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Didn't want to leave my blog hanging without any updates for too long hence this short post where I am sharing the youtube links to three of my performance videos right below. Just in case any of you missed me! Very thick-skinned hor? =x Alrights, jokes aside, these videos were taken on one of my three performances thus far at Fullhouse Signature Restaurant. If you didn't already know, Fullhouse Signature Restaurant has very generously presented us, the students of Rhythm & Wave an impeccable platform to gain the necessary exposure and experience, build self-confidence, as well as enhance our learning.

The regular student performance is scheduled every Sunday, 7.30 to 9.30 pm (our next performance is on 19 October due to in-house events). Do drop by to support us, and of course also the professional bands who will be there too every Fridays and Saturdays!

梁静茹 - 接受 (cover)

吴亦帆 - 违建 (cover)

梁静茹 - 可惜不是你 (cover)

Oops, some parts I went really off-pitch.. but I won't be singing every week anyway so don't let me be the reason you would choose to avoid Fullhouse Signature or any other nearby operators within 100 metres lol. The other students who are scheduled to perform regularly are truly talented and they deserve your support for all the time and effort they invested to put up a good show!

Come on down and enjoy the music,

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