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Hello! Real sorry for the lack of update in the past week. I was super caught up with so much work, practising for and preparation of each weekly performance at Fullhouse Signature, and of course the planning of my Korea trip. I can't believe September is here so soon. One final month before I fly off and I have yet to book the domestic flight tickets and also our accommodation. Not to mention I have to find weekend I am free to take part in a flea market because all the clothes and stuff that I don't need anymore are packed inside the luggages. Yes, it's luggages because I got my bf to bring his luggage over so I can pack these things inside his luggage so he has no luggage now too lol. Save me T.T Alright, I know I ain't the most hardworking person on Earth but I am working hard to clear the things on my plate already so forgive me and keep returning to my blog ok?

Anyways I am actually kind of pegged down with a number of reviews of some food places I have visited recently (so stay tuned for more delicious pictures!), but I decided to allow Extra Virgin Pizza to jump the queue because today is the last day you can purchase The Entertainer Singapore One-Month Mobile Product at just S$19 with the use of my unique blogger code @yanxi. Head over to this post here to find out how you can redeem thousands of unbeatable 'buy one get one free' dining, leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel accommodation offers at such a minimal fee. Certainly beats all other promotions you can find on the various deals site minus any "differential treatment" or "substandard service/product". I am so satisfied that I can't wait to extend my entitlement to the end of the year.

And here's what Hui Mee and I had for lunch on the very day Yvonne TAY "abandoned" us for another lunch appointment. I realise I have to start indicating the surnames of the different Yvonnes I know because this Yvonne is not the Yvonne whom I attended Taylor Swift concert with. She is also not the Yvonne who just joined HM and me in our department, but the Yvonne whom I always lunch together and went to Macau with alongside HM. Maybe I should use colours to differentiate? Okay, I digressed. SO! We shortlisted a few locations which we then drew lots to determine where to go for lunch and Extra Virgin Pizza won the draw! Super excited as this is the first time we are visiting the place (a bit suaku hor?) =x

Here's Hui Mee, the girl who gets hyper when she sees her own picture

It was a short walk through the Downtown station from MBFC Tower 3 to Asia Square so the place was still packed with the 12-noon lunch crowd when we arrived at the restaurant thus the short wait before we were seated. By the way, there isn't any indoor seating and I find the outdoor dining area kind of "out of place" since it was situated on the ground floor of Asia Square with lots of passers-by. and the area being bare makes us feel kind of "exposed" lol. Perhaps they can consider cordoning the area with potted plants or something?

We didn't really like the high stools either. HM had difficult getting up and even though they were cushioned, the edge wasn't exactly covered so it cut into my thighs and got a little painful and comfortable. I accidentally hit my hipbone against that edge when I jumped down (it was challenging to get down too) T.T

Iced Lemon Tea | $5.50

Both of us ordered the iced lemon tea, which we thought was the safest choice after much deliberation and true enough, it was... safe? Nothing special to shout about, and you'd definitely have had better ones before. We would be happier if they had provided us with two portions of syrup instead of just one as the lemon tea was quite bitter to start with. We emptied this small jug almost immediately and yet our tea still weren't at all sweet.

And here's our extra virgin pizzas!

We only ordered two pizzas to share since there was just the two of us. Even then we are unable to finish the two. It made me wish we had brought more people along so we could have more variety (imagine eating three slices of the same pizza!) and as I really wanted to try the side dishes e.g. oven-fried clams and baked chicken wings that are so highly recommended by others who have visited the place before. Next time then, since I still have 5x unused coupons for this and the other outlet at United Square. Just keep eating, just keep eating...

Spotted Pig Pizza | $26

Spotted Pig was our first choice although HM was more likely to be attracted to the thumbs up beside its name rather than the "applewood smoked bacons" that jumped before my eyes. Pizzas really do taste better in tomato base. Topped with tomato, mozzarella, pork sausage and parmigiano reggiano (sorry, not the pepperoni though, which isn't really my thing but this is subjective so..), this pizza is perfect!

Seafood Pizza | $26

I guess I should really start looking at all the ingredients listed on the menu instead of reading it selectively. Just like how I didn't notice the pepperoni, I only saw prawns, clams and squid for this one, and missed out on the bechamel, a white sauce which both HM and I don't really like. It is probably the bechamel as well that there was a very pleasant smell to the pizza which makes me find it weird. If you are a fan of cream-based dishes such as carbonara, you'd love this.

On the other hand, I love how big the prawns are and they look really good although I would prefer them and the pepperoni, to "stick" to the pizza as it gets kind of messy when they keep falling off. Especially when it is absolutely difficult to use a fork and knife to eat the pizza when it is so soft and fluffy! The texture of does reminds me of Indian Naan. At the end of the day, we finished the entire Spotted Pig and left two pieces of the Seafood Pizza although we did use our fork to pick up the prawns, clams and squids we can find in the leftover lolol.

Extra Virgin Pizza Asia Square
8 Marina View
#01-04 Asia Square Tower 1
Singapore 018960
Delivery Hotline: 6247 5757

Mon - Fri: 10am - 10pm
Closed on weekends & public holidays

In overview, HM declared her love for the Spotted Pig Pizza, and I decided that I need another visit to try the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken and Ham & Mushroom Pizza before I can agree that the Spotted Pig Pizza is the best and most-worthy of its chef's recommendation (read: I still have my doubts). Although we didn't exactly love the Seafood Pizza, it was acceptable and like I have said, I love the prawns, clams and squids so we don't hate it either. Total bill was $39.60, inclusive of 7% GST after redeeming The Entertainer's 1-for-1 voucher. We are so going to return as soon as possible and next time, with Yvonne seated on the same table!

And so, I have saved $156 so far!

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