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I AM BACK!! Actually I returned to Singapore on Tuesday morning but after some bit of stoning, accepting the fact that I have to work and cannot be roaming around freely for the rest of my life, unpacking my luggage and trying very hard to either give out or pack all the stuff into my storage areas so I have some space to sit in my room etc etc, I am officially back-back today. While I take some time to sort out the thousands of photos I took on this 10-day trip, do allow me to clear a couple of blog debts in the meantime..

Hui Mee and I brought Yvonne to Ichiban Boshi for a welcome-back lunch some time back. If you didn't know, Ichiban Boshi is one of the most popular food choices amongst the lunch crowd at Marina Bay Financial Centre (read: avoid coming in here for lunch on working days). Even if you have the patience to wait to be seated or for your food to be served, you might not have enough time to sit down and have lunch proper before your lunch time is up because the queue is always so so long, and we are here to find out why!

That's HM posing with the menu

And Yvonne with the tea cup. Looking good!

We managed to get seated at one of the booths quite soon as compared to the usual wait by heading down slightly earlier than the lunch crowd, and were presented with the menu almost immediately. Everything here is kind of fast-paced at lunch with exception to the serving of food as I had once waited 30 minutes for a set meal and by the time it arrived, I only had 15 minutes to gobble all the food up.

Anyway, here's what each of us ordered this time round!

Salmon Kaminabe w/ Rice | $15.90 + $2.50

HM says that she always order the same thing everytime she visits Ichiban Boshi and that certainly gives some credit and guarantee to how good this salmon kaminabe is. This tasty-looking paper hotpot includes salmon, tofu, vegetables and starch noodles, and the soup smelled absolutely great when it arrived at our table making me wish I had ordered the same thing. True enough, I tried a bit and it was delicious! I just thought it would have been better if the rice was complimentary. Choice of beef or seafood in replacement of salmon available.

Hire Katsu Curry | $16.90

This set meal belongs to Yvonne and I think the salad looks real appetising - I was practically eyeing on it all the way through the meal lol. The double fried pork tenderloin was a bit dry for my taste though.

Rosu Katsu Don | $17.90

And here's my katsu don! Frankly, I was a little disappointed as the egg wasn't evenly spread out and it doesn't look like it was cooked very well either. The double-fried pork loin was similarly extremely dry and a little tasteless so I added a whole lot of soy sauce in so that the ingredients will blend together. The miso soup and tofu appetiser were passable but the salmon sashimi was however fresh, tender and very impressive! The special sauce totally blew me away too. I will definitely order the sashimi next time. I hope they are available on its own.

All these, coupled with three ocha cost us $66.85 (inclusive of the usual 10% service charge and 7% GST). It is not exactly very expensive and I couldn't say for Yvonne and HM, but I wouldn't pay $22 for the kind of Katsu Don I had. I will probably return to try HM's Salmon Kaminabe and also to order ala carte sushi and sashimi. On the other hand, if that is the case I might actually consider visiting Sushi Express for a quick and affordable sushi bite or to pay about the same for quality guaranteed sushi at Itacho.

Ichiban Boshi Marina Bay
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-14/15 Marina Bay Link Mall
Singapore 018984
Tel: 6834 3371

As for why does people still flock here even when the quality does not truly justify for the price point, I guess it is because we really don't have much choices here, and the acceptable and inexpensive ones will always be packed. That's a major tip for a food operator to just rent a space and start serving us cheap good food already! I am so glad Mos Burger is coming here.

McDonalds, we are still waiting for you here,

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