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Howdy! I am back with another food post ^.^

Annie and Shuxian brought me here for lunch previously when I just returned to the firm back in February, and I enjoyed it thoroughly and missed it so much over these few months that I practically pleaded Shuxian to go Absolute Thai when we had a lunch date some time back so I can have the opportunity to take some photos and share this place with you guys. I really love Thai cuisines! But not sure if it was just me, the dishes we ordered, the entire dining experience or that the novelty has simply worn off, I did not enjoy my second meal as much as the first.

Anyways, we were queueing outside the restaurant at about five minutes past one, and unfortunately we weren't waiting for diners to finish their meal, but for the waiting staff to clear the tables and bring us in. There were many empty seats but just no one took the initiative to at least allow us to be seated first. So what happened was that the queue got quite long (we were the first in the queue) before they finally thought they were ready to let an entire new batch of diners enter.

If you have ever played time management games like Diner Dash and such, you will know that this spells trouble because everyone will be looking at the menu at the same time, placing orders at the same time, but their kitchen and staff wouldn't be able to cope with all the orders coming in at the same time. True enough, it was a REALLY LONG wait to get a waiter to take our orders and also before the food arrived on our table at about 1.45 pm (not forgetting one wrong order which was sent back and thus more time were lost), which meant we only had 15 minutes left to finish our meal without taking in the time we needed to allow the food to cool down because it was so HOT and to return to office. Plus, the warm water we requested didn't come at all.

Absolute Thai Combo | $16.90

We could not decide which starters to order hence took the easy way out and had the mixed platter of mango salad, fishcake, prawn wanton and money bags. The mango salad was nice and I like the three others well enough, although Shuxian thought the former too sour, the fish cake too spicy and the rest unimpressive. Somehow the dipping sauce didn't taste right that day either. If I have the ability to turn back time, I think I would skip this dish and have something else on the menu instead.

Stir-fried Kangkong with Shrimp Paste | $8.90

The kangkong smelled real good as when it arrived. Look at the amount of green chilli and chilli padi and you can tell that this is seriously one red hot dish. I choke on it multiple times but I still love this fragrant and thrilling item nonetheless. Even the gravy was so delicious (although a tad too salty) that I watered my plate of rice with it lol. I also like how the stems even though was soaked in the gravy, managed to retain its freshness and crunchiness.

Come to think of it, I might have had the entire plate of vegetables on my own as it proved too spicy for Shuxian. If you ain't a fan of spiciness as well, try the stir-fried broccoli with mushroom. I had that on my first visit and it is equally awesome!

Claypot Egg Beancurd with Prawns & Crabmeat | $13.90

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE! I know it doesn't look exactly inviting nor appetising but trust me. Trust "us" actually, since Annie and Shuxian loved it as much, that this is a dish you must order. I didn't even like beancurd in the first place and yet looking at these pictures reminds me of how tantalising the beancurds were, how thick and flavourful the gravy was. This makes me just want to press the stop button on my mini cooker in office and have lunch at Absolute Thai instead.

As a matter of fact, we wanted to try the other beancurd items on the menu since we already had this one on our previous visit, loved it and thought we should give the others a chance to prove their worth lol. But we just couldn't. We looked at all the different beancurds with basil, with sweet and sour sauce, minced chicken, black pepper, we thought of having chicken, duck, thought of soup and seriously everything else but we still came back to this item eventually. It was this good that we could not bare to let go of any opportunity to have it. I can forfeit all the starters, tomyam soup, anything. Just give me my claypot egg beancurd.

And these were what Shuxian and I had on our visit to Absolute Thai! We kind of over-ordered (I am a glutton), so there was quite a bit of leftovers even though we had stuffed ourselves giddy with all the food. Total bill was $47.90, inclusive of a plate of rice that we shared (cost $1) and also the usual 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Absolute Thai
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-16/17 Marina Bay Link Mall
Singapore 018984
Tel: 6634 2371

Should I have Absolute Thai for lunch tomorrow? Maybe as a celebratory lunch or something as since I think I did quite well for R&W's weekly student performance yesterday? Omg, so thick-skinned right =x The first week I was too safe and quite boring, then I took too much risk and buang-ed quite badly on the second, and I finally scored on the third although there are of course still many areas I need to work on lah but I am just happy that I improved hehe.

And hor, something super weird happened yesterday - my range kind of shifted up? I could not sing my first song because my low notes are suddenly gone, and in its place I could miraculously reach all the high notes. In the end I added at least 2 semitones up from my usual keys for the rest of the songs and was singing higher than many original singers! I know it's a one-off and probably nothing much, but I am still very excited because I never sang so high up before and that might be the only time I can do it lolol. Gonna blog about it real soon =D

Side-tracked due to overwhelming excitement,

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