I have heard raves and great reviews on Symmetry, and was absolutely excited when bf and I had arranged to meet up with an old friend who suggested to catch up over a dinner at Symmetry. Symmetry is situated along Jalan Kubor, which is between Bugis and Lavender MRT station and right opposite Santa Grand Hotel. Not the most convenient location that is for sure, but you'd be surprised how many people willingly go out-of-the-way just to come here - my reservation could not go through as the diner was fully booked and even though bf and I reached real early at about 6.30 pm, it was entirely packed and we had to sit outside ='(

And that wouldn't have been the case if they hadn't the quality of food and service they possessed. The service staff were very friendly and polite! They walk around and chat with the patrons, ensuring that everything was alright and that they are satisfied with their food and stuff. They are so smiley and happy, you can really tell that they enjoy working at Symmetry.

Free grapes to cool us down ^.^

It took us real long for bf and I to decide what we wanted. The table beside us ordered Crispy Baby Squid and Potato Fries, and they were smell freaking good! Makes me want to forget about the mains entirely and just order the sides but then again, what's on the main were extremely tempting too. Total dilemma. These were what we ordered after probably like half an hour later lol..

Norwegian Salmon | $30

O-M-G this salmon was so soft, you don't even need to knife to cut it. You can just use your fork lightly to peel the layers of flesh and it really "melts in your mouth". I was so reluctant to share half of it with bf since I was the one who ordered this anyway haha. The risotto was very well done, although I would like it better if it had less of the cheesy taste. That is just me, because bf loved this one and emptied the entire plate in an instant! He even had the roe, which he is usually afraid of, because he was so confident it will taste excellent.

BBQ Pork Belly | $26

According to bf, this was the best pork belly he has ever had in his whole life. So drama hor? It was no doubt tasty, I love the nashi pear and red cabbage slaw and it did smell madly good. However, I find the portion of potato on each slice of pork belly a little too overwhelming but then again, it might be my issue too because bf loved the potato and even finished up those I have left out together with his pork belly. I will love this one more if the meat was more juicy and had more fats =x

Home-Made Salmon Gravalax | $19

Our friend ordered this, which is actually a starter. I didn't get to taste it, but I must say I had a really hard time trying not to salivating at someone else's food. The salmon, beetroots, cream fraiche, rye crumb, honey mustard dressings and everything else looks so delicious!

When I couldn't stand the hunger induced by the salmon gravalax anymore(even though I was supposed to be full from the two main dishes we had), bf agreed to order a side dish to share. I really wanted the Crispy Baby Squid but bf doesn't eat squid so it was just too bad for me. Then, he actually ignored the recommendations from the staff (why bother to ask in the first place -.-"") and selfishly ordered Ham & Cheese Croquette despite the fact that I am extremely selective when it comes to the word "cheese". Why was I so kind to give my choice up zzzzz.

Ham & Cheese Croquette | $16

Thankfully, it wasn't bad at all (although I still very much would have liked to have my crispy baby squid). It was very well-fried, crispy yet not too oily and the taste of the ham, cheese and mashed potato within was very balanced. I preferred to have it on its own, without the dipping sauce which I thought was a little sweet and stole the taste of the croquette.

9 Jalan Kubor #01-01
Singapore 199206
Tel: 6291 9901
Visit there website here

Bf was initially concerned about the pricing when he saw the menu (think he had been living in a cave for the past 10 years or so), hence I said I would give him a treat. However at the end of the meal, he willingly paid for everything because he was THAT satisfied. He even started thinking when he would have the opportunity to return and I immediately suggested us coming back for brunch instead since I heard that was what Symmetry is even better known for. The entire meal cost $107.20, inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST. It is not exactly very affordable but for the quality we received, Symmetry can be sure to see us again soon.

New chill-out place unlocked,

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