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Bf and I went to catch *wait a minute, I forgot the name* oh yeah, The Rock of Ages Musical a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps we were just unlucky because I thought they were real bad. Yes, there were parts that I broke out in laughter too but most of the time, the jokes were lousy and repetitive. The vocalists were at times pitchy, off-tempo, out of breath and althogether unimpressive. One was so sharp and piercing that it made me so want to get out of the auditorium o-m-g, and the lead male kept holding the last note time and time again like a one-trick donkey. Once is good, but more than that you are plain boring and it just make me think that a long breathe is all you got.

The entire musical was a drag to both bf and me. We like the songs, a great mixture and wonderful throwback but we won't confuse it with bad acting, singing and reinterpretation. I was also surprised to see that there wasn't even a queue for the autograph session at the end of the show. It was just the cast seated behind a long table and lots of queue poles stationed to guide an extended invisible queue, and watching the audience make their exit without even giving them a glance. I felt bad for them, but I am upset too to get what I received for the time and price, especially when they are charging such exorbitant prices though it is relatively less expensive to stage a musical at RWS as compared to places Marina Bay Sands or Esplanade.

Anyways, I spoke too much of the irrelevant. I only wanted to say that we went to Ruyi Resorts World Sentosa on a Friday we caught The Rock of Ages. The musical really makes me agitated because I have been wanting to catch a proper broadway musical for the longest time.

It was quite a rush - bf picked me up from work at 6 pm, it was about 6.30 pm when we reached Harbourfront, and by the time we found and collected our tickets from the SISTIC counter at Vivocity, it was about 7 pm, a time when the food places at Vivocity were all crowded. Thus we headed over to Sentosa first so that we can guarantee we won't be late for the 8 pm musical.

We just wanted a place to grab a quick bite hence we decided on the nearest eating place to the theatre and that's Ruyi. The menu on the standee placed outside the restaurant looks good too so we quickly hopped in and got a seat at the corner. Ruyi works like a fastfood joint so we were in the queue and everything was smooth until the staff decided that the two gentlemen who got in later and queued behind us were more important! They were probably the management team as the staff there knows them but isn't that an even stronger reason why he should not place himself before the customers by jumping the queue so that he gets his food first? Zzzz

Okay never mind, I shall let this pass even though I am also bothered by the fact that the two guys received their food almost immediately, and yet we had to wait for about ten minutes before it was our turn to collect our tray. And then, the staff decided to forgot about our desert and when my bf went to ask for it, they just place the Lemongrass Pudding in his hands without even asking if that is what he preferred. I did get my Herbal Jelly in the end after requesting for an exchange but where got people like that one?! Did I also mention they didn't give us utensils?

Okay never mind again, I decided to let this pass too but they continued to amaze me further. Why, with this kind of double-standard service and food quality, can they sustain their business? And I also just realised the prices on their website ain't updated. Although they indicated a disclaimer, "while we seek to ensure accurate information and timely updates on our website, kindly understand that some information such as menus and prices may be subject to changes", did they expect me to trust that they were able to "ensure" that they produced such a new standee with all the correct information yet are unable to update the same details on your website? The brochures/vouchers available at the counter for distribution are expired too.

I can't believe this is all Tung Lok has to offer and I hope I am once again, simply unlucky on that faithful day. I have ever experienced great service and had similar kind of dishes at similar price point that were way more delicious and awesome than this... *disappointed*

Stewed Minced Pork Rice with Soy Egg | $7.20

I would have thought this dish perfect for someone who loves all things salty, loves eggs, loves the vegetables here but I was wrong. The minced meat was overly salty, the egg was so hard and tasteless, and I could not make myself nor bf to take another bite of the vegetables that were truth to be told, kind of disgusting. There wasn't any "spare" gravy either to help accentuate the taste of a Lu Rou Fan and also to soften the rice that was extremely dry.

BBQ Pork & Shrimp Dumplings Noodles in Soup | $8.90

The BBQ pork and shrimp dumplings weren't too bad - the meat fragrant and the latter full of random ingredients. However, the noodles and soup were truly tasteless. The noodles were served in the same form of how it is like when it was uncooked, and it was difficult to break it apart and dig in because they were so hard. And they taste uncooked too lol, not at all tangy and soft. The soup was like plain water mixed with oil zzz.

Flexi-Drink Set | $2.60

You can top up $2.60 with any main dish ordered to get a small cup of soft drink and a choice of chilled herbal jelly with honey, lemongrass jelly with longan or fresh mango pudding for dessert ($2.50 on its own). It is quite a deal, but I don't think I will go for it if I ever visits Ruyi again. I might want to have the seaweed-egg flower chicken soup or hot & sour soup at $3.90 instead.

Ruyi Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway
#B1-222/223 Festive Walk
Singapore 098138

I am quite certain I would not have the minced pork again. Neither the rice nor the noodles, so I guess I am left with the soup or probably the simple dimsums that Ruyi also serves. For a meal that cost $18.70 for two, we thought we were rather let down as like what bf said, "we could have ordered the same items in a foodcourt and they would for sure cost less and taste sp much better". One other strong point I have to add for Ruyi was probably the fact that the food were served piping hot. Other than that, Ruyi had failed to offer value or quality.

Hope they will fare better at my next visit (if I ever do),

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