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Woohoo, I am counting down to my Korea trip in October and while I was making plans for this upcoming holiday, I have received a number of requests for my 2012 Korea trip itinerary as a reference and also a few queries on the places of interest, travelling within and out of Seoul etc, which is why I am sharing it here! I hope you guys won't mind that it is slightly outdated because I personally think that this itinerary is awesome. Amazing, not because it was gathered by yours truly after tons and tons of research lolol, but because I got to travel out of Seoul and visited Daegu, Busan and Gyeongju even though it was a brief one-day excursion for each location. Plus it was my first free-and-easy trip ever and since I am still here, it means that this itinerary had been tested and guaranteed fool-proof.

And so I hope this post will be of help to you. If you have any other doubts, do feel free to leave a comment or email me and I will try to assist as much as I can ^.^

- Take the AREX to Hongik University (1 hour/ 3,950 won)
- Check in at Ann Guest House
- Visit Hongdae Artists' Saturday Market
- Shopping at Myeong-dong and Namdaemun

Hongdae Artists' Saturday Market

The AREX is a very fuss-free and affordable way to travel from Incheon Airport directly to Hongik University and Seoul Station, where you can then change to the metro to get to your accommodation. I would personally recommend staying around the area of Hongdae (or Hongik University) as it can be expensive and less comfortable to travel to and within Seoul via airport limousines, buses and metro. It would be more convenient if you can just take the AREX to Hongik University, dump your barang barangs at your accommodation and take the Line 2 metro also located at Hongik University to anywhere you want to go.

Furthermore, Hongdae is a popular shopping and hangout place amongst youngsters. The nightlife around the area is vibrant, and it is also within walking distance to the neighbouring subway stations, Sinchon and Ewha University where there are even more shopping! By the way, it is recommended to visit Myeong-dong on a Saturday, the day most shops will be more generous with their promotions and free samples, which include items like a box of cotton pads, sample moisturiser and toner, facial masks, bottled beverages etc =x

Myeong-dong Exit #6

- Take KTX from Seoul to Dongdaegu Station
- Visit Puccaland at Spa Valley
- Shopping at Jungangno
- Take KTX from Dongdaegu to Busan Station
- Check in at Terra Guest House
- Night-shopping at Gwangbokro Fashion street (Nampo Station)

If you are planning to travel to multiple places via the KTX, do consider the KR Pass which allows you to take multiple rides within a limited number of days at a fixed fee. I would especially recommend this as individual railway tickets can be a little pricey. A to-and-fro ride would cover the cost of the KR Pass. There was once we bought our tickets beforehand as the tickets were selling out, but couldn't make it back to the station in time. Thankfully, the KR Pass allows us to purchase the tickets for the next train without paying extra.

In case you were wondering, the host at Ann Guesthouse was very nice to allow us to deposit our luggages at her place without charging us additional rental and such when we went on to explore Daegu, Busan and Gyeongju on our backpacks the next few days. Many subway and railway stations are also fitted with lockers. We shared a large one at Daegu station so that we could take the bus, travel around and do our shopping with ease. You'd find that it is definitely easier to travel light as many places in Korea requires you to walk or climb a lot.

View from our guesthouse

- Take KTX from Busan to Singyeongju Station
- Visit the Old Silla Kingdom and nearby attractions
- Visit the Teddy Bear Museum
- Take KTX back to Busan Station
- Shopping at Pusan National University Fashion Town
- Night-shopping at Jagalchi Gomjangeo Golmok Market

I LOVE GYEONGJU! It is so serene and beautiful.

- Breakfast at Jagalchi Fish Market
- Spa and Sauna at Shinsegae Spa Land
- Shopping at Shinsegae Centum City
- Shopping at Seomyeon Underground Shopping Mall

Staying atop of the Fish Market has its benefits...

These are just banchan!

Our abalone porridge! (even though breakfast was provided)

By the way, although T-Money can be used for the subways in Busan as well, you might want to consider the one-day pass that only cost 4,000 won for unlimited rides if you are travelling to a number of places within Busan. I discovered it when I was topping up my T-money in the station after travelling on my travelmate's card for a couple of days. I returned her the money in cash of course but yes, just tell the driver you are paying for your friend and he/she will actually deduct double fare on your card. Quite user-friendly.

- Take KTX back to Seoul Station
- Shopping at Hongdae, Sinchon and Ewha District
- Shopping at Dongdaemun

- Silam Sauna
- Shopping at Itaewon
- Shopping at Garousil Sinsa-dong and Apujeong
- Supper at Paljamakchang (Haha's restaurant)

We were lucky enough to run into Haha (although I didn't know who he was initially and was wondering why the friend here wanted to take picture with a random guy on the street =x)

- Cafe-hopping at Samcheong-dong
- Shopping at Insadong
- Take AREX to Incheon International Airport

As this was our second visit to Korea, we have left out various touristy places such as the Seoul Tower and Everland, which I had actually really wanted to go because I didn't managed to utilise my entire day there on my first trip as I had spent most of my time hiding in tents seeking warmth in the cold stark winter.

If you would like to find out more about these tourist attractions, do come back to my blog end October when I'd be back from my trip with bf, who will be visiting my "hometown", Korea for the very first time! I am bringing him to Jeju too and hopefully the next time we are back here (best if it is spring so I would have experienced all four seasons in Korea), we can explore the other lesser known areas of Korea together ^.^

Counting down... 12 more days to go,

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