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I have got a new colleague who just joined us and my manager invited Hui Mee and I to join her and the newcomer at the latter's welcome lunch at Erwin's Gastrobar, which happens to be one of the supporting merchants of The Entertainer application.

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Frankly, I have never gave this place more notice than required to know that it is always absolutely crowded. I thought it just another bar and I guess I can never understand why I would think so many people drink during lunch? And this place surprises me even further when I stepped in and saw how big it actually was apart from the al fresco area it occupies at the grand plaza of MBFC. I like the decor, the high stools, writings on the chalkboard etc which are all quite hip and kind of resembles a jostling burger joints in US. A rather high-class one though. However, the wooden flooring and high ceiling does little to absorb sound, so the place can be extremely rowdy. It was quite difficult for the four of us to hold a proper conversation without ending up shouting at each other.

Anyway, here's what we had for lunch:

Spiced Chicken Salad | $15

I was skeptical when HM ordered the salad. I thought, why would anyone want to have salad when the menu has so many items that looked way more scrumptious than vegetables but I guess she made a great choice as the salad looks real good! The portion was big and according to HM, the romaines and tomatoes are very fresh and the baked chicken, green pesto dressing etc are extremely delicious!

Crab Meat Linguine | $16.50

My manager ordered the same dish and thought it was a bit salty, but I think it was heavenly! I love my linguine, love the roasted garlic, the oregano, chilli flakes, right down to the spaghetti and olive oil. Most of all, the spicy crab meat that the chef had added to the dish most generously. The portion looked small but it was super filling. A crazily flavourful dish.

Banana Caramel Waffle | $8

We decided to order a desert to share since we already saved half the meal through The Entertainer. We expected the deserts to be just as awesome as the main dishes, and this expectation wasn't in any way let down. The waffle was soft yet not soggy, and the honeycomb toffee ice-cream, chocolate sauce, toasted almonds, bananas and strawberries complemented each other perfectly. The staff was also very thoughtful to present us with the necessary plates and forks before the waffle was ready even without us asking.

If you are curious what else there is on the menu,

My new colleague ordered Mushroom Risotto ($15). I tried a bit of the risotto and it was very nice, probably one of the best risotto I have ever had. Sorry I didn't manage to get a shot of the dish, but the risotto was presented in a cute red bowl rested on a wooden tray with a few grilled ciabatta by the side. It was quite cute, and I suppose the ciabatta should be very crispy (which I like!) since I could hear my colleague crunching the Italian white bread =x

Erwin's Gastrobar
8A Marina Boulevard
#01-01 Ground Plaza
Singapore 018984
Online reservation available here

I really like this place and I am craving for their food so much now that I managed to psycho HM to return here next week so she can have the Herb Roasted Chicken she wanted initially and I am thinking of Erwin’s Club Sandwich or Fish Burger. Or maybe Chicken Parmigiana. New Zealand Mussels is very tempting, but I will miss my Crab Meat Linguine and the Mushroom Risotto that was also amazing. So confusing! While I try to decide what I should at my next visit, anyone care to guess how much our meal consisting of a salad, a risotto, two pastas and a waffle in a place like this cost? I am now super honoured to own this application lah - I can help everyone save money and I can eat expensively at just half the cost for main meals. The total bill was just $48!

And this is how much I have saved so far:

Spent $19 and saved $126,

*Update: 2nd review available here*

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