Bellabox October 2014: Birthday Blowout


If you asked Wendy and Hui Mee, you would have known that I have been deliberating whether to sign up as a Bellabox subscriber for the longest time. I have always been a skincare and make-up junkie (although I am not exactly good at both lol) and I thought a monthly subscription to Bellabox will serve as an excellent starting point for me to begin reviewing these products! Well, not everyone was supportive when I brought the idea up firstly because I don't have the flawless skin most beauty bloggers do that allows you to slap anything onto your face without causing redness, breakouts and stuff but then again, wouldn't it mean that my reviews will be accurate and helpful to people who have sensitive skin? I'd like that!

Then comes the question whether everything that comes to me via these pretty blue boxes will be of use or of waste to me and whether I should be spending $20 each month on SAMPLES of products that I might not even like. Products wise I wouldn't have to worry since I will definitely share those that I receive in duplicates or those that I won't be using with my colleagues and friends. In fact, I already did. And not to forget, I can engage the help of my two sisters to help me review all the products too! I don't like to keeps things "in case of future use" after all so I don't foresee unused samples piling up and going to waste. As for the cost, to be honest I am someone very careless with money, who squanders on big-ticket items and feel guilty when it is too late to change my mind so as I try to curb this imprudent habit, I became extremely stingy with small costs. But I guess I see this as investing $20 each month on my personal blog and enjoying myself in the process. That is a rather reasonable price right?

Okay, I am becoming more and more 自欺欺人 (trying to deceive oneself) so I shall stop here before I feel guilty about my subscription. Please tell me I am not wasting my money, that you support my idea too, and then go ahead to subscibe to Bellabox too here to prove that you are not lying lolol. Anyway back to my point, here is my first ever Bellabox that I ordered when HM is overseas and not here to stop me.

Right, I shall blame it on HM if I ever feel bad about this decision..

But she shan't have to worry for now..

Because I love my October Bellabox!

Okay lah, I am quite disappointed with the contents when I first opened up my box actually. I was expecting something more glamorous, more chio than these and to be frank, I really don't think these samples worth $10. But I still love the idea of receiving a gift to pamper myself each month. Like I am a VIP like that lol. Then again, my first box was only $9.95 so I shall cross my fingers and wish for more exciting items next month. Also I realised somewhere along the way that I was given all things non-comedogenic precisely because I have indicated that I have sensitive skin on my bellabox profile. So they are actually meticulous in some sense. But then I still want something more glam and chio! Thus I headed over to their website immediately to change my settings lol. Let's hope this will take into effect for my next bellabox!

Sleek Shimmer Glaze Lip Gloss in Iridescence
14ml / $12.50

"A champagne tone lip gloss with a pearlescent finish that you can wear alone or over your favourite lipstick for high-impact shine. Packed with tiny glitter particles and shimmery pigments, smack this on for long lasting lustrous coverage. Infused with sweet vanilla scent and enriched with nourishing jojoba oils, achieve a full, hydrated power pout every day. Apply with precision using the applicator provided or with your finger tips evenly, layering colour and intensity as you go."

Physiogel Trial Kit Range
Cleanser - 900ml / $34.90
Lotion - 400ml / $60.90
Cream - 75ml / $23.90

"A trio skincare trial kit that work together to relieve, repair and nourish the skin for a healthier, more refreshed complexion. The moisturizing cream enhances skin’s elasticity and hydration for long lasting skin suppleness. The lotion soothes dry, tight skin by supporting and enriching the skin’s moisture barrier. The pH balanced soap-free cleanser delicately cleanses and softens dry and sensitive skin for clearer skin that reflects vitality."

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Push Up Liner
1.4g / $38

"The first ever gel liner in a pen, this groundbreaking eyeliner contains a waterproof matte black gel formulation that is smudge-proof and non-drying. Designed with a brand exclusive AccuFlex™ tip, this champ makes lining your eyes absolutely effortless with easy, flexible application. Expect a dramatically longwearing, lash-hugging look that will make your eyes pop."

SpectraBAN Sensitive 30
60g / $19.95

"A skin-loving broad UV protection sunscreen, its anti-UVA, anti-UVB and PA++ SPF 30 properties keep your sun-loving skin sheltered from harmful UV stresses and well-protected against premature skin aging and pigmentation. It is perfume-free, colorant-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, making this water resistant sun protector a perfect companion for sensitive skin."

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturising Cream
50ml / $19.90

"A moisturizing cream that hydrates, smoothens, lightens, and refines for beautiful skin that blooms like Sakura flower. Sakura extract luxuriously nourishes skin, recapturing healthy-looking skin with an even skin tone, lightened dark spots and a much clearer skin texture. In just 4 weeks, experience the blossoming of rosy, radiant skin with 60% more pinkish glow that is dramatically fresher and luminous."

Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion
30ml, 100ml / $29, $49

"This 11-in-1 multifunctional CC lotion perfects and whitens skin instantly with its featherweight formulation. Its water-proof and non-greasy texture naturally conceals and evens skin tone while revealing a complexion that is at least one shade lighter. Enhanced with diamond powder and wild rosehip, it offers instant radiance-boost and anti-oxidant benefits while keeping your skin youthful and shielded from harmful UV rays with its SPF30/PA++ properties. Suitable for body and face, it is paraben-free and cruelty-free."

Alrighty, that is all for my first bellabox review and I tell you, I am so tempted to purchase the Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturising Day Cream and Night Cream that are selling at just $24.90 for both at Guardian right now! I still have all the time till 4 November so let me think think think and see if it is possible for me not to be overdosed with skincare if I go ahead to purchase the day and night cream. It is such an incredible price! By the way by the way, I was *inspired* lately and decided to title my beauty reviews #howyveseesit. Not "how yve see sit" okay, is "how yve sees it". Maybe when I am more experienced I will have more to say and it will be one picture to one product. Maybe I will then have so much to say that it will be one product a post. Maybe maybe I will get to host my own television programme #howyveseesit someday lolol.

So, have you tried these products before?

**Product information quoted from**

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