Erwin's Gastrobar - 2nd Review


Haha I am back at Erwin's. It is the first time I am doing a second review on a single restaurant so I guess it says something about how much I have enjoyed the food and dining experience here!

As agreed in my earlier review right here, Yvonne, Hui Mee and I frequented this extraordinary food point once again because Yvonne did not get to join us during our first time here so we simply can't wait to share with her this great find. Also, it happened to be the "pay day period" thus we just had to treat ourselves to something this good for all the hard work we put in at work in the past month. Okay lah okay lah, the real reason is that I really like Erwin's and the more I look at their menu, the more I crave for their delicious food. Therefore I just have to plead them to accompany me back and try something else at any oppportunity I get. I found myself looking at their menu repeatedly and the way they described their dishes already made them looked so appetising, let alone the fact that with my first experience I know they will score, regardless of what, which, how you order, each and every single item on the menu.

Anyways, introducing the characters of today's blog post:

Yvonne and I..

And of course Hui Mee!

Think my phone camera was super dirty so photos came out blur =x At first I just thought maybe Samsung phone camera is not that good. Then I saw how clear the pictures HM took with her S4 are so I presumed I probably got a lousier piece amongst all the Samsung S4s in the world. But now, I learned that it is because I don't clean the camera lens lolol. See the difference below after I have gave it a wipe with a clean piece of tissue paper.

Herb Roasted Chicken | $21

This dish is O-M-G. I can still remember how good it was even though it had been more than a month. The skin was tasty and slightly crispy, and the meat was astonishingly juicy and tender. The flavour of the herb wasn't strong but excelled in adding an unique flavour to the roasted chicken. It was simply superb. I had second doubts about order the half chicken initially as I always have difficult eating drumsticks, wings etc with just a fork and knife (I need my hands lol) but this proved surprisingly easy. The meat was so soft that I can just tear them apart lightly, like this:

Black Angus Rib Eye | $22

HM wanted to have the herb roasted chicken initially but changed her mind and followed Yvonne when she placed her order for the Black Angus Rib Eye. I had never been a fan of beef but when two portions of such scrumptious-looking dish arrived at our table, I could bearly withstand the temptation to give it a try. And I must say I wasn't disappointed at all. The fire-grilled meat was so fragrant and savoury that it can make me forget how I used to abstain from steaks lol. I certainly don't mind having the whole thing to myself when I visit again!

Fries with Chipotle Mayo | $5

We didn't noticed on the menu that our main dishes were served with salads and fries before ordering this additional side dish to share, but we don't regret having did so because the fries were super yummy although I personally preferred dipping the fries with my roasted chicken's gravy and for HM, with chilli, to the chipotle mayo provided. Not to mention it is actually quite a huge tin of fries. Three of us bearly made it to the bottom of the tin.

Erwin's Gastrobar
8A Marina Boulevard
#01-01 Ground Plaza
Singapore 018984

The total bill was $58 thereabouts with the use of my final 1-for-1 main course voucher (through The Entertainer app) on this meal. Although the cost is slightly on the pricier side of the scale (this is MBFC after all), I still strongly recommend anyone in the vicinity to give Erwin's Gastrobar a shot for the awesome food and service quality. I certainly wish I can afford to return again and again as frequently as possible to try out all the amazing dishes they have the menu because I am pretty sure anything I order will rock!

Will never have enough,

P.S. read my first review on Erwin's Gastrobar here.

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