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Upon closing the accounts for the month of June, I asked my BF, "Have you ever regretted coming out on your own?" A straightforward "No" was his answer and my silence prompted him to elaborate. "I have never been happier than I am now. I met and found new friends who are really supportive, and I am really doing what I love - teaching. No politics. No games. Just dealing with people who are sincere, people whom I really want to help. Rhythm & Wave gives me a direction, a meaning, and a sense of accomplishment that nothing else would. Even if I have to continue scrimping here and there to survive, I will never regret taking this step."

That reminded me what touched me a year ago - the passion to teach that I saw in him and made me went all the way out to assist him with everything required to set up and manage a private school. Just two months ago, he decided to host his students and their family to a small gathering at Fullhouse Signature to thank them all, as well as the restaurant for their support over the past year. Frankly, I wasn't supportive. He had not drawn an income for the longest time so as to not upset Rhythm & Wave's cashflow. Every little profit he had if any, was drawn not for him, but for the students by upgrading the air-conditioning, improving the school in the slightest way possible, and now by giving back. Truth to be said, he can never be a businessman.

But in that I saw kindness, dedication, humility, selflessness, faith and many other attributes that I believe many including myself need to learn from him. And I suspect his students saw these in him too, for they chose to stay with Rhythm & Wave, an unknown over the many other more fanciful or reputed names out there in the market. And so I trusted him in his decision once again, and went ahead with the planning of the event from invitations to securing sponsorships, publicity, artworks, preparing door gifts, lucky dips and stuff. I am not exactly trained in this field but I am super glad I learnt so much through this experience. I might be the only person in this world to be able to use Microsoft Powerpoint to design to sponsorship board!

Not bad right, I had to fit and colour the triangles one by one and the colour of the box border got gradient one leh! Okay okay, don't self-praise liao. Let's take a look at how we celebrated Rhythm & Wave's first birthday!

Lucky dip prizes from Rhythm & Wave and miscellaneous sponsors!

This was a super last minute idea. We only started preparing the gifts two days before the event so I had to stay home to giftwrap all 60 presents on Saturday! Super happy to realise that what I learnt as a gift-wrapper at Isetan when I was 16 is actually a useful skill lol.

Door gifts - everyone needed shades as our event was graced by bright stars!

Similarly an idea that came at the eleventh hour so I went to buy shades and ribbons, as well as design and print tags immediately, and spent the final night tying these ribbons. I guess I am one who only have ideas under extreme stress haha.

Of course, our goodie bags!

We were super caught up with the setting up of equipments and other preparations before the event starts so the staff at Fullhouse Signature volunteered to help us with the packing of the goodie bags! So sweet of them to arrange them in alternate colours too!

Our student performance banner!

This banner is actually prepared as our students will start performing at Fullhouse Signature every Sunday, 7.30 to 9.30 pm from this week onwards. Super grateful to Fullhouse Signature to grant us this perfect platform. There will be 2 main student singers holding the fort but to spice things up a bit, we are adding 2 slots each week for those who are interested to sign up as a guest performer and sing a few songs for us!

Just to share, Kenneth and I are the temporary main singers for now and this week we are having Lifestyle Blogger Wendy Lim and R&W Founder Kim as our guest performers so do come on down this Sunday to support all of us ^.^

BF giving the opening speech

I didn't expect he would bow - really super humble

An Awfully Chocolate Cake from Hui Mee! Thanks HM!!

Everyone singing birthday song together, happy as one

Now it's finally time to eat!
Here's what we catered for everyone:

Everyone happily eating and enjoying the performances our students have put up at the same time. I wish I could have more time to sit down and eat because the food were awesome! Heard many great feedback from the guests too, especially for the mushroom soup, garlic bread and deserts. I highly recommend you to try them if you are planning to visit this beautiful restaurant.

The event ended very soon, and we started distributing the goodie bags and conducting the lucky dips as the attendees make their way out. Thanks Apple and Sam (the two in black on the right) for helping me to present the prizes when I couldn't manage. And am I the only who thinks the uncle wearing the yellow shades is super cute? So enthusiastic and fun!

Wish Yee Teng could make it to the event but still, a selfie with two of my besties! Just in case you're thinking we didn't change our clothes or we don't have other clothes to wear lol, the event was actually on the same day as the M&M's one. Sorry for delaying this post for so long!

By the way, are you curious what's inside our goodie bag?

First and foremost, movie vouchers sponsored by Golden Village. It has been so so long since I visited the cinemas and there were a great deal of movies I wanted to catch but missed them again and again. With this voucher I shall make it a point to visit GV's homepage frequently to find out what's showing and what's coming soon so I can plan ahead accordingly.

Alce Nero's Organic Spaghettini! I guess my colleagues located in the vicinity of my work desk will start drooling at the fragrance of this delicious-looking Italian basic close to lunch time each day. This is so much easier to concoct and better still, it is packed with health benefits and tastes absolutely scrumptious! Great alternative to eating out =D

Have you tried Mere Poulard Les Cookies before? If you haven't, you really should just get a tin via the link right above because you will not regret it. They are packed separately within to retain the freshness of the cookies, which are extremely tasty and exquisite. I freaking love them so much that I am rationing each pack (to myself) like treasured gold lol.

It is Fullhouse Signature to the rescue once again! We can't express how thankful we are for their support time and time again. And $20 voucher for every $50 spent is super generous! Do bring your friends down to Fullhouse Signature for the perfect date or to support your favourite bands every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays =D

Last but not least,

Mouth-watering mini candies and lollipop from homegrown candy-maker LollyTalk. On top of these, LollyTalk has also sponsored 6 full sets of the Acquired Taste Collection for our Lucky Dip although I did not have the honour to be the owner of one of them *sobs*. You should really check out their website if you need any gift ideas for an upcoming wedding, festivals or Teachers' or Children's Day which are both coming real soon!


So, on behalf of Rhythm & Wave, I would like to thank our sponsors, Golden Village, Alce Nero, Mere Poulard, Fullhouse Signature and LollyTalk for your generousity, and also the entire R&W family for celebrating this special milestone with us. R&W would not have come this far without your unwavering support. Thank you to everyone who worked so tirelessly to ensure everything went smoothly and made this event a success. We certainly had fun and we look forward to celebrating Rhythm & Wave’s second and many more birthdays to come!

May Rhythm & Wave continue to grow and have the capacity to accommodate and extend their dedication to a larger group of music enthusiasts. And if you have ever thought of learning how to sing, play the keyboard or strum a guitar, do join us at Rhythm & Wave, where music is our passion and our art is creating quality music education that will realise your fullest potential. Look no further when it comes to planning your route to musical greatness!

Happy Birthday Rhythm & Wave,

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