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Bf and I were at City Hall a couple of weeks back and by the time we were done with what we had to do, it was past 9 pm and most of the eateries where we could possibly sit down to have a proper meal had already taken their last orders. After walking round and round, coupled with multiple attempts at trying our luck, we were still stranded and had no choice but to garner the final bit of battery life we left and make our way from Suntec City to Bugis+, where we thought we can have Kungfu Paradise for a late dinner.

To our surprise, although we were lucky enough to have made it to the restaurant before 10.30 pm, Kungfu Paradise no longer operates till 2 am anymore! WHY T.T Sigh, one less supper hangout. But we had our dinner here nonetheless and these are what we ordered:

Truffle Fries | $6.90

This is a must-order. You can forget about the main dishes or whatsoever and come here just to have the truffle fries. Their fries are so fragrant I literally salivated as the waiter brought it to our table. Their fries were light, none too starchy so you won't get sick of it after a few mouthful. Furthermore, it is generously drizzled with truffle oil and totally made me regret ordering the main dish that I would trade for another portion of their truffle fries anytime. Love it!

Steamed Lava Custard Bun | $3.90 for 3

I highly suspect they are the same ones I have had at Paradise Pavilion (see here) although I would say if the ones at Paradise Pavilion were made from scratch, the ones here were like they have been microwaved. Whilst the custard lava was similarly thick and savoury, it was a pity that bun was not as fluffy and the skin was not as smooth and soft as their counterparts at Paradise Pavilion. Nevertheless, I think these custard buns are great for a price of $1.30 each.

Dry Noodles with Chicken Chop | $8.90

I have frequented Kungfu Paradise a number of times, and I think the dry noodles are one of the safer and better options you should choose. Truthfully, it is not fantastic after all it is just maggi noodles, but the gravy and the colourful presentation really add value to this dish and make it look real appetising. I also like the fact that it has a meat, an egg and vegetables even though it is just one slice of tomato and a stalk of chinese cabbage. Balanced diet, no? Lol.

While in comparison,

Soup Noodles with Chicken Chipolata | $8.90

Although it is a similar dish to the one I had, I must say this looks real bad and disgusting. The soup tasted just like water, it was as if the chef just watered-down a wrong order of dry noodles. It was so tasteless and unappetising that I can't even bear to tell my bf not to waste food like how I always do. I do appreciate the lava egg (though I wonder what they did to the other half), but you should know now why I said the dry noodles are the safer choices.

Rock Melon Tea | $3.90

This tastes horrible. I am thinking bf must be really unlucky that day to have been the one who ordered the soup noodles and this weird drink. Really, you will rather pay 30cts for plain water than $3.90 for a mixture of unknown chemicals.

Kungfu Paradise Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
#01-13 Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6884 7375

Sun – Thu 11am to 10pm
Fri – Sat 11am to 11pm

Total bill was $38.60 and no, I wasn't happy with the food nor the service standards. The cashier could be heard ordering the other staff to "give them the bill", "tell him his card is not working" etc. Loudly. And unkindly. I know that wasn't meant for us customers, but she could do with some awareness that there are customers sitting right in front of her so she should care to speak in a lower volume, as well as some graciousness by asking the staff to "pass the bill to the customer" instead of addressing us directly as "him" or "her". This is actually nothing very major, but I really thought Kungfu Paradise was not meant to function like a coffee shop no?

Just the truffle fries will do,

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