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As I was saying, my department went to Edge Pan Pacific Hotel for lunch las Friday to celebrate two belated birthdays - Hui Mee and my new colleague, another Yvonne. Did you know that the name Yvonne and Yvette actually carry the same meaning? Fun fact: Both Yvonne and Yvette are French names derived from the Germanic word "Iv", meaning yew. And since yew wood was used for bows, Yvonne and Yvette are in fact occupational names for an "archer". I love archers (think: Legolas) ^.^

I didn't have breakfast on the day of gluttony because I was so excited and was all prepared to sweep the salmon sashimi that we didn't get to have the previous buffet we went (see here if you are interested). And so with an empty and growling stomach, I seriously thought that I could accomplished a bit more than what I did in actual fact. Come to think of it, I really hadn't had enough probably because I wasn't feeling too well on that day. No wonder Hui Mee was shocked that I closed shop so soon, and I presumed that she was the one who ate too much lolol.

P.S. I was super tempted to share the pictures I have taken of her eating and eating. Quite cute actually but I shall be kind and not post the photos she would not wish to have exist online.

We took a cab from MBFC and were slightly earlier than our two bosses. Really should have brought our EZ-link cards and take the Downtown or Circle line instead considering the proximity between Pan Pacific Hotel and Promenade station. So while waiting, I took pictures of these decorations at the main entrance. I thought it was quite weird that the staff standing at the counter just kept her head down and did not ask if we reserved a table, require any assistance or such even though we ultimately decided to take our seats at our table inside first. Especially when the three of us quite blocked up the narrow walkway.

More interested in taking a picture of the cutleries while the staff who brought us to our table explained the use of the numbered wooden sticks, which is for diners to leave at the station upon ordering your pasta so that the staff can bring the dish to you when it is ready. Our first impression was, "nah, we wouldn't have pasta" so we didn't really bother with it until we change our minds later. I kind of like the whole idea, surely beats having us daydreaming at the station and choke up the whole queue along the buffet line while the chef prepares our orders.

We wanted to snap pics of the spreads before we started eating but it was a little too crowded for us to take pictures comfortably. A staff behind the food counter showed impatience when my colleague and I stood just a bit longer at one of the stations, much less to take photos. Also, I personally felt that the stations were kind of scattered. The three of us didn't notice the cheese, ham and salad counters, thus dived straight into the mains and missed the appetisers altogether. Not that I am cheese connoisseur, but I do love to have some ham and salad first =(

My first round of food!

The seafood pizza was good, the fried sotong was salty but love it nonetheless and the mushrooms that were meant as a accompanying dish to the chicken (which was very tender and smooth as well) was very nice too! Frankly, it was rather unusual that I didn't have any greens on my plate. The choices are so limited that Hui Mee got the mushrooms here as a main dish on her second round.

Two portions of salmon sashimi that we gotten to share.
Hui Mee also went to get a portion of salmon belly on her own.

These are rather tasteless actually
Wish there were oysters or mussels too..

Yup, that is all I got for my second round

Somehow the second round of fried sotong weren't as good as the first, which was a fresh just-fried batch. As for the chicken satays, I thought they were rather tough and normal. HM gotten the beef, which she only had one stick because it was just too hard - same as the piece of roast beef she gotten earlier. It certainly looks like we need more variety and better food here, and these pastas does not meet expections either:

Although we didn't want something as filling as pasta initially, we changed our minds and gotten two portions of pasta to share when we didn't have anything else to eat. Sadly, we tried a bit of each and they tasted so bad that we could not bear to touch them again. In HM's words, the aglio olio tasted like rubber band lolol. On the other hand, I thought it was rather deceiving and mean of them to place bowls of ingredients like prawns at the counter yet served us plain empty pastas. We didn't end know how to graciously answer the waiting staff who asked us if the pastas weren't to our likings T.T

We wanted to have some roast meats and dimsums right from the start of our meal, but there wasn't anyone at the station all the way so I gave up and started on desserts instead. Luckily HM managed to get some for us to try on her third round although I should add that simiarly, the meats were not as good as they look. Oya, we had chawanmushi too but they were plain and disappointing. We didn't even finish them.

Didn't like it, ok, ok, hate it (left to right)

The dessert spread was not bad at all, although I was not particularly tempted to try them all. We presumed that the first fondue was a pastry, something like the eclairs we have. Instead it was hard and extremely sweet, as it you are eating rock sugar. Perhaps it was just personally preference, I really regreted taking the creme brulee. It was seriously too overpowering, rich and milky. I took a small bite and spat everything out =(

Wanted to cleanse my palate (after the disastrous creme brulee) with the raspberry sorbet..

What HM got instead. People one scoop she three scoops lolol
Then again, the blueberry muffin flavoured ice-cream (top left) was really good!

Oh ya, I also recalled something kind of weird. I was about done and resting at my seat while looking at Hui Mee finishing her fruits up, the waiting staff came to refill our water and said to me, "Half cup of water for you?". It wasn't the first time he refilled our cups so I just nodded without thinking until I realised he mentioned "half". He proceded to refill the water of my two other colleagues (full cups for them!) and when he left our table, HM and I quickly asked each other why did he do that lolol #suaku. HM concluded that it was because she is cute while I thought it might be because he thought I was done so I don't need anymore water? Then again, cannot be that they are stingy until the other half cup of water also don't want to give me right? hahaha

Edge Pan Pacific Singapore
Pan Pacific Singapore Level 3
7 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039595
Tel: 6826 8240

Breakfast: 6:00am - 10:30am daily
Weekday Lunch: 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Weekend Lunch: 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Dinner: 6:30pm - 10:30pm daily
Nearest Station: Esplanade/Promenade

Despite being a weekday lunch, the place was crowded with big groups. That is also probably why I felt that the food weren't topped up quick enough. As mentioned many times before, although comprehensive, with Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese and Thai food choices, the spread was very limited in terms of the lack of vegetables and lack of variety for some sections e.g. there were only about five kinds of sushi to choose at the sushi bar, and only prawns and scallops at the fresh seafood counter.

For some reason, the spread does not appeal to me,

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