Entertainer 2015: The PERFECT Xmas Gift!


It is time of the day to start marking our calendars and count down because 2015 IS COMING! YAY!
Let's see why this is my favourite time of the year (other than my birthday of course hehe).

Firstly, it is because the year is coming to an end! I get to remember the good things that happened over the year and forget the bad, which are all coming to an end. It is a brand new start and a perfect time for me get determined and make a change! That brings me to being motivated to plan the year ahead. I love making plans and setting goals for everything, although that makes me sound like a control freak or something. Last but not least, its a season of giving. Company gives me bonus, retail shops organise end-of-year sales and give me all kinds of discount. Then I get to prepare presents for my friends and loved ones (my favourite!), and attend all the various parties and I get more presents from everyone in return hehe.

This whole year, I have received lots of help from so so many people around me and I am super grateful to have these people whom I know are my true friends, accept me for who I am, not expecting any benefits or favours in return, who will trust me with their lives and stay with me through thick and thin. And so, I am all prepared to break the almost non-existent piggy bank and start preparing the perfect christmas gifts for my friends and loved ones! Time to go do some Christmas shopping =)) But but but looking at my calendar, I don't think there is a day I haven't already had something planned and like I have said, my uncompleted work is still mountain-high. Plus, I am one who is real scared to be caught in the midst of some mega-hyper festive crowd T.T

Which is why, I am super elated when I received an email from The Entertainer to notify that the brand new Entertainer Singapore 2015 application is available for purchase like right now at this moment. That certainly made me wanna share the good news with you guys immediately because in case you are facing the same dilemma as me as to what to get for each of your closest souls (and I bet you have tons of them!), what we have got here is probably the best christmas gift many of us would love to receive. Even though I have already got a xmas present for myself, I am definitely going to get this one more. Why is it so?

#1. The Entertainer is just plain awesome!

In case you haven't already heard of this crazy application, it is one that offers over thousands of one-for-one deals at Singapore's hottest restaurants, bars, attractions, international renowned hotels and the list goes on and on! I have blogged about the 2014 version previously over here, and have personally used the vouchers a couple of times at The Pelican | Seafood Bar & Grill, Erwin's Gastrobar and Extra Virgin Pizza. Find out about my experience at these excellent diners by clicking on the pink links!

#2 We love to eat and enjoy. Even more so, a good deal!

With more than a thousand offers and three vouchers per outlet, we could each save more than SGD 100,000 this year. How else can we enjoy unlimited 1-for-1 fun at such unbeatable value and incredible savings? Further more, registering our Entertainer products online also grants us access to exclusive monthly member offers! Did I mention that also included with each purchase of Entertainer Singapore 2015 is the Entertainer Travel 2015 which features over 250 free night offers at leading four and five star hotels across Asia and beyond?

#3 The participating merchants and discounts are simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

You have worked hard in 2014 and you deserve to reward yourself by enjoying as hard as you have worked, the finer things in life in the year of 2015. From cafes to fancy restaurants and upmarket bars, the Entertainer Singapore have got them all covered so we'd be able to expect offers from popular joints like Ben & Jerry's, Hard Rock Cafe, Au Petit Salut, Toby's Estate, True Fitness and Banyan Tree. Just to share, Rhythm & Wave is joining in the one-for-one fun with all of us so if your childhood dream had been to learn the keyboard and guitar or your 2015 resolution is to take your singing out from your bathroom to the stage, there is no better time and way to start!

See here for the full list of participating outlets!

#4 Because we always have no idea where to go

If you are sick of all the "anything" or "anywhere also can" replies you can each time you ask someone if they have any suggestions for dinner, the Entertainer Singapore 2015 could be your answer! The app’s search function lets you search its huge database via GPS, cuisine, shopping mall or hotel offer—making it easier for you to make use of more deals near you. Alternatively, explore different parts of Singapore where you have never dined at by browsing the application for inspiration on the perfect place to eat, drink and unwind in no time. With this number of merchants, I have no doubt you'd be spoilt for choices!

#5 Because 2015 is not even here yet!

These deals are valid for the entire year so if you purchase the Entertainer Singapore 2015 now, you’ll get a head start to enjoy it for all of 2015. That is way better than me, who only got the 2014 in late August. I can totally imagine how much I have missed out and I regretted it. To make deal even sweeter, purchase Entertainer Singapore 2015 via the website, your appstore or selected bookstores before end of December and you will be entitled to an early bird price of just SGD$60 (u.p. $75) for the mobile app or if you would prefer, SGD$75 (u.p. $80) and free shipping for the book. Buy now and save more!

FREE Entertainer Travel 2015 with each purchase of Entertainer Singapore 2015!

Quick, purchase the app and tell me which is the merchant you most look forward to claiming your coupon from. Do remember to share this post with your friends too. Good things must share ma =D

And start counting down to fulfilling 1-for-1 days with #TheEntertainerApp

Finding the perfect xmas gifts for me and my soulmates, checked!

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  1. Hi Yvette,
    Love what you are doing here, there is so much to share and be joyful about at Christmas!



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