally found the boy I've been missing
Listen, I can hear the bells"

OMG this song is super romantic if you read the entire lyrics!

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